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Sad Christmas song

Your song lyrics were very honest and sad. They were self blaming when he's the one who cheated. And I bet he cheated without telling you his feelings towards you changed. So he is a lowlife cheat. At least if a person is planning on cheating, tell your current partner BEFORE the act of cheating, that is usually the standard agreement in most partnerships. Sadly most cheats don't keep this part of the agreement which makes them liars and cheaters. That's my opinion of the lyrics. Now for the tune. I like it. It is easy on the ears and lingers after the song is over. However, the low note where the vocals taper off is a bit irritating. THAT NOTE NEEDS BOOSTED. That or the vocalist needs to practice giving it more volume. But that's just my opinion. Overall I gave you a 3 star because your song did not sound bad. You were on tune, and it was a good arrangement. I didn't give it a 4 star because it depressed me. Thats the emotion you threw out and it was on target but I don't listen to music to get more depressed, I like music that lifts me up. I would give a 5 star if you hit the emotions I'm wanting to feel, but you didn't. That's the thing about music, it is very audience specific orientated. What I like others may hate or vise a versa. Anyways, overall you earned a 3 star and you put in good effort and time in this one... you know, I think I'll change it to a four star because you have a good song just the wrong audience, me! Namaste.

When Christmas Come around

This is a nice christmas song, for family cooking and siting around, when it cold out side, the track is nice and soft and her voice is not bad, some part could be a little bit clearer, but it ok and the hook is good.

Simple and beautiful

A simple and beautiful melody built around the Christmas theme. There is a sad melodious pattern that comfortably repeats throughout the song. The lyric comes back to the title of the song "When Christmas comes around", and each time it does, it has a welcomed effect, making the listener feel a sense of cohesiveness . The piano is played in an adept, effective and moving way. I hope you enjoy When Christmas comes around as much as I did.

One For Your Christmas List

It is always a pleasure to hear Christmas treated with a different perspective. I love the feel of this song, I think the striking piano work suits it wonderfully. Perhaps the piano follows the melody a little too much during the song, maybe cut back to chords for some of it. But overall, it works really well. If you can afford it, some real strings [violin, viola and cello] in the background would make it really special.

I love Christmas songs and I find this one sweet.

Maybe we can make a numberonemusic Christmas CD, this one should be on it! I like this is a song with a story, different than many songs and a story about Christmas. Many would choose only a simple melody for Christmas, and this song is chosen as a story I think people can relate too. Christmas is for many people not always a happy time. I think this is a good song in between all happy Christmas songs.

Marveldust among the snow flakes

--------------ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 RATE THE FOLLOWING ------------ PERFORMERS VOICE- (9) A beautiful voice. LYRICS - (0) At times I found it very hard to hear the lyrics. Perhaps you can send me the lyrics. SONG MELODY - (8) Love it! Definitely lends itself to that feeling of wanting to get together with family and friends. INSTRUMENTS - (8) The piano was a good choice. Great timing and a soothing Rhythm,. RECORDING – (9) Nice clean sound very professional, had no trouble feeling the music. TITLE – (9) “When Christmas Comes Around “A good choice for a title, considering the time of year for its debut. A pretty Christmas song such as this can make you lonesome for friends and family. ARRANGEMENT OF SONG; (8) It certainly came across to me as very pleasant and enjoyable to listen to. Brian E. Arsenault

Hello from Jerzy...

I like the song.. but.... I wish You sing it with more energy...and as a Pianist My self I will advise to play softer...some parts Piano is on top of the vocal... any haw ... need some work and it will be a GOOD song... and PLEASE make a little FUN when recording...enjoy ... Jerzy...

When Christmas comes around

Beautifully done! Real modern Christmas song. Congratulation Ute and keep going this way. Hope that other people will enjoy this song as well. Recommended song for coming holiday season. Merry Christmas!
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