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Live for Today by Vanessa Delaine

There is a good message in this song, it has an interesting choice of instruments that blend well, and production techniques that result in a well-balanced sound overall. Easy to listen to & will likely grow on you, as it becomes more familiar.

Live For Today Review By Peter Newton

Smoothly into the ears is my preferred method of transport of music, Vanessa delivers a beautiful environment of blues and rock into your music box. The vocals are thoughtful and positive with a sing-a-long chorus. The production of the track is layered and interesting with lots of crafted moments that are impressive. I personally love the shimmery guitar that sounds like "what's the frequency Kenneth" from R.E.M. Great track, great vocals and production, great musicianship, totally awesome !

LIve for Today....

Surprising this song, starts out low key then kicks in to high gear. I love the lyrics since it is a "Cone back song" Harmonica or organ, don't know but you got a great mix of instruments and your style is between honky tonk and pop rock. Great pace phrasing and easy going composition. A song you can crank up in a break up. ...."Don't need you to come around!" You mak us feel the music and wear it well. Great song! I hope it goes top of the chart and I suggest you class it in more genres like Pop Rock and Blues Rock. You have a great voice for this song plaintiff and passionate.

Live for Today...

Wow????????????Vanessa you took me on a journey of imagination. In every word you said I was actually able to put myself there. Living for today very freely. I was captivated by your soothing vocals immediately . Awesome piece❤

Carpe Diem

Really smooth intro with the slide guitar and soulful mountain sound. Lyrical truth and honesty shine through in the message with gracious melody. Love the chorus when the drums kick in and the blues harp just puts it over the edge. Sweet breakdown and what a delight to hear the layered voices at the end. Overall I well thought out track with plenty of originality and a rainbow of sounds for your ears delight!

A good voice

There's a good mix of different kind of music in this song, from the folk guitar to the contemporary pop. Your voice has a melodic style, but the rhythm is modern. This is an interesting job.


La canción está muy bien, pero me gusta sobre todo la voz de Vanessa que me recuerda a una cantautora de mi ciudad (de origen canadiense) Jill Hali. Una voz muy dulce. Por lo demás una canción con una buena estructura, e interpretada tanto vocal como instrumental con bastante calidad y fuerza. Me gusta el sonido de la armónica mucho, es uno de mis instrumentos preferido. Lo peor que veo y que no lo veo mal es la percusión que hay de fondo demasiado grabe. Buena canción.

Great Message.

in America, we completely believe in freedom and liberty, and feel so strongly about both, we celebrate a national holiday in honor of it them each year on July 4th. As a child of the sixties, our battle cry was always "Freedom!", brilliantly brought forth in song by the late, great Richie Havens. Having had the great fortune of touring with Mr Havens for 3 years, this is one reason your song "Live for Today" so moved me. Your strong yet sensitive voice rings true. The choice of instruments and placement is perfect. Your production quality is excellent and radio ready. I'm looking forward to hearing it on the radio. Keep up the good work, Vanessa! And keep Living for today! Yours in song, Michael Grande.

Eric's Review

I like this one a lot. This is a very cool tune. I have very few suggestions... I would bring the full band in earlier. Takes a long time to get there and they sound great behind your lyrics. I would keep the harmonica in the blend after the B section. It's a really unique sound and feels great in the mix. If I were recording this, I would punch the drums up throughout - making them more "boomy" and I would bring the lead guitar up in the later chorus - pushing the intensity up in the entire mix - including your voice (like I mentioned last time) toward the end of the song. Really like your multi-tracked voices at the end. Would like to have heard more of that. You've still got the "freedom" thing working in it - and I would run with that theme and really get into the vocals. Whatever the case, this is a really good song.

Outstanding Country-Song

A typical feature of country music are direct messages. Brilliant versatile sounding acoustic guitars carry these ambitionated composition including a great intro. I really like the slide guitar sound in addition with banjo and harmonica which all together playing the main role in this composition. Vanessa Delaine song is about own feelings trying to be free in strange times. The lyrics come from the heart and touch the soul. Her own gentle played acoustic guitar make the music rich and brings the listener on the next level. Also the drummer is playing very engaged and straight on the point. All instruments really stand out in this arrangement including the bass in the backround. Perfect studio-recording where all instruments really there, where they should be on a track of this quality. An impressive arrangement much more creative than others influenced by traditional Country-Music in perfect orchestration. Listen with open heart and I´m sure you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

In MY Opinion

Greetings, Thank you for choosing me to review your work, I count it an honor to be included in such a task. My hat is off to you and anyone willing to step out and share their gift, talent and love of music to the public. Be it a musician, singer, song writer, actor and so-on. I myself, via 40 some years of experience in the fields, on the road, in the studio, radio, TV, video, and management, consider myself to be a seasoned musician, singer, song writer, studio-sound tech/engineer/ owner/operator, stage manager, find it sometimes hard/difficult and perhaps not even fair to sit in a seat, voicing My Opinion concerning another's creative efforts. Especially in certain genres of music I am not all that familiar with concerning very important elements that make up and meet the required standards to justify the various levels of ratings and grades. So, in saying ALL that, I will limit myself to MY Opinion concerning the quality of the work according to My ears, and the standards I have been familiarized with thru-out the years. I hold to the old - saying " Beauty Is In The EAR of The Beholder ... LOL. The sound quality of the recording over-all is very crisp and bright and clear, I really enjoyed the backing music. Vocals are smooth and natural, sort of - down to earth. The mix levels let me know who was still in charge of this song. Very easy to sit back and listen to. Nice job. Congrats. I mean no offense in any part, I myself take all feedback and use it as a tool toward my next project. I pray you feel the same way. Either way, I say to you, keep doing what you do, keep kicking and enjoying what you do. I tell folks all the time for many years. When it stops being FUN, then it's time to stop, and stand back and think about what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it, what we and others are getting out it. Is it what we want, and how we want it. IF NOT. what are willing to do from there? Thank you again for asking MY OPINION. Johnny
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