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Great Blues Song...

Interesting blend of instrumentation. Relaxing to listen to and an intriguing sound. I wouldn't mind listening to this music at all for quite an extended amount of time; especially while trying to go to sleep.

Tracy's Blues

Well written melodic song. Had a Robin Trower feel to me. Well performed and the mix was good for a live performance. The intro was cool, but it was too long for me. I was starting to wonder when or if there was anything else coming. I know when playing live, that's not a big problem, because your audience has something to look at while the music is being performed. Just listening, without seeing the performance, the intro should be a lot shorter or eliminated in my opinion.

Neo Aor

I think this song has " urban isolation ". There is abstract melodies and abstract introductions. If it is possibles, I would like to listen more higher bpm. And I would like to listen to studio recording takes.

Tracy's Blues

well what more can be said about this track its well put together with very good vocals and other musicianship..wicked and a totally great track to listen to although at first I thought it would be quite a long track but listening to it was easy.. love the blues anyway and again its done live and has a great ambient feel as well we loved it Tony/Amy aka Skin Deep


I would really like honest feed back on this particular song thinking about putting it on my breakout mixtape All criticism is welcomelease get a listen and comment as you would if it was your creation. Opinion is great, but i hope you will critic this as a listener. I would really like honest feed back on this particular song thinking about putting it on my breakout mixtape All criticism is welcomelease get a listen and comment as you would if it was your creation. Opinion is great, but i hope you will critic this as a listener.

Nice ballad

What a nice ballad, starting with a bass solo inspired by Jaco Pastorius, and continuing with an all-band piece, all instruments being smartly balanced and symphonically pushing in some nice notes. Congratulations for this live track very well executed !

Non Con-fusion

Laid back jazzfusion. Love the Jaco touch; My favourite bass player may he rest in peace. The whole piece is nicely restrained but way beyond 'easy listening'. Great vocals with a jazz feel. good lyrics too; if they are original take another star. This is a clean sound everything in it's place, as a lover of jazz and especially fusion I love this. They say it is a departure from their normal sound...hope it's not too big a departure. I'm going to check this band out further and will certainly add this song. Good mix for a live track. Keep it up guys :)

Ce ci ne vous concerne pas, votre musique est très bien :)

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The Third Internationals Tracy's Blues (Live at the Darress)

The Third International's Tracys's Blues (Live at the Daress) part tribute to the renowned bass player Jaco Pastorius is beautifully rendered with some wonderfully restrained playing and reminds me of my favorite parts of Pink Floyd before it all became too overblown and Pink Floyd became "the high-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet". The vocals are delivered perfectly from spoken word to heartfelt melody. The opening hors d'oeuvres almost discordant bass led jazz pulls the listener in and makes the listener earn the payoff of the ensuing main course of the song. I can almost imagine the cell phones in the air as the singer delivers " look back and I wonder, do you see Tracy's face". The keyboards provide some nice canvas and flourishes for the guitars to shimmer upon. I will definitely be checking out more from The Third International. You should do the same.

A Pleasant Landscape

This was a very pretty and vivid landscape piece. Rooted in the subtle tones and understatements of modern jazz, it's a great tribute to Mr. Pastorius. A late night, 3rd set ballad for the dance floor at a jazz or blues club. Very, very nicely performed, recorded and mixed.

The best Bass player ever

I'am lucky that i have seen Jaco Pastorius in Amsterdam somewhere in the the 80's. Just before he died. He should also playing in Rotterdam, but that;s been canceled, because he was to drunk and stoned. There's no one els how.s beter then he does. The beginning of this, sounds almost as the master him self. Hear the influence of slang from Weather report, the greatest bass solo ever, But that's mine opinion. I love it. Well done.

Jaco's slow blues

It's very unusual version of Jaco's music. Jaco never played slow minor blues. But this transcription is deeply sad about him and amazing to us, reminding of what a fantastic Soul he is. He was a great musician, but not only - he is a real man and world known genius, who's cared about real music. He was not only a bassist - in his deep understanding, his music contains an Universal information to people about Love. Cause his music is a deepest feeling of Universal Love. God knows that All we need is Love. Thank you for a courage to use his giant thoughts to put in you deep sadness of blues about Great Souls on the Earth!!!

the third international

for a minute i did think it was the great bassy playing the base the instrumental is haunting yet very uplifting and inspiring i highly recommend tothose who like alternative still bluesy jazzy kind of feel to a song will so enjoy this very nice melody you will so enjoy it all the best i could so sing to his music its got a lot of soul so do enjoy....

Trubute well done.

It is not often that a band will take the time to honor a bass player. This is a wonderful thing. Now the song starts out something of Rush 2112 where maybe a guy finds a bass out in the world for the first time. Then it gets tuned and starts off with a rif. The songs continues into a drum into with a very pretty melody and bass line. Lyrics surprised me and blues guitar gives the song pretty tone. Over all very neat song. I enjoyed it.
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