It is a nice song but need some "work"..first the intro is to long and will be a good idea to make it a little shorter ( 2.5 - 3.5 min long)..it will be a good idea to rerecord it with better Singer ..I also think that is way To much "stand Up"..I like the arrangement specially The Organ Part..as It is now is ok to be played Life on Concerts ..people will like it but as a Radio Stations or Music Publishers is a different "Ball Game" they will looking for an Excellent Song recorded as "Radio Ready Quality Recording".. if You make it better it will help..I wish You good Luck.. Good Job..

Group groove

Nice to hear a group of people rockin on the same groove. Needless to say, I love songs with many singers and back up vocals. Lyrics are understandable, which is a plus. Song could really use being anchored with a nice hot snare in the beat. A song like this needs strong drums to push the highs higher in the spectrum and the bass pushed lower. Best of luck to these guys.

Stand Up Solo

I love when I get to hear "local" bands when they create new music. I always have high hopes we'll hear the next big thing. On this recording, I am totally into the music - but the production makes the sound sound... I dunno, a little clouded, muffled. The "crowd" chanting Stand Up is NOT a plus to the song. I'd rather have the singer just sing/shout out Stand Up, etc... I think it would be stronger. Nice lead vocals.

Stand up

First I like the name of your band. Nice beat. Music is clean. Definitely different music. Kind of rock and dance. Voice is good but background vocals are a little strange. Everything sound tight and simple which is good. Although the song is clean it’s not radio quality music. Just doesn’t stand out where I can say wow. Not saying it’s bad because it’s not bad. Just not what I think is radio quality music. Best of luck to you in the future

Verry Nice BackUp Voices

We give you 5 stars of course. Thats not only for the Backup Voices sounding like young people. Its for the drums also verry much. We just love the Hammond you have also here with verry nice Rythmguitar. Sincerely Yours


One of The Best Song I hear today...It gave me a spark to listen more..I like The Energy in the recording ( i will close my eyes on some small "tune" misses )..I like Your song..I hope You will have a success to pitch it to The AM / FM Radio stations ..( make sure it is between 2.5 - 3.5 min long )...I will also try to pitch it to some good Music Publisher and let see what will happen..as You know who know what They are looking for.. I wish You a good luck.. Good Job...

Unpaved Highway

Really cool riff in the intro. it´s a catchy song and for sure very commercial. nice harmonic moves, and strong rhytmics. The voice is accurate and in tune, and have an identity, really cool...sounds like classic 70s rock and roll. You can improve your guitar sound , more clear , and "fat" to give strenght to your sound..nice song

Fairly generic but enjoyable

Simple and traditional rock chord progressions but nice use of the organ giving it a doors reminiscent feel. Vocals are probably a bit too light for this sort of tune, and not sure the child vocals in the background are that great but a solid enough tune

Good work!

Hi! First of all I think this is a very good Song! The Song is Simple and very radio-friendly. And this is a good Thing, maybe the Song Need a more production, in my opinon the guitars need more Power in the background. In this version the Song is good, but in a very rock direction the Song Will be Amazing! More Power in the instruments and you will have an hit Song. I like the voice Melody and the choirs in the back, the drum is very Simple and the bass made a good work. I think that this is a good Song, i can Imagine One day to turn in the radio and listen It! Really Cool, I Hope a very good future for you in the future. So now I Want ti listen more.

Simple but convincing

I personally like the idea of musicians "not backing down" from what they believe in, i.e. good music. You may pose a question: what kind of music is that? I'll explain: music dating back to the 70s. Why? Don't me laugh: because any music played today globally has its roots in the 70s. It was the time when the modern age style had been forged for decades to come. Take any significant act of those days, be it Pink Floyd or Zeppelin or the Fab Four, it was them who laid ground for anything to be done then-after. No chance for us left to escape the impact wielded by Santana, Yes or Genesis, or Doobie Brothers. And I'm telling you this: Unpaved Highway guys made the right choice, in my view. All they now have to do is proceed in this direction further on. The rest will be rock-and-roll history.

Classic rock

The intro of the song remind me Deep Purple a bit, a little softer though. The main vocal sounds great, it's like Ian Gillan meets Mark Nophler. The song has a very catchy chorus part and pours a lot of energy on the listener. The only thing that I don't completely like is the effects used on the backing vocals. It's kinda children shouting "Stand up". Anyway it's a good rock song with a strong 70ths - 80ths vibe. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and fans.

There is that rocking energy right from the start...

Good entertaining rock song! There is that rocking energy right from the start. The guitars give it the right punch and the drums roll right through. Good song to dance to all night long. But I miss a different part in this song and the background choir comes a few times too often for my taste. Production and performance is good enough to smash a party and motivate all people there to "Stand Up"!


Easy, straightforward rockin' tune. Youth has this one written all over it. Can be made into a Billy Squire type Stroke Me...very clean and simple. Stand Up is kind of infectious and has good hook potential. Keep going and keep pressing forward with this song. I think eventually the kids will catch on and you'll have a good strong basis for writing and recording more songs. The future looks bright to me. California bands have been impressing me again lately...

stand up

almost sounds like a sports tune - does make you want to but only one this I can say is get the reverb off the lead guitar and bring it up to vocqal levels when he takes his break - the rest of the song is excellent - regards Ross

Cavalier reviee

We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China.
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