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Very Relaxing Beach Tune..I like It..just take a Margarita..I'm sure Many people Like the questions is if They ( Music Publishers, Radio Stations ) will Love It..They are very hard to please but on the other hand who know for what They are looking for at this Send It out and let's see what will happen..I wish You good luck with submissions.. You did a good job ( there is still room to make It better ) to record It..I like It...

Catchy song

First thing I noticed was the great backing percussion which drives the song along. The song is carried along by the excellent vocal and the subtle instrumentation which blends in the background. It has a catchy chorus which is memorable and a very catchy hook Love the acoustic Spanish guitar solo and playing throughout the song. Overall enjoyed this track - great song.

Very nice !!

Hello, how are you? first of all thank you for considering your song, which is very well achieved and also quite fun. I feel that it is just missing a little more strength in the chorus, and a more remarkable bridge. the instrumentation is very good, the rhythm also, and your voice is very nice. I congratulate you for a very good job, in the recording and the mix you can see a good care between the balance of the instruments. Congratulations!

Nice Job! Relaxed groove, Such nice chord structures as well !

S W E E T !!! Nice Job! Relaxed groove, Such nice chord structures as well ! I so enjoy the textures and choices of supporting the Melody with such dynamics... ( Too many times, that is so overlooked ) Very enjoyable listen. Thanks for sharing your Music :-)


This sound like Central America Tune..not for Asia..( so be good Idea to change a Title )..I do not know Music Publisher in Australia but in USA They are Very Sensitive on EVERYTHING..I like It.. but this is not important if I like or not.. They Must Love It,,so there is some room to make this song much better ( work little more on arrangement and put More Passion and Energy like Central Americans do.. I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..

Snappy tune

An instantly likeable tune with a lovely lilting rhythm nicely spiced with a latin touch. Nice and kind voice, the singing and production is great, and I love that mysteriously ambiguous pedal steel guitar blending in nicely with the lyrics of an ‘Oriental lover’. It is all very nicely recorded and has a very professional quality about it’s production. I wish you good luck in getting this tune out and into people’s ears and minds and hearts.

Pop con sabores latinos...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Unos arreglos sutiles de guitarras muy bien elaborados que van marcando de manera muy elegante cada acorde, unas bases rítmicas con cierto sabor latino bajo la batuta del pop. Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, es la voz de su protagonista inundada de un buen torrente de emotividad y buena calidad artística. La melodía consigue que desees escuchar la canción una y otra vez.


Very Fresh and Melodic..To Many People are 'Trying Hard" and You just make something simple, Nice and Relaxing .This is what The World Need in times like that..Your song make Me happy.. and You know I do not care what Music Publishers will say after all Music should bring Happiness for All..but the Problem is that THEY have the last word and I'm not sure haw THEY will react and They are very hard to please.. I like Your song..good job..hey send It to Them.. let's see what will happen...


Está bastante bien en general, la melodía es lo más flojo de la canción pero no está mal del todo, aunque el estribillo es lo mejor de la parte melódica. La selección de instrumentos es una mezcla de músicas, tiene una guitarra española que está bastante bien ejecutada y da la impresión de que la podría estar tocando cualquier vecino mío, tiene un puntito rumbero (pero de la rumba mía, aflamencada). Los demás instrumentos están bien en general, bien ejecutados, solo se me hace un poco pesado el sonido de las claves durante toda la canción, creo que limitarla al estribillo estaría mejor, pero son percepciones.
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