Astonishing voice!

Bodil Victoria Arnesen is a new and pleasant acquaintance among sopranos for me. Her voice is suitable both for opera and musicals, with a clear brilliance in all her tessitura and all the words she sings are clearly heard.

A great and expressive voice

This a classical song in the genre pop-classic or pop-opera. From this point of view, we must considered some elements: form of the song, quality in the composition, interpretation (both singer and piano player and orchestra in this case). And the result of the sum of these elements is outstanding. Bodil Victoria Arnensen has a beatiful voice and and manages to convey the feeling that in the case of the voices with classical training when going to this genre in general fail. Congratulations!!!!!

Bravissima! Bellissima voce

Canto bellissimo e voce Angelica complimenti! Brani ascoltati con grande piacere e sonorità celestiale. Canto bellissimo e voce Angelica complimenti! Brani ascoltati con grande piacere e sonorità celestiale. Complimenti e buon canto


Thankful is a very nice track, good music made out perfect melodies and great sound. I am really enjoying listening to your music each song has a blessed meaning. Thank you for going an extra mile

Beautiful and deep voice

It is a great song. A beautiful voice and really good interpretation. Congratulations!!. It how float in the air!! I have composed some of my song I think you can interesting in it. It is hi recomendable!! for all the day! If you want spend a really good moment it is your song. If you need some song for a romantic moment, it is your song.

Really Enjoyed It

This song was masterfully written and the arrangement is perfect. The sound recording is of really high quality. Your voice is beautiful, really passionate and rich. Not too crazy about when the drums come in, the mix is rather week at the end, but overall really well done!

Vuelos al infinito...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad ,por la delicadeza y belleza artística de su melodía. Los arreglos del piano rebozan elegancia con la perfecta compañía de esos ecos de cuerdas que le dan aún más brillantez al resultado final. .Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, es la voz de su protagonista, de gran calidad, con un buen torrente de energía y a la vez ternura llena de emotividad. El tiempo parece que se detiene cuando la escuchas o quizás desees detener el tiempo en volver a escucharla una y otra vez.

Beautiful voice

The interpretation is very good and professional. The powerful and expressive voice is very precise in intonation. A voice that has the power to excite. On the other hand, the song is not very original and interesting from the musical point of view. Actually, there is nothing special or surprising in any musical aspect. Rhythm, form, structure, harmony, melody are so standard. For example: how many songs do 1 tone pitch increase like in 04:27? I think thousands and thousands... In short, the style is still that of Celine Dion, which I find (personally) little interesting and sufficiently explored and re-explored. But my compliments for the voice.

Review of Thankful

Wow! After a song like this one realizes how much we have to be thankful for and how thinking about that one can blot out some of the ugliness and meanness that seems to be going around so much these days, especially here in the US of A. This song is quite lovely and beautifully and soulfully sung. The transition towards the end is very effective, forceful and meaningful. Congrats on a song wonderfully composed and so effective for any listener I would hope. All best wishes.

Beautiful voice

Nice warm and clear voice, no exaggerated vibrato. The diction is outstanding and above all, it's a very heartfelt rendition of this song. The song's a bit too popsy for me but I love her voice.
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