VDJ JD (V is For Video) / Songs / May 2016 - Sept 2016 VDJ JD One Hour Country Quick Mix Session

Love This- Country Music Rocks!!!

Beat mixing country music, that's something new. I would have never thought. Sounds great though. I think you did a wonderful job! I know country music makes you want to sing, dance or cry, but Thus mux has the makings of a long slow dance.

Love me some country

good transitions. Good song choices. like the drum transitions, you used on your mix. would like to hear some edits of the songs over some hip-hop or EDM tracks. mix it up a bit. but good work keep it up.

Pretty good.

I am a music lover. I love music no matter what genre. Pretty good for a country mix. You have some nice blends and great transitions. What program are you using to DJ with? I use virtual DJ, I can use Serato but I just like the Virtual interface a lot better. I can hear your mix being on a radio station or playing in a store or something. Good job man. Keep it up.

Nevertheless I liked this

I loved the was that you started all the way to the finish the mix was put together very well great songs in the mix it was a great rock/country mix if I had to do a party I would use this playlist very dope I must say! Where you from and also do you actually VDJ I want way more of your mixes you want to get on radio let me know

Super hot

Never give up what you have is blazing and I would love to hear more of your music Grab me on face book Quinten Qrock Swartz and wwwnumberonemusiccom/qrockSA bringing Cape Town to You

VDJ JD (V is For Video My Review!

VDJ JD Cool song nice songs and it comes radio friendly and that means a lot when it come to radio airplay I feel you fellows got something here and a really nice mix love the lyrics it is nice to hear some country music sometime keep up the great work you have a collection of great artist here on a scale 1-10 here is my 10 from J.Milligan the President/CEO,New Experience Rec/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Group.

My review on VDJ JD

The concept that you are using here has been done quite often with much success and you did a very good job in the arranging and mixing process. They're all beatle medleys like this also there's one that has Little Richard and other oldie groups and the list goes on and on. I can see this getting plenty of play at clubs. The timing says two and a half minutes I believe but it's a lot longer than that and it's a trick that Phil Spector used to get airplay You Lost That Loving Feeling when they told him the song was too long by about 20 seconds or so he didn't shorten the song he just change the timing on the record. The problem comes with getting airplay. You are mixing as you say different genres together. A country radio station that place traditional country would play a couple of songs in this medley but never play the whole medley. Yes they can edit it by using audacity which I do all the time but it's time consuming and they just don't want to put in the time in doing so. All radio stations have their promos and you have your promo right on the record . All-in-all I like it a lot and I wish you the very best with it !

Really good Country Mix !!

Really well mixed and loved it !!! Not my style But shurely will recommanded too All my trucker Fan's !!!Keep it up and will be waiting for the next one to come out !! PLAY IT LOUD !!! Signing out !! DJ B@Z's

Yep that’s Country!

Hey! Ya had me hooked with the those drum beats, man! Be sure and fall out or go to rim shot on verses... that’s a pretty standard technique, especially for 80s/90s mixes. But I definitely think you’re on the right track and wish you the best! Congratulations!! Do you play indie artists on your show?

Hello from Jerzy....

I hope You will not put that intro on the album...song is plain...I do not hear anything special on it,,, but is good to play life ... any haw is just my opinion... You ask so I'm telling You the truth...are You an ASCAP writer... just asking.. Jerzy...


just writing to let you know that your music sounded real good hope you the best in the future and keep on putting them out we will keep listen and don't never look back for the future is what you make it and its in you,re court keep it up my friend

Great mixes and Blends

I was impressed by the way you were able to mix these songs together with virtually none of the mixes offbeat. The sign of a true DJ owning his craft. The beat matching was on point and mixed together at the right time. Your choice of songs to blend and mix were perfect for this mix. Great Job VDJ JD. Keep mixing it up.

The DJ mix

Good DJ, the song is Cole Swindell? It was a good mix, I like the songs and the beat worked. Keep at it I'm sure this goes over well on the dance floor. It's smooth and will keep them dancing. Good job!

Weird but good

I never thought that techno and country would ever work but you know what? It does! As soon as those guitars at the beginning start playing, I get goosebumps!! So amazing! Just a little advice, would sound even better without the DJ thing in the song, it kinda takes away the whole feel of the song. It’s up to you though! The lyrics are quirky and fun, I love it! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to hear more of your music.

V is for Video

So as a cdjs are you mixing the videos also interesting I have not heard a commited country Dj are you feeling the connection between each song you play and having fun doing it and people love it ya good
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