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Wild and Exciting

Yes - this is a real honky tonker of a song Country with a beat that is wild and exciting from start to finish.Love the guitar work and the light and shade of the music throughout - T J Nelson hits the right note with this song. Keep 'em coming man and keep it country with soul and a rocky feel.

Traditional and upbeat.

Loved it. Great song and your mixed blend of traditional and modern country. As good as most anything I hear today. I am sure you wrote it. If so, even better job on your writing skills. Vocally and stylistically great. Keep up the good work.

Great stuff!

Keep it up man. I really enjoy the build up. I will be checking out your other material for sure! Please return the Favors when you get a chance. My band just released our first Single "two lanes" on iTunes and google play

Southern rock

I like the sound nuttin like a good southern rock song mixing an mastered could be sharper I like the guitar work .the rythum is good it's good to heAR someone keeping southern rock alive

All the Stars for This Song! Absolutely fabulous! Perfect country song

I love these lyrics, they compare love to a truck funny lyrics. Sexy! TJ has a fantastic country voice. The steel guitar and fiddle and electric guitar perfectly compliment his vocals. This guy is sexier than Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney~ Nice arrangement, exciting drums, tasteful background vocals. This is absolutely the best song I have heard so far. TJ should be famous now! My first 5 stars! TJ is a star!

Bayou state good ol boy

T.J. awesome track, would love to here this on the radio. 97.3, 99.1 and kbon. Keep it up. Its always great to hear your stuff. #Supportlocalmusicians, #southlouisianabands, #updatingplaylistnow.

Minor Key!

I loved it from the start. I am very partial to minor key songs! The lyrics and music are more current than anything I have done and I don't see why it shouldn't get some serious air play. Love the abrupt ending. The title and chorus go well together to provide an element of surprise. Great job TJ!

Talking Dirty

As usual T.J Nelson puts out a product that is well crafted and good for listening enjoyment. The tracks are mastered with the right mix for the type of song being presented. The music is right on and well executed. This band knows their craft. The vocal by T.J. Are hard hitting and they sell the song. There is not much to be cleaned on this track. It is ready to go. About the song,, it is clever and the lyrics tell the story well with their double meaning. It's not the kind of song that I write but I give it high marks for creativity. All in all I give this effort high marks because it is a good product even if it's not your niche or style. A very good number and a job well done.

Dirty Talkin'

This song is 'Busy'....I heard lots of different mixes of bands in the intro. Jethro Tull, Zappa, Emerson, Lake & Palmer to name a few. Love the Bass groove on it with the Zappa feel and the B3 sound just filling in 'all' over the place was sweet. The lyrics lost me after the middle bridge, but the groove was there. All it needs is work on the lyric sound level, bring them out some and you've got a good tune, in my book. Good Luck in your music adventure

Good job!

We surely have got a nice production and mix here, TJ. Good job! Band sounds great. Going well with your voice. Sweet and rocking. Makes you tap your foot. Great songwriting as well. Keep them songs coming!

Great Rockin' Tune

This one starts with a vengeance and drives all the way to the end. Great accompaniment from top to bottom. Everything sitting just right in the mix. I liked the story and a strong melody to carry it through. This track should do well with county fans everywhere. If I were to have any small criticism, I thought the lead vocal went out of tune just a bit once or twice. Overall a good song and a good record to go with it. Best of Luck! DW

Great song

Great song, great lyrics, great turn around...Love the song period...This is what country should be...Lets bring old country back...lets all do it together...Unite....Again the song is something all country musicians can relate to...lets unite...Kathleen

Talkin' Dirty

Your song "Talkin' Dirty" Starts off with a big bang sound. Got my attention right away. Music is good, and the sound plus the great vocals are well mixed. Ha ha, just what every straight guy wants to hear, Talkin Dirty. I like your song.

...with a little grit...

TJ Nelson brings us Talkin' Dirty.. an homage to trucks and off roading. In the vein of classic Travis Tritt he brings the classic guitar work and call and response between fiddle and guitar with some accents courtesy of pedal steel tastefully applied. From a producer's perspective this tune clearly has the modern nashville sound from top to bottom. The problem with that is it is clear that this song has been sterilized and time aligned but now it is a little too clean... There doesn't seem to be any real energy in the song. It has dynamic range and some separation but the stereo field is somewhat diffuse. It could have used a little bit more grit under the nails...

TALKIN' DIRTY - Review by Lora Stanley, Lyricist/Songwriter

I love your use of metaphors in this song and can imagine the opportunities for great visual effects a music video could produce to engage an audience and propel TALKIN' DIRTY to great hit potential. I think that your verses and chorus are spot on lyrically with a catchy hook; and, your musical arrangement has a very strong appeal to a fun, party-type crowd. The only thing that I would do to make the song more commercial ready for radio play or for plugging to major artists, is to have the vocals remastered and cleaned up for more clear and distinct sound. It is a great song. Best of luck to you!
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