My kinda song

Definitely my kind of song Haha, it's sort of comical but in a sense very very real in terms of how we are all glued to our mobile screens now haha..... Took away our voices is the truest word said :) I also like how your voice was taken from the end. Kudos to you sir :) Beautiful guitaring also! Actually a very lovely time to set the mood

Une chanson folk romantique

Brandon Good, nous offre ici une chanson une jolie balade folk romantique. Des guitares très fluides et simple, mais efficaces. Une voix grave par dessus tout ça, et des cœurs impeccables. On attend quand même que ça demarre un peu plus à un moment. Mais comme on dit chez nous," ça le fait"

Great effort!

Nice little song, great guitar, harmony works nice. bit of a john denver feel to this. this song gets stronger as it goes on! id love you to spend more money on getting this recorded with strings coming on halfway through the song, even violin would take this song s step up! i am a music producer so im just giving you honest thoughts. defo great song u have here

Insightful Beauty

“Texting is a blessing I guess, helps to keep in touch, though I can't remember the last time I heard your voice.” This is the phrase that begins this beautiful song. It introduces a theme: the loss we have experienced as a society through the demand of the acceptance and embrace of social media. The chorus: “No expression, no emotion, you could be clear across the ocean In the next town, in the next room, still I couldn't hear you Technology has given us a lot of choices, but it took away our voices.” Clear fresh crisp acoustic guitar accompanies and carries this poignant song along. The meter is clear and steady which is rare with finger-picking. The style is folk. The lyrics are topical, relating directly to our American addiction to social media. Facebook acronyms that have quickly become accepted parts of our language are mentioned in contexts that are appropriate and familiar. The vocal is personal and the Singer annunciates so that every word is understood. I empathize with the Writer wondering at the insidious replacement of the spoken word with typed abbreviations and discussion limited by designers and administrators. The opening is simple and short acoustic guitar. The ending repeats the chorus finally leaving off the word, “voices” driving home the point that voices are often not included in conversations. I wonder: Perhaps the loss of the fine art of conversation has contributed to the breakdown of our society. This song may compel the listener to remember the pleasure of verbal communication, the importance of sharing ideas presented with enthusiasm demonstrated with expression and emotion. I enjoyed the experience of listening to Brandon Good’s presentation and, because of this song, will take the time to share a conversation today with eye-contact and voice and I will listen to the voices of neighbor and friend. A song can change a life. Thank you, Brandon

No voices = nice

Great sound, the guitar gives every inch of this song a great feel and very true ring to how the newer generation is all about social media. The lost art of conversation slipping away is well expressed. I think adding a little bit of back ground to this track would really fill it out, bit of a shaker a touch of cajon hand drum maybe with a very lay back simple beat would really make it pop. Enjoyable for sure as it is though. Thank you for sharing this song.


I've always liked Brandon Good's songwriting style. He's a really deep thinker, an observant, sensitive, and insightful man who cuts to the chase on virtually any topic that he writes about. This song is based upon a very simple concept, but Brandon peers into every nook and cranny with his intellectual flashlight and illuminates all aspects of our human interpersonal communications and interations as it has evolved here in the 21st Century. We're at the pinnacle of human technological development, but there's something missing. Brandon has identified it. It's our human touch. Communication needs voices. His song is cleverly penned using the acronyms, catch phrases, and abbreviations of the millenials as extremely effective metaphors for how far we've strayed from actual "Human Interpersonal Communication". "LMAO without a sound". What a striking and stark tableau of life in the era of Facebook and social media! Another brilliant social commentary by a truly insightful American songwriter.


I really enjoyed your music it was well written and well composed and put together if you have any other music I like to hear more stay creative keep on making great music hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and enjoy your week may God bless you in all your endeavors.

introduction before the vocals has potential

Hi Brandon, This song is not really marketable, but I really think the introduction before the vocals has potential. The vocals and harmonies are often out of tune. Lyrics are also clunky. Good Luck!

Important Topical Tune

I like the aim and purpose of this song. Technology is so much a double edged sword. Simple acoustic guitar and harmony vocals dominate this track, although there is also a lead guitar in the background. While I heartily support the intention of this song, the lyrics didn't really grab me and the vocals were fairly bland.

Interesting Song

Very bright, crisp and clear arpeggio style guitar work which lends itself to a captivating introduction. The song alludes to very interesting points regarding our current generation's fixation with technology - yet paradoxically, we communicate less than ever. The vocals need a little more work. Some of the notes were flat, as though you were not even trying to reach them in the first place. I found that to be a little frustrating, as I am always particular about my harmonies and melodies, as they can make or break a song. As a consequence of not hitting your notes, it made the attempt of adding harmony a sheer disaster, as it emphasized how bad the singing was!!! Put more gusto and energy into your singing. Use your muscles from your diaphragm to increase your volume and strengthen your tone. Your singing makes it sound "lazy" and gives the impression that you are not applying any effort and it simply does not work. I want the best for you - and I advise that you work on the vocals - the guitar work is excellent!

A beautiful melody ...

But some moments are injured by the voice of the singer, a little attention, and they will all be in harmony and in harmony with this wonderful song ... very nice also the second vocals, but they have to sound a little louder ... the guitars are heard Beautiful and generally the production is very good. Make a mix still in the vocals, as I said before and be sure that it will not regret it ... as though your song is very good and you are worthy of congratulations on it !!!!

Pros & cons

Certainly a modern song, discussing things we simply wouldn't have written about back in the 60's:) I'm not certain the word technology would ever really sit well in a song.. along with names such as facebook.. Tho I do quite like the hook line in how it takes away our choices. On a first listen - the Guitars have been played and captured nicely with nice jangly things happening tho the voice I feel needs work. The vocal tone is quite nice but if you insist on being the singer (and not appointing a 'real' singer) then you should invest on some vocal technique lessons. Work on some exercises as it's not confident in its tone and tuning.. making the overall sound of the song just a little amateur. The vocal is an instrument and needs training like any other for the whole package to really work. Tho a sweet little song it is.

I am listening to you how can i find more of your beautiful song

Good morning my friend you sound amazed today i am listening to hear more about good things we see each day you sound amazed today i am listening to you all day my friend you sound amazed

Loosing our voices

This song made me think all about our voices and the lack of true conversation these days. It's great to get the message out through music, and this message is strong. Well written lyrics that hits the nail on it's head. ! Nice one Brandon

Nice Authentic Sound

Your music is great and is deep keep it up and you'll be going places you never really thought you would be going and i dont think it will take you anytime at all because the music/product speaks for itself so all you really need to do is stay focused and consistent and all that you strive for will come ten fold in no time but i really dig the tracks so ill appreciate it if you keep me posted for any future songs/videos you put out but all in all man keep it up and im liking what im hearing
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