Within the first 20 seconds, The sound quality was better than most rap songs I've heard on this site. The Mix is above average and I like the overall flow of the song. I'm not really fan of the vulgar style hip hop which is mainly talking about other people. I like more of message, with a few layers of purpose, So this is not something I would listen to after this for that reason. Overall cool track.


Hey this is a cool joint, I will also recommend you to get air play by sending a edit single and bio to Submit your contact info

Okay okay I see you come on up

Special abilities track is there another website I can't check out your music on keep up the good work mad cool and I'm loving it so are my nieces we are jamming out to it now man I keep doing it work man and keep it up man guys going to see you through amen amen. Remember it all can be done through God who strengthens us and quite honestly we all have to put our faith in each other and in him because we help each other to move up in this world is music we can get it together just let me know what's up shoot me a song of it or whatever you want me to get on and we going to do it. -Quizzie F

Great Work

Well the beat sounds dope and the lyrics are true trap but the track overall is a little muddy and really low. You have to work on your mix down and take your time on mastering it will make the song come out more. The song is perfect beat wise and lyrically but you need better post production.


Keep it up homie hard work pays off Stay consistently never give up keep pushing until the whole world know your name good music

I don't know

I like this sounds like a lot is going on but I love the truth in this song along with the frustration. You have a voice that makes people listen. Keep grinding and believe in yourself.


I like the beat but mostly I like the old school killa rap. Reminds me of a new generation of Bone Thugs. Keep up the good work and keep it wicked. Good production quality also.


it a cool dope sounds like a lot going on in the background i don't think its needed cause it clear...that sound like asap free on the second verse...the hook is dope...u picked the right beat for the glad u didn't repeat a lot of the same words like people often do...but for the most part not much need to be said...u did your thing big to hear more...

Nice Song***

"I Do Not " This track is damn hot !!! Y All niggas really got sparkling flow. However i would love to hear the instrumental a little bit louder. 3.5 stars for this track ( YYY)


I like the Concept of the song. Whoever opened up the sound came raw & real. This some real street shit these young niggas need to listen to. I do not know is a banger.




I recommend keep this young man on the radar fire homie keep that spit up really unique. that collabo was worth it i hear yall boys louisiana br boys shout out the bayu


I like the whole feel of the track the flow, the delivery and the content is sublime. Keep up the dope work man go for yours and don't pay attention to any nay sayers!

"I do not know bout no statement don't speak on no cases"

Wass good BlakMaze!!! Good piece of tune my gee! See how the hook resonates, nice job! Flow is on point on this one. Beat coulda been a Tad better but that's just nit picking at this point, lol. Keep grinding my dude, send more for review! 4.5 stars and climbing.

Dub B

TSeriousnes and dope Blakmaze real talk! The verses can be cleaned/filtered better for clearity. So that a "pedestrian" can definitely hear/understand your words. Me and other artist probably understand you more than any other casual listener. The energy is carried out through the majority of the track and appears to slow down midway through the second verse. Whoever it is featuring, could probably take a little more time on their verse. They are on topic and the verse is relevant to the hook, but he doesnt seem to be taking the track as serious as yourself. Therefore it clashes with your demeanor/seriousness. The two of yall do have very animated and good voices, which is hard to come by these days. That beat bangs and needs that consistant momentum through its entirety, or else its noticeable for sure. I could definitely hear myself on it and 100. Keep up the work and continue to improve Blakmaze! You got a very "catchy" sound/tone in your voice. Get at me on any possible collabos sometime in the near future. I will look out for you on da real. Keep it 100% and 1LV. - Dub B (Sony Music Group)
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