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Bluesy Funky Rolling... I'm Dancing

Great song! Happy vibe! Which I had you all at the spot! We can do something! Good Ol school feel which is missing from ma lot of today's music! Vocals,instruments all on point! Horns on point,everything great! Love It!

Juke Joint

Its kinda funky. Like a oldy Goldy type of song. Has a feel of back woods club house shack, like a joke joint. I can see people drunk & just enjoying themselves with no care in the world it's a good vibes type of song. I kinda like it.

Thanks for the listen.

Good fun to listen to song. Decent production. Good band. Enjoyed the listen sounds like a good time if your into good ole blues. Good mood changing music not bad not bad at all. Peace and blessings.

Great song

Loved the start of the song and the more I got into the song the more I loved it. You have a great voice and I really enjoyed the way the music disappeared a little bit to reveal your silky voice. Your song is definitely one of the best I’ve heard today and I wish all the best with it well done :)

Sista Soul Sensation!

Legendary soul songtress Vivian Vance Kelly! "A musical force to be reckoned with!" ... Her own unmistakable sound of Chicago soul, R&B & Blues! Her song, "Chicago Here I Come" captures that distinctive legendary sound of the era real music. Keeping it real. Awesome!


From the beginning the beat kind of threw me for a loop because it has and it is that old school Vibe feel. I do like the sound I would like for the background vocals to be turned down more which has a lot to do with the mix. The song should be mixed again for better quality and the female has nice vocals but the mix bring it out more. Not only what I fix the mix I might even find another beat that was more tailored to the female vocalist Style. There were things without dig about the song but it could have been a lot better. Keep working.


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real

I dig it

I like the bluesy feel, i can't help but to groove and snap my fingers to this song. I use to live in chicago myself. However, I'm looking to enter this genre as well with a goal to hit every single one.

Awesome song here!!!

This is the type of music we love to listen to. Old skool feel to it... Eye hear and feel the Soul in this song. The vocals and instrumental is on point... This is legendary here. Keep making music like this... Us old Souls appreciate this... This Will never git old as far as listening to it.. Ur sound will always stand and flow on as great Soul music!!!

Oh yeah !, so Ike and Tina like...

Oh yeah !, so Ike and Tina like... Very fun to listen to this... I smiled the entire time... Very anachronistic, in a good way ! )From a producer's standpoint, it's a bit bass heavy and Vocal recessed) It's a fun song deserving of a remix... ) Thx much for sharing you Music !!! You got this !!!!

Nice work

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Great Horns...

This was a very different track from what we all have been use to hearing, with that blues feeling throughout the track. I enjoyed the lyrics, great beat as well. Being that I am from Chicago I could really get into the lyrics. Very well put together background vocals, nice lead as well. This will be a nice catchy track that people can relate to. The horns really push this track through. Keep up the great work.... -Chandler-
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