After around 2.5 years developing the music and sound, we began recording our first album on 9/4/14. The Release Date was 12/6/17 for our 14 song, 73 minute album, titled "Bill’s House".
The album is available NOW as of 12/28/17 on:
iTunes, SimfyAfrica, YouTube Art Tracks, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Napster, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, Slacker, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica, Zvooq, Saavn, NMusic, 8tracks, Q.Sic, Musicload, Kuack, Boomplay Music, Pandora;

iTunes Store: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1323359133?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1323359133

Spotify URL: https://open.spotify.com/album/5FiLtRwMFRvd1BjbNnah2F

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bills-House-BILLS-HOUSE/dp/B0781T384Q/ref=sr_1_5?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1513086354&sr=1-5-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=Bill%27s+House

YouTube Art Tracks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpy8G85ysOX_utSBbtMLPthWtnL128eq1

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPMsfBIkK81S42s3ncVd0w

Our band formed on 9/30/12 and spanned an age range of 44 years (3 generations); We play rock, rhythm & blues. Some influences are: Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, Carlos Santana, The Beatles, Steppenwolf, The Doors, Cream, Lindsey Stirling. We enjoy jam band style.

THE AKADEMIA NOVEMBER 2015 WINNER BEST SONG ROCK / BLUES 'With gorgeous vocals, fierce guitar solos, and smoldering organ riffs, 'Mighty Mouse' is aflame with bluesy rock goodness.'

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/billshouse.org?ref=hl

You can also see more of our videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPMsfBIkK81S42s3ncVd0w

Bill’s House name, logo, and songs are trademarked and copyrighted.


love your Wooly Bully, you deserve the world of recognition for doing what you do. Keeping on making a great music because you are AWESOME! - Federico 4/2018



~May 2011 Jesse (Lead/Rhythm guitar, songwriting) formed band.
~MAY 2011 Bill (drums, production) formed band.
11/3/18 Kendoggy (rhythm/lead guitar, songwriting) joined the band.
12/16/18 Jake (bass, drums, keyboards) joined the band on bass.


~May 2011: Our band formed when Jesse (guitar) and Bill (drums) met at our mutual mailbox, since we were neighbors across the street from each other in North Las Vegas, NV. We play rock, rhythm & blues. Influences are Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robin Trower, Pink Floyd, Phish, Eric Clapton, Cream, The Beatles, The Cure, Steppenwolf, etc. We enjoy jam band style.
~9/30/11 Shirley on violin joined the band and provided her house as our studio.

9/30/12 Dana (bass) and B'yana (vocals, rhythm guitar, and song writing (lyrics and melodies)) joined the band.
11/18/12 Mighty Mouse was our our first recording.
8/13/14 Dana left the band.
9/4/14 we entered the studio (Audio Arts with Brett Hansen as Producer) and began studio recording for the album “Bill’s House”.
9/21/14 Dru joined the band as bassist and recorded the bass tracks on the “Bill’s House” album in around 8 hours! Dru and loves to party :)
9/3/15 We completed recording the studio musician work and began mixing and mastering the “Bill’s House” album.
11/2015 THE AKADEMIA NOVEMBER 2015 WINNER BEST SONG ROCK / BLUES 'With gorgeous vocals, fierce guitar solos, and smoldering organ riffs, 'Mighty Mouse' is aflame with bluesy rock goodness.'
12/12/15 B'yana and Dru left the band.
3/29/16 Brian Jermaine joined the band on keyboards, lead vocals, and songwriting as primarily an R&B artist.
5/7/16 Bob Tryon joined the band on bass, rhythm guitar, and backing vocals.
8/14/16 Brian left the band.
12/6/17 “Bill’s House” album Released. We were in and out of the studio ~3 years, after ~3 years of rehearsal and development. We revised the entire album 17 times before finally releasing it to the public on 12/6/17.
5/27/18 Bob left the band.
11/3/18 Kendoggy (rhythm/lead guitar, songwriting) joined Jesse (lead/rhythm guitars and songwriting) and Bill (drums and production) at “Griffin Rehearsal Studios” in Las Vegas, NV.
12/16/18 Jake (bass, drums, keyboards) joined the band on bass after Jake and Bill met on 11/7/18 at Jake’s apartment, conveniently located above Bill’s new apartment in Chinatown, Las Vegas, NV.


For more information re: the band, availability for listening, and/or purchase, check out the following links:
NumberOneMusic for info: http://www.numberonemusic.com/billshouse
iTunes for purchase: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1323359133?ls=1&app=itunes
Amazon for purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Bills-House-BILLS-HOUSE/dp/B0781T384Q/ref=sr_1_5?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1513086354&sr=1-5-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=Bill%27s+House
You can also see more of our videos and listen for free via our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPMsfBIkK81S42s3ncVd0w

Please visit: www.BillsHouse.org for additional links;
Bill’s House is trademarked and our music is Copyrighted.


Frederico: love your Wooly Bully, you deserve the world of recognition for doing what you do. Keeping on making a great music because you are AWESOME! - Federico 4/2018
Mabel: Just wanted to let you know I think Mighty Mouse is one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard...
Maria: Hey! I'll refer your n1M page to our program director . We're looking to select artists to feature as the “Artist Profile” during the Discover Radio show. The selected artists will receive a five-minute on-air interview and will have their song played as part of the feature.
Viola: hi, send me a link to where I can buy your album or EP? Awaiting your reply. Keep me updated with what is going on in your world
Mark: I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me, they will also like it and i just shared it on my fb.
Georgia: I am so grateful to have found your music, it sounds great
Courtney: Hi Your music sounds better than radio stations spin nowadays. Why do your tunes get stuck in my head? Earworm tunes!!!
Matt: Your music is terrific! Hope you continue to be well and are enjoying life. I'm glad to see your talents are not laying dormant. Love listening to your music with my friends. You see, everyone loves you. You'll make it, I swear I swear I swear.
Dora: I've been listening to your music in these last couple of days non stop, I played your music for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it. I listened to more of your work, and I am just floored. Good music!
I just want to send my best wishes to you for a great Christmas, and to thank you for your music. This week i ve been mostly listening to wooly bully, people really like what you do. Good luck in your future endeavours! I hope that wherever you are in the world this week, you have a lovely time over Christmas with your loved ones.
Sending you love, peace and laughter in your Christmas stocking.
Love, Cindy
Mollie: Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we(fans) want to play over and over. At the moment I'm listening to Mighty Mouse
Terry: Hi I can listen to your songs over and over again, I hope never lose that marvel of listening! See you on the billboard top 100 charts! ...
Marian: Hey, you can be sure i'm here to recommend your music. Cheers.
Albina: hey very nice music, keep up the good work!
Jo: I wish you all the best and hope that all your dreams will come true! I'll be passing your music on to my friends, so perhaps some of them will follow too.
Nicholas: Hi, a big thumbs up from me. I'm glad I've found your page on here, I've been enjoying your music for quite some time. I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard one of your tunes online.
Jessie: Hey, It's nice to hear from you. Just let me know if you need any help and I'll do my best to support you! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.♥♥♥

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