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Woah Nah was good with it! Dope Music My Geee..Keep It Pushing... Down here in the south you we go hard wen it comes to RapGame.Salute BlacMaze..TubbStackz Ceo Of LmgEnt / LouisianaMusicGroupEnt


say bro whats good? Man im just stopping thru to show some love! I just checked out your song and that hoe jam fareal bro!!! shit if ever you wanna collab, just hit me up and we can get it done! much love

BlakMaze Review

What's Up BlakMaze...This Is Big Trey Da Monsta Personally. No FakeRobots Runnin My Page. Anyways I Show Love Fam. I'm Listening Right Now As I Type. I Dig It. Reppin The BR!!! I'm Also A Producer Myself Fam So Really I Don't Hear Anything I Don't Like. Quality Is Str8 And The Lyrics As Far As Pronunciation And Energy. Reminds Me Of Juvi And Being From You Are You Want Ppl To Remember The L. Keep Grinding My G. Whenever You Have Time Check Out My Instrumentals On Youtube. Just Search King Stoopid. #GodBless #Werk

You won't

I love how the beat comes in. The best is very energized. This is a sneak hit. The hook is very catchy and should strike a cord with the urban listeners. The only thing I can say about this is that it needs a better mix. The best is a slight bit louder than the lyrics. Other than that this is a banner. Keep up the great work. Look forward to hearing more from you. Never stop the grind, youare on your way.

I hear you

Keep mashing! I hear that energy in ya tunes, the track is alright bout to throw it on the big boys speakers and see!...Hold on yeeaaz you got that Bang! Do it for the BR put on for folk tell em how



Good music

First of,I really wanna say keep doing what you doing Bruh,no lie your music is straight hit daw,I like ho you approach the mic, you came and do your things straight up! Keep up the good work bro


Gives me that Louisiana I grew up to when Mannie fresh was producing B.G. and Lil Wayne.nice beat, nice lyrics, I really like the arraignment and the instruments that are in the beat, and the lyrics are on point


this is dope!!!! Love the tracks!! Great tunes! Always great to hear artists giving it their all the productions also great high quality overall i look forward to hearing more from you sorry its taken so long for me to reply il try use this page a little more hope you stop by an check out my music also thanks again!

Super Dope

This T. Ev of the M-46 click. Bro this is that fire homie, I would love to get a spot on the remix. The subject matter and line for line was all hot. real recognize real they dont wanna hear that though. keep making that flame fam, you got our support.

Stright gutter

Im feelin this one you can take this to the radio people will be saying this all day adlibs on point original lyrics ill and it speak for its self beat crazy keep up the good work i wana colabo

King1Revsconie 2cent

You sound like Juvenile right out the box right out the gate nice flow but same message. I know the streets are waiting for artists that will keep it 100 and not sellout. You definitely is telling it like it is and salute you on that. But you know like I know its so much GARBAGE being sold in the music industry that if we don't keep it 100 we will lose a whole Generation to these wack ASS rap artist..


Sounds like a song that'll be used in a racing game, most likely Need For Speed. I can just imagine people racing and getting hyped! This songs sound will make you feel a need to race. The beat has been produced nicely and the flows are good. Overall, Good song.

Nice sound!

I really like what I hear! I think you got your own sound! Lyrics good also.i definitely see you going places.keep doing good music bro!yiu have got it!! Wonderful job!! Maybe one day we could do a collab! Mr Flava!

You Don't Wanna Hear Dat

I feel like this is a song for the streets and because it has a repetitive hook that is catchy and something that has the potential to stay on your mind, I feel you have a winner. With hand to street promotion and a blueprint on marketing to the can't loose. I am interested in hearing more from you. I have a new track coming out on November 20 and I would love for you to check it ourt because I am recruiting feature artists for my mixtape and this single is the first single off of it. I would love for you to listen to the single and determine if you would like to be on my mixtape "Tattooed Musiq" The single will be featured on Coast2Coast and Reverbnation so make sure you stay up on the date and the websites. On Reverbnation you can find me as LaGhe and on the Coast2Coast website you can find me as LaGheMusic. Keep doing what makes you original and just a little work on how to presuaid the masses and stay one step ahead of the rest. Be blessed. Peace Be Da Journey, LaGhe
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