Vox Angelus "The Voice of the Angels"


“Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) shares divinely inspired ambient, multi-layered sound frequencies and Angelic vocals that are healing, transformative and transient in nature inspiring higher states of consciousness, an elevated nature of being, or a state of meditation and deep contemplation.”

As in ancient times, I follow the path of the Oracle, accessing the Divine Realms to... read more

  • Fri
    Mar 30

    Open Door

    United States, California, Pomona, 163-A W. 2nd St., 91766
    The Telling: The Serpent Roads to Xibalbá

    The Serpent Roads to Xibalbá move and change in strangeness and beauty, sliding and slithering through the experiences and times of the human race. This Telling is an invocation of outer-worldly sacred spaces through poetry and sound.

    Koyote the Blind, a Toltec Nahual, and Vox Angelus, a Vocal Alchemist, will guide the chamber of the Telling through these roads, taking us to the heart of Xibalbá and back.

    It is a true shamanic journey, unique. Come and experience it directly and unmediated.

    163-A W. 2nd St.
    Pomona CA 91766

    Friday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. PST

    Cost: $20
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