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The song starts very pleasantly, with the instruments...then the Voice of the Angel. What a Professional sounding voice. Very well recorded. You can hear all that you need to hear. Good mix. Really enjoy this Artist and her voice. There is a very comfortable feel about the voice quality, and sound in general. Reminds me of Christmas' long ago. The world needs more, great sounding songs like this one. Thanks for doing a great song. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Christmas song Review

This is a interesting version of the song, definitely a jazzier version of the song. I like it, I think the music is a little too Christmas for the Jazz ensemble. I think if the music were a little less and the focus was more on the vocals that it would be amazing. I liked it though, good job!

Nice laid back music with potential :-)

Very interesting arrangement, nice jazzy groove! Sometimes though, the vocal is hard to hear, so you should boost the vocal in the mix. You could also boost the bass just a little, to provide a more solid foundation. Also, if it is to be a real Christmas song, then it should have some sounds and/or effects, that give it a Christmas feel. :-) Pernille

A great and moving rendition of a classic, timeless song by UTE

With the combination of a beautiful voice, and great arrangement UTE has given our old favorite "The Christmas Song" a fresh sound. A great and moving rendition of a classic, timeless song. Dave Percell

Ute - wonderful for form

Ute has two qualities: the first one is her voice. the color is very rare and very sensitive to voice production. The second is the music. She has very autonomy to compose a very simple music, yet with some flexibility in harmony. In a way, she reminds me somewhat the very-good music of Stevie Wonder. I was looking for her website or YouTube Channel to listen more. Bravo!


Dear UTE , Your voice is soothing and sweet like SADE. I would like to hear it with a Real Grand Piano or"Fender Rhodes" and the tinkle of jingle bells especially for this song.Keep up the great work .


I am definitely going to download this song. The tone of the song gave me a great old school vibe...maybe I’m being bias because I have a love for jazz music. Whatever you did to make this song continue the same process and I know I’ll see you on TV. Good luck and great song

The Christmas Song Review

Love the beginning of the arrangement. Good setup for your vocal. I couldn't appreciate the vocal the way I believe I should. You have a good voice but attention to vocal detail is missing in some spots. I'm not sure if the key is a little low for you but sometimes the voice is lost in the mix and it has more to do with mic technique than the actual mix. I would re-do this vocal and make the vocal a part of the mix. Right now it's sounds separate like you just did a vocal over a pre-arranged music background. I would also take a touch of the reverb off the vocal or remove some of the decay. Let everyone hear your natural voice. You have a good sound and concept, just spend more time on refining it.

The Christmas song

This is one more amazing production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to dance. I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page, like I said before. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really, really well done and I have to congratulate you on it again. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB


the song's production is really very good. i specifically like the chord changes that give this christmas classic a different feel than we're used to hearing. i do suggest that because the instrumental part of the song is so long, a solo from an instrument or two be inserted so that the listener is kept engaged during that time. i like the tone of her voice and especially liked the soprano ad-libs at the end, but the key of the song is too low for her. either the song should have been played in a higher key for her or the vocalist should have taken more liberties with the melody that raised the notes she was singing. overall, i thought she did a nice job.

Hello from Jerzy..

This is what I LIKE....I just wish Christmas be Every Day...I Your Voice... Christmas in Cabaret... this is an Idea... and Me on The Piano / Hammond Organ... I just wish a "life drums" on the recording...somehow real instruments gave That Special Feeling..Now I'm going yto listen more of Your Songs...

The Christmas Song...

This song is a staple for the christmas season for sure! It touches the heart every year when it`s hear. UTE has a unique voice and way of saying hear words that make you listen a little more than usual when hearing this song! Take a listen and I`m sure you`ll agree! Very smooth!

.The beautiful inspiring Christmas Song by Ute. Nice one.

Hello Ute, nice to listen to your songs. I have always listened to your tracks and I guess you are from Germany but your songs sound a lot different from the style of music originating from Germany and I love it much. Your Christmas song I enjoyed listening to, alongside with some other songs of the season. I as well asked some colleagues of mine to check out your Xmas song before the Christmas celebration commenced and they liked it . The kids celebrated your song as well. Keep it up Ute and sky is the limit for your great efforts. One day you would be heard in many more countries of the world. Keep it up. Good luck.

Hello from Jerzy..

I'm not kidding... Christmas in Cabaret...I like that...I just wish You record my song "Jerzy's Ave Maria"....it was pleasure to hear something new...I just wish the background music be better... to me is to plain...I already "picture that in My Head"...You did Great Job.. I like it...Jerzy...


Tis the season lol , nice it’s soothing something you could just smoke to on the couch with the door open looking at the kids running across porch. Make me think about my grandma house and I was 7 years old.
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