Bill's House / Members

Sir Jake

Bassist Drummer Keyboardist
Extensive music training and schooling


Hit me up if you play bass and want to jam on some classic rock, blues & metal.

Karen Michaels-Chicksinger

Pianist Touring Artist Vocal Teacher Vocalist
Our vocal coach! Wife, Mommy, Chicksinger, Pianist. God-loving girl working hard on the dream. Now let's go get it!

Gabe Hamidian

Cameraman Photographer Video Editing Video Producer Web designer
Studied Electrical Engineering/Physics at Rutgers University; Worked at Eastman Kodak Company;

John Freixas

Drum Teacher Drummer Music Director Production Management
Principal at Drum Monster music

Brett Hansen

Audio Engineer Keyboardist Production Management Mastering Mixing
President with Audio Arts recording studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ivie Etkins Turner

Violinist Music Teacher Music Director Production Management
Violin parts and arrangements on Bill's House album and Stormy Monday! Works at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Past: Roby Turner Presents Inc.

Brian Jermaine

Keyboardist Production Management Songwriter
Stormy Monday: Vocals; Keyboards; Arrangement; #singer #songwriter #composer #arranger #producer #keyboardist #actor #oratoricalspeaker President/CEO/Recording Artist at Chestlie Music Group

Dru Shaw

Bassist Drummer Guitarist Keyboardist Vocalist
He's a dedicated musician from Springfield, OH. Dru joined the band on 9/21/14 and has played since the age of 13. Dru loves to party. In his previous life, Dru was Merlin the Sorcerer

B'yana Seraphina Srithong

Bassist Guitarist Songwriter Vocalist Music Director
B'yana was 16 when she joined the band 9/30/12. She has sung ever since she can remember. In her previous life, B'yana was Queen of Thailand

Bob Tryon

Bass on Stormy Monday. When covering bass, I make every attempt to capture each note and nuance of the original artist. I have played the guitar since I was 15 years old and in 2007 I picked up instruction in bass and started collecting basses. I am looking for that right "sound" and chemistry for a long-term project. Since moving to Las Vegas, my schedule has had me out of town a lot, but now I've taken a local job and I am looking to jump back into my music. I am working on my reading and improvisation techniques. I have gigged with The AstroCats in Seattle, played jazz with BelMotivo in Seattle, and have recently gigged with 66 and Main as their rhythm guitarist.

Shirley Liu

From Shanghai, China, Shirley has played classical violin since a child. She has played in several symphonies. See Shirley's art at this web site:

Jesse Howe

Guitarist Cover Art Design
Jesse - lead guitars (Les Paul, Strat, Gibson ES 295, Marshall) Teamed with Bill ~5/2011. Jesse has played since he was 16. "I am an electric guitarist for Bill's House and...I have loved music my whole life. I have many influences from blues and rock, country, jazz,and punk. I am currently and always have listened to a lot of Roberta Flack, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. I believe that playing music is the most fun that one can have with their clothes on.Regards to all musicians,whether amateur or pro: thanks for helping me through the good times and the bad times with your music!"

Bill Mullins

Drummer Production Management Music Director Copyrights Management Rehearsal Studio
Bill began playing the trumpet in the school band ~1962. After attending a Jimi Hendrix concert in Cincinnati, OH 11/11/1968, Bill immediately traded in his trumpet for a set of Rogers drums at the age of 16.
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