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drop that shit mane

its pretty good pretty dope lyrics kool production and its nice clean recording as well y'all match the beat well on this on its going to get better like the song said y'all spit that hard butter


dope dope great sound great dope dope dope dope dope dope dope dope dope great great great dope Great sound, dope sound, Good sound hope you not gonna stop working on your dreams, you real got the talent, you gifted. My advice is not matter how hard life is, no matter what life is throwing at you be strong and keep chasing your own dreams. Real talent need to be heard, dreams gotta come true because they are godly :) and have people who have big dreams are godly Bless up

Dope Sound

This is some dope as music gives me that early 2000s sound keep pushing an grinding te beat is tough just make sure to switch up the flow time but the flow is sick keep working bro this that authentic ny sound bout time someone brings it out who 2nd verse he just gotta memorize his verse it sound like he was reading the verse

Good song

It goes with the music the production iz good, good value with the way you think the the song through to reach it's it's obvious potential. I like the song and wouldn't change nothing with what I'm doing the song you record should include the same provisions you used to make this song with it's success.

Get Better reviewed by Latay

Get Better has some elements that are typical but it still holds its own. Like an Asian girl once said to me at the club" Why are all the songs about pussy?" I really don't know. Yet the music is still good and the song held my attention. Lyrically it needs a little bit more but it was interesting enough. Latay

It gets better ????

Do your thang. We all get our shine Teddy, B You! Your production Is cool. Stay Positive and focus on your own creativity. I have producers here in California. Can't wait to visit Brooklyn NY


First off I do see what you were doing,but it needs work as far as your delivery and content matter. You guys were all over the place there wasn't a set direction or stable method used by either one of you. Keep working on it if this is really what you want to do... Rapping is not just about rhyming words its an art. Practice your art and paint it vividly. Peace King Moses

Get better

Yo what's up my friend the Get Better is a mother fucking hit. I'm a manager and owner of Stylehouse Elite Management co based out of Greenville SC I love the swag and style of the song. Keep up the good work so you can achieve your goals and dreams. If you're ever up this way look me up Tony Burnett on fb 864 hip hop on all other sites and fb too.

Good hype

I think its a good song to hype up a party as an interlude or prelude or something. the bass needs to be deeper. Rubber band bass is good in some songs. if you do not want a lot of street exposure. the song needs a main focus to give it an artistic value other then that its just rushed product. positive things about it is that it has a good tone set. .

Nice work

I like the production on the track. I also like the flow that you have on the track. This song foes have a good feel to it and it sounds like it could possibly be on the radio. I would say keep on promoting the song it sounds good keep up the good work. This song also do have a kind of turn up vibe to it. I also like how your flow changes a little through out the song.Yea you should keep promoting the song it does sound good.

take a shit music

It's a dope beat but the lyrics sound like Im preparing take a shit and the shits bout to flow even more when it comes out lol. But the lyrics are on point once the beat drops good work bruhh


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Get Better

Um yeah just like your title of your song. I'm not going to sugar coat nothing but it's not the worse I've heard and it's not the best. I wasn't for sure what the hook was and the delivery on the verses could use some work. Not sure what else you might wanna hear from me but keep grinding and stay motivated. Don't let my opinion hold you back from a world of billions.

Great Song

Im feelin this one i like the style of it... Dope ass lyrics an you just being your self i dig the beat as well its clear i can hear what you saying in the song keep up the good work this right here is a good one
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