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Review -Aesculap Company -Black is Beautiful - By LaSueede

It starts off with some nice Guitars but the sound Quality is not the best and singing gets a little out of of tune. The bass is authentic and the drums is ok. The singing gets better into the song and the solo guitar is the hero of the song. The lyric is a little cheesy and follow the message the elite try to spread. Divide and Conquer !!! Ordinary people (White, Black, Red or Yellow) dont have problem with each other it is the elite that have tricked you with their strategy Divide and conquer. Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, -Reaction -Solution and controlled opposition. Regards LaSueede

Enjoyed this

Thanks for this song. A great social consciousness topic. The production, recording is good. Great guitar and rhythm. The melody is sparse (few words) but nice. Because the verse and chorus repeat, I found that the song felt long. Perhaps consider adding a third musical section, a bridge, before the last verse, to refresh the listeners ears, and make them receptive to hear your final words. The lyrics are simple English, short sentences. In current music, listeners are eager for rich detail, or for hearing an engaging story. I would suggest adding this to your lyrics. Well done!

Interesting and spirited

Talent beyond your years! It’s a beautiful thing. Cherish and gone it. Play and sing. Gig as much as humanly possible and keep every recording that contains a mistake-for those who think black is beautiful, should also find beauty in the “flaws” of life


Bonito ritmo, con cadencia, los bongos le dan un estilo que queda muy bien. La canción en general suena bien, la instrumentación es buena, la voz regular aunque no está mal, tiene personalidad pero le falta fuerza. En general me gusta la canción. Nice rhythm, with cadence, the bongos give it a style that looks great. The song in general sounds good, the instrumentation is good, the regular voice although it is not bad, it has personality but it lacks strength. In general I like the song.

Nice Flow

*Black is Beautiful* Nice Flow to their music !!! Nice words and a very nice melody. I would definitely recommend this for sure and I will keep an eye out for them for sure. Good Luck in your music it sounds great !


Black is Beautiful is a busy piece, you immediately perceive from the title. the rhythm is very exotic, very accommodating and joyful and is grafted in a way on the message you want to give and also the choice of the two male female voices I think is very appropriate for the type of piece you did. I could tell you that there would be something to improve but that there is always instead I want to tell you that you are really good and to continue like this. good job

Black is Beautiful

Here's a neat little song about understanding and love. Arrangement: This is a simple but elegant arrangement of instruments; all properly defined within the scope of the song. Lyrics: A little bit awkward, but easy to understand. Lyrics could use a bit more tweaking to be smoother in delivery. Vocals: The vocals are clean and sung with accurate dexterity; a unique flavor blended together in scope and pattern. Mix: Each track is directly in proportion to the others. Each instrument is crisp and clear. I can hear each track cleanly, and the balance of each works well with the others. Only a minimal bit of polishing would suffice. keep up the good work. Cheers! Donivan

Impressive song with important message

This song is influenced by Trinidadian music in syncopated American folk and really remarkable. I felt compelled listen precisely. All the way from stanza to the refrain are accompained of brilliant acoustic-guitar sound and the perfect played percussions. The lyrics are impressive and shows intensely to solve the equality of fundamental relations between black and white people. The chorus comes from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The song is a mixture of country and folk music and definitely a very professional arrangement with additional organ sound in the backround. Harmonically melodies inspired by an acoustic infused solos are fantastic arranged and coming at the right time. That´s not simple especially in the fills and this alternation brings additionally more feeling into the music. This band consists of a virtuos cast of musicians, who understand what good music is about. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. This arrangement is more creative than some others also mixed with contemporary music in perfect orchestration. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Good music from around the world

I think they are trying to break down the bearers of different colors. As black and white. Love should be from the heart and soul. Not sounds good good voices. Keep up the good work. And live in peace to make the world better place to live.

Black Is Beautiful

A Lovely Calypso Vibe with a beautiful and heartrending words of a child's lamentation. Soulful vocals. that capture the heart and pluck at the heartstrings. This is a lovely world changing and thought provoking song . A song that can reminds us that we are all children and need acceptance, red, yellow, black and white we are all precious. The percussion is beautifully rendered along with the guitar instrumental which is first class! Great Endeavour which reminds me of the old epic songs of a bygone era. Akin to Bobby Darin's Songwriting talent in such songs as Somewhere Beyond The Sea, and Mack The Knife. One of my favorite songs by Aesculap Company.

Black is beautiful

The song reminds me of my early days in England and how cruel kids can be. The music has a calypso vibe about it. Yes I would play this song again because of it conscious lyrics and positive vibes.

Aesculap Company Here is My Review!

My review first of all I would like to say I like this song as well the lyrics are nice and plain most of all this song sends a message its nice something to listen to outside of the norm such as singing about my 24 inch wheels bashing our lovely ladies of the world plain and simple cool song I look forward to hearing more songs from you keep up the good work from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group/UMG.


The beat is great for the mood and also it is very inspiring especially in this day and age, equality is still isn't stressed enough for people to follow suit. I like the speed of the song you'll just need to put more emphasis on what you are trying to what you're trying to explain.

So is the song

A nice little song that is more than just ear candy. During the 40s or 50s this song would have been shocking and unheard of. In the sixties it would have been a hit. Times have changed and although prejudice still hurts many it's not the issue it was. Many areas are as mixed as can be and social class is the new issue. Good melody good sound and great message anyway

Misses the mark for me

The recording is not well recorded or mixed to allow a good contrast of all the ingredients through to the listener. The song's ideas are solid but delivery is shaky with the two main vocalist's delivery lacking and at time falling of the notes. Some of the word's just don't flow harmonically enough for me. A good critical relook could work this song into much better shape. The general thrust, melody whilst not incredibly original, certainly is not terrible and fits its genre its aimed and I fine it an acceptable song. I mainly want to be positive rather than critical, god knows I know how hard it is to get it right, but I'm thinking this is more of a demo production which provides great insight as to the potential of the song. Maybe a slightly quicker tempo may also benefit song. The various instrumentation a good selection for the style. Guitar licks quite ok but the actual sound lacking good engineering and eq. Drum sound needs work. The deep backing vocals a distraction needed to be better edited to ensure starts and stop's more co-ordinated unless there's musically a reason to have a variation. Overall track has potential and one that I find OK to listen to and I overall liked it as a song. Read back over word's, better recording and overall a sharper slightly quicker tempo I think song would present 50% better.
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