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Show Me the Way

I really like the message in this song !. I like the Traditional Country feel, and his voice reminds me of 'Sammy Kershaw '. So good to hear 'REAL' Country Music !!!. Good Job !!!!

Show Me The Way

This song started slow but the longer it went the more I wanted to listen. It makes one think the old possum, George Jones, has found his way back to the microphone. The song was about a familiar theme but the lyrics were presented in a unique style that made one listen as they were delivered. About the vocal, it was done pretty well for the most part but the tempo was a little too slow in my opinion. If the tempo was picked up a little I believe it would make for amore steady vocal delivery because slow tempo songs are very difficult to sing for most. Still the vocal was somewhat spell binding to those who appreciate classic country. The music track had the classic sound of golden era country and was mixed perfectly. The overall balance on the mix was done well. It is a song and singer I will listen to again and again. My hat is off to T.J and whoever wrote the song.


So refreshing to hear someone singing a REAL country heart song with feeling and depth of conviction. Far too many Country artists today seem to be relying on the ''Poppy'' sound but here we have a man who is singing about real life and real emotions. Well done compadre - keep it Country, that is REAL Country. Regards and all good wishes Johnny Ramone.

TJ nelson show me the way

good heart felt country christian song all about true love . certainly worth listening to more than once .very well written and performed. would recommend to anyone who loves country music.

Capturing a moment....

When it comes to reviewing songs I look for more than just how the song sounds but how it was put together in its tracking and mixing. In the process of the song, which by the way is a very good song in its own right, I find that the vocal seems to get a little buried as the song progresses. I think that if you went back and added some compression and limiting then the vocal would maintain that "stand in front of the band" aspect throughout the song. Other than that I really love the way the instrumentation is spread out and creating space while the vocal leads the listener through the journey.

Show me the way review

The song writing is top notch and the vocals has a Merle Haggard twang both of which in my book are a BIG plus. The music was good only I like guitar leads that fit the vocal as if the lead was as sad or as happy as the song. A lead should be a second vocal that has emotion. I think over all you should be very proud of this song. Great job.

Beautiful song

Hey TJ, Very nice song. Melody and lyrics go well together. I really don't have nits to pick on this one. Best of luck with your song Show Me The Way. Simply beautiful.

Very Nice

Well written's more then obvious that TJ knows how to sing...really has an excellent voice...the next thought is difficult to put in writing: it's very challenging to be unique in how one sounds weather it be vocals, guitar style or for that matter pedal steel style...the last sentence is not meant to take anything away from TJ --- just that is a challenge to do what hasn't been done before.

TJ does it again....

TJ always has strong instrumental backing on his tracks. His vocals are solid with an excellent tonal quality and intonation. On this song I missed the harmony which has made other recordings of his shine. The lyrics are very strong. I rate this one a very solid **** stars.

Perfectly Country

I really enjoyed this song from the voice of the singer to the band to the arrangement it was what it should be. The lyrics gave me the fantasy of a cowboy trying to get back to the girl that he loves and that is heaven. Simple and endearing, this song works.


Show me the way is a heartfelt song reminiscent of the old days of country music. With a beautifully expressive voice that captures your ear and makes you eat to listen over and over again.

real nice

Very good song Something most people will understand and relate to. .Sounds like a song from the Heart with an old fashioned country feel that is lacking in current Country music .

Son Show Me the way

I liked the production, the singer TJ Nelson is a good singer. I wasn't bored with the song. The song could be a great soundtrack for a movie. Great job and best of luck, Guy @ Fizer Music Productions


hi TJ i was brought up on country so you say i love it your song is a joy to hear if these are your own lyrics then hope you go long ways regards (ROSE OF THE THORN )

Show Me The Way review

Hey TJ, The performance is heart felt and sad which fits the lyric. The lyric is concise and memorable. The song structure is good. Some critiquers would say don't use the hook in the verse to me it doesn't matter. The hook is cool. The hook and the rest of the lyric makes the singer sound like he's ready to slit his wrists. The production is very traditional as is the entire song. From a commercial stand point it is dated. I don't know if you care about that or not. Overall I like the song.
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