UTE / We Wont Stop Dreaming / We Wont Stop Dreaming

UTE Wow! Here is My Review

I am so excited about this song compared to the last one I love it the vocals were well performed the music was on point your song made my day I listen to tons of demos and artist you really did it I hope that you get tons of radio airplay keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing other great songs from you in the near future from New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Group/ President/CEO J.Milligan.

A nice Song!!!

A song about Unity of Spirits for A Common Cause of Mankind to save our lands in all the nations from wrong-headed ideals. Words and subject matter is on point the Vocals blend well with the music. we say here , over seas in austria : good job!! nooo : Very good job!!!! hope we can here more from you !! Thanks for this!!

Just a beautiful song!

The intro grabbed me right from the start. Sung with such conviction and heart. Loved the instrumentation and the production is just so professional. Your vocal sits so perfectly in the mix and the recording just stellar. Sectional contrast is very clear as are your vocals. Lyrically cohesive throughout which adds so much more dimension to the song. Constructively I would take a look at the synth in the beginning as it was buzzing just a bit which sounded a little distorted. That might be my little speakers on my iPad though. Overall I really enjoyed your music as you most definitely sing from the heart. Thanks for the listen, Mitch Siegal

We Won't Stop Dreaming

Shining Lyrics for This Season and Time of A New Beginning. Meaningful words to engender a new hope for an endangered dream that needs realisation. A song about Unity of Spirits for A Common Cause of Mankind to save our lands in all the nations from wrong-headed ideals. Thank you Ute for this song, an aegis for The Quickening and The Gathering of like-minded souls. I pray it will not fall on deaf ears, but those who do hear will be quickened and gather to do good and the righteous will prevail.

, Great

You have a great blessed special talent I really appreciate and enjoy listening to your song and at anytime I mean anytime I would love to hear more of your music and never stop creating and keep on going to the next level and thank you for sharing your craft with the world and I hope you have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors and stay creative and unique song well composed and well put together and well written and once again

Great song for today

Words and subject matter is on point. Vocals blend well with the music. Unique solo voice gives the singer identity. A very good listen. Since we are forced to say more. Keep Writing songs.

dont stop dreaming

nicely intentioned song good piano and good lyrics full of hope in this this crazy world of ours today would like to hear it sang in german can hear german accent which gives it a uniqueness of its own pretty little pop song not exactly winds of change or 99 red balloons but keep up the good work we all need hope and hope songs good effort .


Nice music, nice singing, pretty nice lyrics. Over all a nice tune. Hdee, l Really would like to know One Day. Even though it's probably dozens of people who got some of the Songs and Lyrics in this work of worked business. " and Good for you ok.
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