Good Job

I've heard quite a bit rap tracks about girlfriends but this one sounds better then most on N1M. Your actually telling a story versus the other rappers that just says the something when their womanizing woman. In your song you respect her and she seems to respect you and that a good sign. Production wise this is on point. Mix and mastering sound like it can use some work and the levels sounds kind of low. Lyrics are simple but this songs calls for simplicity. Overall good job.

Chill swag

Thats my girl she spoils me hahaha very nice hook I like the whole vibe of the track, its real your talking about a real girl? Im just curious cuz its sounds to real to be just made up. I would like to support the track where does it play! And the beat as well wow man! Its like the icing on the cake seriously. Do you have more tracks like this one because I would love to hear more. I listened with my girl and she is in love with it to. Jamming in her car and mine great job buddy

Reversing roles

First off thanks for asking me to review your music As a fellow artist I understand the importance of feed back This concept is Interesting Most people just talk about how they balling out on a girl and what they doing for her I think it's dope that you switched the game up on um I would make this type of song As a matter of fact I have made similar songs I can relate I don't settle for a basic chick You have to do for me as I do for you And I think it's a lot of dudes who will relate as well as females Keep grinding and pushing bra Send link to a video if you have one As well as check my page out and let me know what you think Thanks


I would say improve on your articulation, try to get a cleaner vocal take, your chorus needs to be a little fuller, and I would say the effects your using would sound better with a cleaner mix/better vocal takes. Otherwise nice record.

Its good

Its okay but I have heard hundreds of these songs so Im trying to figure out whats difference between these and everyone else and it sounds your voice has some audiotune mixed in your vocals thats how i feel

Production was pretty good.

Not a huge fan of this, due to the autotune. Im not a huge of the chromatic sound. The production of song was actually pretty good. And the beat was pretty nice as well, but overall i think this song would be better without the autotune. Just my oppinion! Keep doing you big homie!

Nice Flow

I like the rap and the beat. My only criticism is that I couldn't play this in a public place without sounding like i'm watchin porn at first in the beginning. I think if you tone that down a bit it be a much better song that people want to listen to more but that's just my personal preference I guess. I also noticed it's not embedded in the song throughout so almost seems like filler anyway. Good production and I liked the song otherwise.

Christmas mood

The beginning of this songs brings me in a Christmas mood. A very relaxed and pleasant rhythm. And of course the story in that world about all beautiful things which can happen when you're total in love with the one you care for and wanna be with. Holiday cheer to you.

dope music

hi buddy this is a dope audio. you had a good creativity and this is definitely a banger.i congratulate you.looojking forward to working wityu in the future


Hot very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#!!$$$$$$$$

da one yah ama

blessed loving it lyrics banging the beat hot the back ground voice needed to be lower in some parts and your voice with the futuristic sound i like the sound but the beat and u stand apart need to mix so the two intertwine u know like mixing sugar and water and add the koolaid lol loving it overall stick with it u got something on ur hands

cool song

Nothin more to say than keep doing ya think nice song isee why it is in rotation you definately have the mindset for the type of music you write you will do very good in the future as far as im concerned

Good music

Deff a nice song fam keep on working on your craft n bettering yourself. Hope you the best n continue to grow if we can colab on a song let me knoe I would like too.

your girl is a winner

i like this song, mainly cuz i feel it. the only thing i would change is to put a little more feeling in it.....its a chill song and i unnderstand that but it seems like you are just reading it to the mic man. overall, i like it


Love it but could use some master producing. You need a manager let me know .. I push music and work with big names in LA area. I can get shows all over southern california. Look forward to hearing from you.
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