what a Voice

From start to finish It's all fun. I like the energy in the way of singing and Your control over singing is great. your voice is a Masterpiece And the music is so beautiful. Thank you for your progress . My greetings for you ^^

Romántic and lovely

I know english, but not enough, about music it sounds lovely, , and I guess romantic, very well balanced, with fantastic harmony, makes me Dream. Voice is sweet and clean, as a Angel.trasmits Peace .For a moment I could imagine LOVE exists.I like very much the end, holding the note for long time.Good work! Congratulations

Love songs are brill

I love the quality of the singing on this song The emotional content is very real which adds to the overall feel of the song It is very apparent that the singer has had professional training. I like this song very much

Only love

Only love. The penetrating execution, imbued with human warmth and of course love. Think about the selection of the repertoire. This should by help expand your inner vocal performer's potential. Give your talent to people. I wish you a successful creative ascent.

Awesome ????

I really appreciate great music like this song it sounds awesome I like the music and the voice very unique and creative sounds Clear it reminds me of the sound of music there is nothing you need to charge the song is great the way it is and thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the world keep on creating and making great music please keep me informed on any new music that you have thank you so much and I hope you have a great day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

Amaizing voice,

Amazing voice. Deep song that have an excellent interpretations. All material is very carefully. The orchestra sound is too excellent. Congratulations Vodil. You is a great artist!!! I want listen more from you!

Only love

Only love is a sweet and amazing voice you have. I love the instrument. Ooh the song is the best and I'm putting it on repeat. I love Everything about it. Thank you for making such great music

Elegancia infinita...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Cada arreglo de piano brilla por su inmensa sensación de calidad que transmite, la sutil presencias de una guitarra que desprende naturalidad y emoción. Los arreglos de cuerda dan luminosidad a toda la canción, y sin duda la lo que más sorprende en su escucha es la voz de su intérprete, cualquier palabra seria quedarse corto para poder expresar lo que nos transmite, pero vamos a a atrevernos con que está llena de sentimiento, natural y con unos registros muy elegantes al alcance de muy pocas cantantes. La guinda una melodía muy fácil de escuchar y que te hace querer más. Y ahora le damos de nuevo al play...

Great rendition of a great song

Really well thought out rendition of a very good song. Who composed it? This is near as you get get to a cross-over song with soprano getting the correct feel and use of voice. I really enjoyed it Thank you Michael


Although the song does not fit in my favorite genre, I must say that it is sung pretty well. In this kind of music, it is very difficult to give an opinion on the musical part. By this, I mean structure, harmony, melody, rhythm, orchestration etc. In fact, when it is well done, it risks being "standard", something already heard, and therefore my judgment never succeeds in being too positive. The difference here is the interpreter. Victoria has a beautiful voice, plus she knows how to use it, both from a technical point of view (intonation) and from an interpretative one. 5 stars for the voice Congratulations
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