Wisdom & Street True!!

Story Of Life feelings In This Track- It Concept Has The Making Of Honor And The Struggle Life Energy That has The Vitality Required For Sustained Physical Or Mental Activity- I would Of Love To Have Join In On This Track- West Coast All day- I Think With A Great Push Of This Track -It Would Provide Urban Light & Heat To A Blind Society Who Don't Under Stand The Rules Of The Inner City live Of Califonia LiferStyle- I Would Of Love To Mix & Mastered The track- !!


Keep doing what you are doin your music will continue to grow as long as you stay consistent but you just keep doing what you are doing and you will go places i am really digging this one

Nice nice

Music sounds really good keep up the good work make sure u promote your music an shoot videos because visuals people like to see. Other than that u got great sound people will like it. Thanks


It is not a good morning ☀️???? and I love ❤️ a the way I want a good day and to be the perfect ???????? to my new song for a good night BaBy or a virgin me and I am a man and barnacle a man of who he was to my father and I was

not bad

But all too often, tracks feel like connectors – carriages to transport listeners between the singles. There’s little narrative, few definitive themes, but there are lots of guests. Some add bite, seemingly exhausted with the burden of constantly pushing hip-hop forward into concept operas, electric Miles explosions and Flying Lotus electronic burbles

I like it

Hey stopped by your page and I really enjoyed your music keep up the good work I also do music so let's l stay in contact, I like when artists come together to make great music and spread the word

Nice concept

Nice concept would be ill if the flow was slowed down a little but over all I like the direction. It reminds me a little of the throwback Cali music. Try it slowed down and you got a fire banger.


First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up!

I can dig it

Dope flow, nice beat, get rid of the guy on the hook. I was all in until he came in. Seriously he robbed you of a good track. You could talk over the hook and itd sound better. Dope flow, nice beat though.


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1st single

Im diggin the energy put into the single. Keep up the good shit, only time nd practice, will boost up ya craft. Yu got a slapper right here... ya engineer did yu right, nd i like the female touch on it..


can fuck with this my guy, you have a cool style bruh bruh, its different and dont sound like other people shit having your own style is a plus thats is how you win the game, the song has a concept so that's a win! The Hook and verses are on point as well, the only thing I could criticize getting the song mastered to bring the song out more , but other than that I say you did your thing on it, we need to link up, I'm from Memphis and I Rap and shoot videos


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