Aesculap Company / Ode To John Denver / Ode To John Denver

Unique sounding acoustic ballad

Sometimes it´s nice to start with a conclusion. Not each listener likes instrumental based music, but I think this compostion could change this habit. This song as a tribute to the unforgetable John Denver of this recording could used for a film score. Wonderful accentuated acoustic guitar sound creating a great space in the backround. These studio recording unleashes the spirit of John Denver. A melancholic ballad sung with a deep feel make the meaning of the song engaging for me. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. In addition virtuos played guitar carrys the whole recording with soft tunes. Overall a really impressive composition although of sparse instrumentation. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

A classic

John Denver was a good singer and songwriter and a good actor. If you like this kind of music. Then you will love this. It's a smooth melody. Keep up the good work. and always stay true. LS Lighter Shade

could use some professional help in the production

the vocals are to soft in the mix, the balance between the voice and guitar needs to be remixed. sorry for all the negative input. the song has great potential, and is well wrote, with good subject mater. the musicianship is spot on, it's the production that is lacking and could use some professional help, good luck on future projects.

Nice walk in the sun.

Nice guitar, lots of potential. Lovely chorus feel. singer had a nice tone about his work, could go on and on and on about this music and its sense of uplift and adventure,. But to go on and on would take me to another realm within my very own existence. I love the whole country feel to the song, makes me want to jump with joy and go for long walks along side a river with my cock out, with the sun shinning through the trees and and sparkling in the mid summer sun.


Your Ode to John Denver was very touching to the listener who loved John and his music. I thought the words and composition of the song was executed very well. Two things that I see that could improve your song would be a bit faster tempo and a better mix between voice and guitar. I will defiantly recommend your Ode to others. Peace.

As Comfortable as a Pair of Old Shoes!

I really enjoy listening to the songs of Aesculap Company, with their smooth style of laid-back guitar work and vocals which evoke a style of listening that, in the hustle and bustle of our electronic materialistic age, you are reminded that you have forgotten. It's great to be reminded of it once again, and this is the emotion that I feel when listening to the lyrics and just letting myself bathe in the carefully thought-out notes.

well recorded

It would be great if you lowered the reverb and brought out the vocals more, also there is way too much reverb on the guitars, its unnecessary and takes away the sweet spots. overall a great tune.

nice and soft

A sweet song, very simple and emotional... but at the beginning you wonder whether you are playing it or not : the volume is set so low you are not aware it has already started streaming ! So my advice to this promising band is "do not forget mastering" ! You can do that using Landr on line or a professional, private company. If we come back to the track, it is a strong one, with meaningful lyrics -of course it is very straightforward and uncomplicated (four chords, a recurring melody..) but let us not forget it is a tribute to Denver, thus the style is totally relevant ! I do not know what A.C have done musically speaking, but this is quite alright ! There are only two drawbacks : perhaps I would make the chorus stand out more (with additional instruments), and I understand the lyrics are important but 4.50 for a folk song.. isn't it wee too long ?

Sweet Spot

You found the sweet spot of a mix.The first guitar has the perfect amount of reverb and delegate playing that matches the vocal perfect.The second guitar comes in just when it needs to. It raised the dynamics of the song just enough to acent the vocal line. The passion of the vocal was perfect, It painted a picture in your mind while you sang the song. The mix was just perfect all around. Good Luck With Your Song 'Ode To John Denver'


I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me they will also like it and i just shared it on my Tumblr . How do i buy your album on iTunes i been searching but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here im eager to hear more. thanks Do u have a YouTube page with videos for ur new fan can check out. Im really into all types of music


The song is cool and mellow. It is a bit dated, and I say that with love because I am dated. This song has a 70s vibe which is cool for John Denver. I fear the future audience is dwindling... so I just figure I should tell you. Sweet song. Nice time capsule. I wish you well with your music.

Warm and touching

A very beautiful warm and touching tribute to an artist that is often overlooked at how great he was. The guitar playing is reminiscent of his style. It's clear that this artist was touched deeply by Denver's music through his moving tribute.


This is a really good song I like it John Denver was a great article the song was well written and well composed keep the great work stay creative and keep on writing I hope this been helpful for have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

Circle of life.

This song makes me immediately look back on my life. A nice melancholy song. I'm sitting listening and reflecting. I notice feelings of sadness, and lots of happiness. For all the nice, positive and good events, that has been important and meaningful to me. The song brings up awareness of the future. The natural circle of life, and that is off course, that all life will come to an end. It just like that with music. It tells stories and in my mind there is also an important message. Cherish and live life to the fullest.


Like the song feel it's taking me on a journey into the land of greatness love the arrangements and the instruments use specially the drums listen to the tracknowledgement fantastic feeling is more love
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