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Topixx review

Lots of attitude in this! The beat is awesome and sound quality is good. Raps are decent there are some funny lines in there as well. There could be just a little more clarity on the vocals in just a couple of parts and it is just a little repetitive in parts. Those are the only opinions I can give and that's just because that is what I prefer. But i think this track has some replay value and overall is worth a listen for sure!

Never stop

Hard funky I love it's this is going to be my weekend boom banger, just love this track I would like you to bring out that Rocky guitar flavor so here and there in this song but otherwise this is one hot song. Never give up on your dreams always dream bigger..

You was working

To be honest with artist to artist this is just my opinion I think your lyrics fit what you are presenting but you need a better beat that really complements your flow pattern because you was spitting but the beat was not giving you the full push like when I hear you I think you can make it big

Great song

Just heard your song great song cant wait to hear more your very talented keep up the good work please feel free to swing by my page and listen to my music let me know what you think Thanks


You doing something different. They better watch out because different is the new HUSTLE. Just keep your grind and don't worry about all that watered down material that is out there right now.




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Su comienzo diferente y original,con un tono eléctrico muy interesante, toda una muy buena intención de proponer un tema muy original y lleno de calidad. Sin ser un estilo habitual que suelo escuchar, si consigue llamar la atención de los oídos, gracias a su energía esa tan característica de este tipo de estilo musical, y unos buenos arreglos de cada pista musical, a destacar que cada una de ellas son colaboradoras directas de las bases rítmicas. Y sin duda su intérprete consigue transmitir con su voz un energía y naturalidad que le aportan credibilidad a toda la canción.

I like it

Its different the sound the lyrics everything hype it have a lot of energy the beat nice I would buy this track I would love to hear more music in the future also I'm going to add to my playlist

Sound good

Sound like its all ready on the radio .needed more cleaning up or a clean version on the sond i like the the beat the beat hot the hook nice just no clean version got to hit the producer up and have that sound clesn up


Hey WAKE AND BAKE! Greetings brother, Splitendz The Profit here live and directly from Los Angeles Ca. I have a website with a podcast set up for HIP HOP, COMEDIANS, STONER'S, all talents basically. As discussed some time ago, I've been noticing your journey on n1m for sometime now. If you can't make it to Los Angeles areas no worries, we do shout outs and live FaceTime interviews for the masses. I'm currently working on music videos, club venues, props, and of course the cannabis industry. Remember to join the website called WWW CANNABISANDCOMEDY .com


Hello I came here to tell you that you have a very good flow and a good feathers and that you deserve to be known. very good technique. I will share your works with my entourage to discover your works and talents to win more people, the world and fans. I wish you a very good continuation

Like the vibe

I love the energy of the song. The energy was unmatched in the first verse... it kinda loses the vibe then it builds agai. Overall pretty dope concept!! I like the vibe. Lyrics are dope. Concept ill! Lit! I would definitely listen to this when I wanna get amp!! Yet I would wanna hear the first verse energy match the vibe... it sets the tone for the song overall.

Yo Couch Review

This track is nice. Nice unique trap/hip hop background beat. vocals cals lyrics and transitions were on point as well. Vocals and lyrics remained in tune and on tempo with with beat throughout the track. Nothing negative to add. Good work!


This is kind of abstract. “Cocaine is a helluva drugl, Rick James. Boy I thought that was a funny episode of The chapelle show. Did they whoop yo legs like Charlie Murphy, lol, I hope not. As for the song you sound really good, congratulations on the vocals. The beat I thought was different with some hip hop slash eltronica slash heavy metal elements going on in the instrumental. I gave you a 3.6 keep up the great work
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    Jul 12

    State Farm Arena

    United States, Georgia, Atlanta , 1 State Farm dr , 30303
    Come enjoy the musical talents of Golden taking over half time at State Farm Arena during the Atlanta Dream WNBA game.
    Come enjoy the musical talents of Golden taking over half time at State Farm Arena during the Atlanta Dream WNBA game. less
    All Ages
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