A perfect country style love song.

Great story telling. This song is genre perfect. This includes the lyrics, the vocals and the band/arrangement. From the beginning this country ballad sets the tone for serious reminiscing. The introduction is simple, direct and traditional; creating stillness in the heart so that you can properly take in the very special and sensitive story that this song tells. The instruments of the band all work as one unit responding in precise emotional tones to every phrase of the story line and to every subtle and sensitively executed infliction of the vocalist. Every instrumental solo is a clear extension of this and they are all perform in true and tradition country style. However I must make a special commendation to the lead and (hawaiian guitar effects) playing. Finally though the vocals are executed sensitively and precisely I feel that if they could be tweet just a little for clarity and projection that this song could go from being a very good ballad to a (WOW) country love song. Great work all. Keep it up.

Traditional country music.

Nice, seems like Alan Jackson. Very good. Classic country music never dies. Congratulations TJ. I wish success a lot to you, man. keep going making this style and I wish a Merry Christmas and a great new year to you. God bless you.

love this music

love this music,i love too here different people sing and record,there is so much talent out there that its nice too see people get recognition,great job tj.keep up the good work and keep on making music.

Love this

Very nice, great music. Lyrics and melody go very well hand in hand. You have a very nice voice for your vocal as well. Always love the instruments used in country songs. Best of luck.

Sometimes it kills me.....

When I hear a terrific song like this and realize that it may never be heard by country music fans worldwide it just kills me. This song has it all. Excellent music, vocals, harmony and lyrics. My hat off to you. This song is ***** stars. Asbury Slim JERSEY SHORE RECORDS

When Angels Fall

Great Song - very Brad paisley and some lovely Hendrix chords in there. really enjoyed the sound. Lovely chilled and relaxed vibe with smooth textures. Kelly Louise

Great Song TJ

Love the song TJ love the steel guitar :) i am looking fo a song writer for my next CD i would love to record this song please contact me at Thank you


Good Ole Country Buddy! Good luck! I like the demo quality sounds very full.... The steel sets it off nicely but being Trad country myself a ole steel is hard to beat!

Great song

I think you did a great job on this song...............................................................................................................

Awesome production, great song!

Yes! It´s like everything that was missing from your last song has been put right here. Tasteful guitar parts as always, the lap steel counters the gaps in the vocal melody perfectly and backing vocals serve as an effective embellishment to bring that chorus up a level. To say again, it's uncanny how (from what I said of your last song) you have everything which I believe is required of a country tune in your latest work. This is includes the third section which you have added to create that 'third gear', another reason why I really believe you have improved as a song writer. Really my review would be a lot longer if there were anything I think could be improved, but with incredible production and no real structural changes I would make what can I say? Love it, keep up the good work :-)


Nice rendition of a great song .TJ has a smooth country voice and every word in the lyrics can be heard and recognised which i love ..When angels fall they could fall for this amazing voice ..Keep posting TJ and i'm already a huge fan .

"When Angels Fall" Song by TJ Nelson, Reviewed by Allen Hurt

After listening to TJ's song "When Angels Fall", I can honestly say that I hear real traditional country in his vocals and music taste. The song is well written and the artist delivers his vocals well. Thats how we keep our traditional country music alive, Good job TJ. keep going, don't stop. Allen Hurt

Great song!!

Hi TJ, I congratulate you for this song, it has a great hook at the beginning, nice clean country guitar solos, great lyrics and very original, your vocals definitely sound country to the core, in a very traditional style, I think you have a great future in the music business, this song has potential to be a hit, keep up the good work!!

When Angels Fall

Liked everything about the product. I guess I am a big sucker for the classic country sound but the song and the track were spot on. It is one of those numbers that you cannot keep from singing along with it. The vocal has a heartfelt delivery and even though a little shaky in a few places , it is still pumping out the emotion of the lyrics to the finish. I loved the steel guitar arrangement because it helped to keep the sound right in line with the message of the song. Good work and I will listen again. Regards Paul Springfield.

Good sound, lyrics.

The song has unlimited potential. The arrangments , instrumentality, vocals sound good. Keep up the good work, writing, arranging, vocals, good luck.
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