Cool song from Riverside, CA!

I stumbled across this song from ralph tomaselli - the song is called 'different' and it is different! I would classify it under the category of modern rock or even post-modern rock. The lyrics are imaginative, inventive and well thought out. With a cool acoustic guitar strumming underneath the rest of the instruments this song is quite easy to listen to and has some great sounds that stand out. The vocals are really cool. ralph has a great voice and the effect on the vocal really makes the song stand out. I only wish the song was a little bit longer.......

Different Like Everyone Else

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song a super movie background themed musical production. I am not a fan of messing with vocals (circa 2019 any female pop singer), but the effects here totally work and make sense. Mission Impossible - you're on notice!

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Ralph Tomaselli - different

Different certainly sounds different. Different from 90% of the music I've heard lately. I think the megaphone effect at the end is a point to consider, basically not feeling the very end hissing. Beautiful melody. Nice changes, and very unexpected drums changes. I was hoping Iggy Ice would have been here review it with me, but I'll have to do it alone. I give Ralph a big two thumbs up, based on the score. The artistic value gets him a top rating, be love... evolve... iAndroid Dior D'Nai

The Aesthetics of Unlimited Creation

I like the way this song fits the beats with the voice, creating a pleasant ambience. If we pay attention to the subtle and well-played game of strings placed in sparse spots, then the proportion of this in a song that has a standard size smaller than the standard brings something really innovative. It does not cause audible fatigue. For Ralph Tomasseli's "Different" music, one should clap his hands simply for the countless times when listening to you automatically searches for small pieces of alternating sounds in order to dialogue with a voice that maintains a respect in the aesthetic of creation.


Hi Ralph, the emphasis on the lyrics and this message for Courage is quite a tonic for the spirit. Time is short, we only have one life to live and we are who we were created to be if we so choose. I found the instrumental quite eclectic, original and touching the lyrics as a great counterpoint. Stunning in it's simplicity. Keep sustaining this momentum of great music Ralph!

Different Indeed.

I love the ambiance of this song and the message is clear. This song grabbed ahold of my attention within the first few seconds and never let go. The odd time I like the absolute truth of life in a song and this hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer. Short, to the point and worth every second. Thank you.

Very Different!

What's up Ralph? Your track is smooth and has a very nice range of transitions that get you rocking and calm you back down for the next feeding of great lyrics. I am not sure if the volume of the voice effect over your verse is intentionally low, but at some points in the song it is a little hard to hear you. Maybe bringing up the volume for the verse would bring a clear strong sound through. Outside of that, I could definitely hear that song as a tv, film, etc placement. Great job...God bless

An amazing song and magnificent music

I just can say, this sounds like real good alternative-rock and pop. Again a great composition of the multi-instrumentalist Ralph Tomaselli, who wrote the music. I love the acoustic guitar parts in the whole arrangement. But in this song exists also keyboard generated sounds. Especially the strings are convincing me, including drums and bass lines. The lyrics tells us very engaged, that we are not the same as another or each other, like in nature where each form is different, and that´s fine. The songtext comes from the heart and touches the soul. He performs this with his unique vocal making this wonderful composition complete. But why do I tell this? This song has definitely a important message. This song is more creative than some others. Overall a really impressive arrangement of a very talented musician. I can´t stop listen the song and I´m sure, you will also enjoy what you hear and like to add. Let others know your recommendation.

Great Message!

I've always considered this style a little experimental, but it's a style I like. And the message is absolutely awesome. Keep sending wonderful messages of individuality out in your music. Some people need to hear it more than others!

Excellent song!

I wish, the Sound Quality of this song here on numberoneMusic would be better! Why is this song so low in volume and "pale" in ist Stereo Sound? The original Version must be great. Very well sung and I also love the corchestral Background. Very, very cool. The song is very professional and you have a beautiful voice. Congratulations to California for this excellent song. Best regards from Germany.

Wow, Ralph, you found a singular sound!

Like the title says, this guy has a sound and a groove all his own. That's a hard thing to do and impressive. His lyrics and subject matter are relevant and thought provoking, not the kind of fluff that one finds on top forty radio. The musical field that he plows is most definitely alternative and interesting. The arrangements are not common and, to me, that is one of the reasons that I would listen to this music. So, Ralph, well done, I think I might be a fan.

Different is some of Ralph's best material yet!

Musically, "Different" is a challenging piece with an excellent jazzy kind of groove done in Ralph's own unique style. The timing is tight and the progression is quite nicely arranged into a piece that maintains your interest from start to finish. The vocals are very well done and Ralph's voice is uniquely memorable. This is definitely one of my favorites.

the song different

The vibe and beat of this song is very catching... easy listening for the ears If i was this musician i'd wouldn't change a thing with his creative process in how he writes the lyrics and compose's the music well done

Different is also worth exploring

The title has a lot to live up to. but it is different with its combo of interesting percussion, strings and usual instrumentalist There are also lots of effects used especially on the voice. The lyrics are worthwhile about being individual. The main only thing that lets the track down is the production which is a bit dodgy in the first part of the song level wise are all over the place.
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