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You wrote from your heart, like i just did

Once again Brandon, you have shown how capable you are as a writer. If you continue writing from your soul, you will have people loving not only your songs, but loving you as a person. There are almost no songs written today, telling stories about hurtful, or happy events, telling a full story like yours... I for one am tired of the hip-hop, nonsense that is written today and cant wait for music like yours to be heard everywhere. Congratualations.

A Few Miles Down the Road

Brandon Good knows how to turn even the toughest topic into a good country song. Here he takes the subject of drunk driving into a song of heartache and tragedy. The amazing thing is that after he breaks our heart with the fate of this poor unfortunate son he turns the song around on a dime and ends it with hope in the cries of a newborn child a few miles down the road. The lyrics are haunting when you listen to him singing about the mother waiting for her son, the preacher praying, all in vein due to his one decision to drive drunk. A powerful message in the form of a powerful song. Nice work Brandon :)

Good work

We have lost so many to drunk drivers and drinking and driving in general. I love the lyrics and tune to this song. It really paints a picture of what loved ones would go through. Someone waiting for someone to come home. A new life stuck down. In closing I used to own a Bar and know how some people act. Though I would do my best to get them home I cant save all of them. Powerful song and a song people need to hear.

Unplugged in the best sense of the word

An acoustic and classical country song. No drums here, just acoustic guitars and voices. Good guitar craftsmanship and harmony vocals. I like the lyrics, they’re narrative and descriptive without being too much advisory. The song is straight and short and not at all overloaded with unnecessary gimmicks. Unplugged in the best sense of the word. I’m sure it’s great music to listen to when played live. Only thing to criticize or at least to mention is the missing tightness at the beginning; vocals and guitar seem to be a bit out of sync. And the lead voice could need a bit of a boost, be it electrically by a tube preamp or maybe even naturally by putting a little more emotion and passion into the singing as such.

We can all related to this

This is an awesome song that we all can relate to. I think someone like Alan Jackson would be a great fit for this song. This was written by a very seasoned songwriter. Brandon has a bright future.

A Few Miles Down the Road

Beautiful song with heartfelt feelings. One of these songs I believe most of us can relate to. You can't help but feel the intriguing emotion in this song. The second part of the song I can relate too as I know a woman whose son was murdered in the streets of Chicago ten years ago. One of the big things I get out of this song is that very often it is so hard to break the chains that bind you to undesirable circumstances. Especially this is for all those who might feel as though something is missing.

Real Country Song

What a pleasant surprise to hear a real country song amongst so many mediocre listed songs for review. Brandon Good sings his song with a nice feel for his homespun country ballad. I love the title too - the kind of title Chris Christopherson would use for this theme. Keep 'em coming buddy - regards, Johnny Ramone of Angel International Management (UK).

The Road

It's simple but, soft going message speaks to me as one neighbor after another,someone is always doing something down the road. The music is easy on the ears, melody is flowing like a river and reaches it's destination the bottom of our hearts. It's everyday down to earth lyrics, we all can understand, Brandon, your vocal is nice, flat in some spots but, we've all been there. Thank you Songedge

Nice Storytelling Relatable Song

This earthy country tune tells the age old stories of scenes going on around the neighborhood. Singer/songwriter Brandon Good created a piece with a simple and familiar melody that seems to be something you've heard before and is easily relatable to an audience. Scenes in peoples' homes "a few miles down the road" remind us of a few of the common struggles and paths people are taking and enduring nearby. Even though in places teh vocals are rough, I enjoyed this song and will look forward to hearing more from this talented singer?songwriter.

a few miles down the road review

What a great tune. From the hear kind of song that makes country music great. The chorus is very memorable and quick to stick in your head very nice job I really enjoy the acoustic in this one it ads that that haunting kind of emotion to the song.

A few miles down the road

Nice intro, you have a great voice, with nice background singers. I like the lyrics, and the message it conveys. Hard sometimes to get that perfect mix. That's what's missing here, and I noticed some off notes in your vocals. Maybe just a retake on some parts. I'm trying to be helpful, I like your song.

Brandon Good

Hi. You are a great songwriter, do love your music, great words. You have a lot of talent to write like this hun. I be honest, your voice does need a lots of improvement. Have you had singing lessons at all. This will help greatly. You do potentially do have what it takes to make it. It needs a lot of improvement on your voice. I do wish you the very best with everything.

Great production

I really like the feel of the song in its natural form. It has the classic cry you'd expect to hear from a classic country song. A few miles down the road feels like a country song in its truest form.

A Song About Moments In Life

"A Few Miles Down The Road" is creating pictures in your mind, pictures of other people's struggles, wishes and hopes. It makes you feel connected with the characters and you pray with them all to wish them the very best. After you've listened to it, you feel more understanding and are ready to give everyone you meet the compassion we all deserve.

A Few Miles Down the Road

Great song. No one pays any attention to what is going on around them. You have painted a good picture of things that happen everyday. The cycle continues and I like the way you ended the song.
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