close to perfection

A casual rock ballad to the ears is what I say about this song. Its reminds me of the classics like Motley Cruse's song Home Sweet Home. I love the piano arrangement and the melody of the song The whole song musically and lyrically are both well written. Musically the production is awesome but as for the vocals it needs more of a polishing touch .A tweak in perfection. Turning it up to ELEVEN. with that said I gives this track a 4.9 out of 5. its close to perfection.

Interesting intro and amazing evolution

A piano with body. A different voice with feeling and that transmits. Interesting intro and amazing evolution. I really like the voice and the instrumentation well chosen and everything together they make a beautiful ballad. And I want to add that it leaves you wanting to listen to it again, so I've heard it again and again ... If this song is part of a Album, the Album should be very interesting. Continue working! You're on the right way ...


Soft panio play starts this love story. Guitars adds attitude that takes you to an solid heart. What a great song. I am thrilled to know this type of skill, and emotional storm is inside your music. Thanks Magic

Getting up

I think the production on this is classy. You have a handsome rod Stewart ness about your voice and it’s pretty cool. I hear the reverb in it too and it’s a cool touch. Also, an inspirational song which is always music to my ears. Having said all that it has a 90’s vibe to it but it’s mixed with today’s modern music. Good luck and thanks for allowing me to review. Absolutely dig the piano in it! You have inspired me!

Smooth is the key

Now I remember who Ralph Tomaselli's voice reminds me of. A smooth Tom Waits; with a little Joe Cocker vibrato. Smooth is the key, and the smooth sine wave of Ralph's voice takes away all the sawtooth edge, and that is a style all his own. The piano is also smooth but the piano has a limited dynamic range compared to Ralph's voice. With that voice I sometimes feel pain, joy, self confidence, and always the thrill of making beautiful music. Thanks again Ralph, I'll let you go for now but I must listen one more time.

Very pleasant

Nice piece very soft while having a distortion guitar part well present and a nice solo. I would have put a little more effects on the drums, but the whole remains very harmonious nonetheless. Well done for the work.

Singier Said

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song the piano is just so pure and intentional with every note. Ralph's vocals are raw and unproduced which lends itself to an authenticity which you'll find at the corner coffee shop on a Friday night!

Great voice and slow build

Good song and a good voice. The build up to the dramatic bits seems a little slow to me. But this is a ballad.The contrast in the dynamics of the arrangement is good. A bit like Elton John meets Rod Stewart. Keep up the good work Ralph!

easier said - Review

A nice melody in the beginning with a soft feel. There is a good follow up with all the a lead guitar with good lyrics. It is a nice soft rock tone. The piano has nice add to the overall song. I would think that this is a similar feel to Bon Jovi if I had to compare or even Mick Jagger , A good clean song is always a good song I would always say. It makes it worth listening to if you ask me. Nicely done. I wish you all the best my friend.


This is a Nice Song ( did You got Cold or something , I do feel like Vocal is not 100 % )..I really think if You use It to full potential this will be a Good Song).I like Melody and Arrangement but is not important what I like or Not.. Music Publishers and Radio Stations DJ will have The Last if possible try to re record ..If You send It to Them like It is.. I got a feeling They will agree with me..I do hope that You will work on It a little more.. I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..


This is a good idea I know what You are trying to do.. but You have a LONG Time to go ( is always a good think to sing in the Tune not OFF )..LIKE Mr. R.S I like arrangement .with good vocal This will be a good song.. this is My opinion and You ask for It..send It to some Music Insiders and let's see if They will take It for Publication or will use on Radio Rotation..somehow I got a feeling They will agree with Me..on onother note I hope that You know who Mr. R.S. is...You did a good job.. all You need is to make a Vocal Corrections..

Nice song

I really appreciate the work put into this song, it has a lot of meaning. The instrumentation is on point for the most part, I like the rhythm and the changes. I'm not for sure that I would leave the vocals completely dry, I feel that you should at least add a touch of reverb to the vocals, not much but just enough to easy the edge to the vocals. Some people have a sharp tone, as I myself have and a remedy to help others hear is to cut through the roughness of our tone by softening with a bit of reverb. The trick is to widen the vocals slightly, not to alter or over power the mono part of the vocals. I would buss a channel to the vocals and add a small room or studio reverb and bring it in slowly until I can hear it, then I would back the reverb down just below that point til it is hardly notable and you would be surprised at the difference it makes. Other than that I would record it once or twice more and pick the best of the three and press it up. This is a song that moves the emotions and that's always a plus with music. I like the song, keep working.


I like the song but not The Intro.. will help Your song if You make it shorter.. Music Publishers do NOT like to hear if is to long..I know what You are trying to do but somehow You need to make it shorter...Try to send this song to Them and if They Write back.. I'm sure They will say the performance is a different "ball game" and I'm sure many people will like It..Try to rerecord It and put a bigger will help the song.. I wish You good luck... Good Job..

More easy to say

I do not understand all English, so I appreciate it musically, otherwise I put 4.5 points even if the style does not please me necessarily, but to please others. Good continuation the artist. And do not hesitate to take a ride on my profile.

I liked your work!

Very good your work, good songs. Keep it up, making great music for the people. I always work with my music in the World Music Fusion style, I do a mixture of the traditional music of my state Pernambuco, in the Northeast of Brazil with the music of the world and the result, it is impressive! I love the music of the world, of many nationalities! Once again, congratulations on your work and we will let the music flow !!! Greetings direct from Caruaru, and Recife-Pernambuco-Brazil.
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