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Truly Harmonical

Intro-Interesting use of bass harmonics with unpredictable chords. Pulls the listener to be sure. Has a very classic rock-ballad feel with a hint of jazz. When the full band kicked in, I was unsure as to whether or not it worked with the intro, but after a while, I began to get into it and really began to like the vibe. The fact that it was live makes it more intimate. I think that recording it live was a good choice. There's nothing special about the vocal melody, but the vocal style is right for conveying the story.

Great idea

Like this song, real feeling and nice parts make up a great tribute song. I am not the biggest fan of listening to live stuff on record, it is always better to be there and take in the atmosphere. Very little live recordings, even proper big bands are a bit annoying after a while (The Who live at Leeds being a good example of how to do it properly). Nothing wrong with this tune though, hope everyone enjoys listening to it.

Water Torture Replaced.

I listened for a while in the vain hope that it could not get any worse. Silly me. I am not certain if this is supposed to be a song about Tracy and why they bothered. Although I can hardly understand a word he speaks, I cannot say that I am too bothered about it. Whether his sister sees Tracy is neither here nor there to me. I do not give a toss. This is an assemblage of rubbish. The pity is that that the singer has a good sounding blues voice and with a few months speech therapy and a good song might do well.


I really like and the song music well composed unique if you have any other music I like to hear more of your music I hope this been helpful for you God bless and stay creative.have a safe week

Didn't let on

Kept me at bay as to whether the delay was a presentation of confusion into the drama or someone who has not reached the musical command to Nirvana. The beginning actually tries ones patience as to whether one should proceed or change the station. Finely a pleasant surprise of professionalism.

tracy's blues

The intro was a little tedious but once we got to the main body of the song it was great . If this song started at the end of the intro I would give it 5 stars . Great music , band and structure . The band was right on the beat and the vocals perfect . I really loved the chord changes and as always , loved the bass . Keep up the great work and good luck with this , Cliff


Well, there is a certain amount of skill required to make beautiful music, and you certainly have it. For album purposes though, I would recommend using the beginning instrumental section as it's own track. I like the originality of the lyrics and you wisely stay within your range vocally. Thanks for telling your story beautifully.

Joli univers sonore

Avec the third international, nous entrons dans un univers sonore ou se mêlent les influences de Hendrix, des Floyd et de pastorius pour certains passages.... et puis arrivent la mélodie qui touche au cœur... seule la voix est un peu "banale" pour mettre en valeur tout cet ensemble. Un bon point particulier pour le son phasing de la guitare en arpège, un peu moins bien en ce qui concerne le solo de guitare qui manque un peu d'aspiration... mais là, je ne suis pas forcément objectif, lol ....

Cool Blues

Nicely recorded for a live tune - Might not have known if not for the audience cheering at the end. Quite a long Bass driven intro - I would cut it shorter for a studio version but - makes total sense for a live situation. Eventually the entire band kicks in to some good vocals and interesting bass riffs. Nice smooth easy-going tune and very listenable.

A great live recording band

This is a live recording. It begins with an extended bass-harmonic improv that is quite good. But the impact of that part is no doubt different from the impact it would have on a live audience. Roughly 1/3 of the way through the song, the main part of the song actually starts. When it does, the singer and the band are excellent. Third International is a really good live Blues/Rock band. I'm reminded of Steve Miller in his prime but 3rd International's vocalist is better. I really don't get the long intro though. I'm not sitting in the audience. I'm sitting at home listening on a laptop.

Great Live Performance

This song goes to the heart and touches my soul. I was surprised when I realized that it has so much differnet influences including jazz, rock, blues and pop. The beat is clear blues and the vocals near of soul. It´s a great live recording and with the beginning of a bass-solo, which he dedicatet to the awesome Jaco Pastorius. I´m sure it was a great performance in the club where this song was played. If you´re looking for good music, you´re right with this track. This music is not far away from Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon). Listen to the song and if you like add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Great Blues Song...

Interesting blend of instrumentation. Relaxing to listen to and an intriguing sound. I wouldn't mind listening to this music at all for quite an extended amount of time; especially while trying to go to sleep.

Tracy's Blues

Well written melodic song. Had a Robin Trower feel to me. Well performed and the mix was good for a live performance. The intro was cool, but it was too long for me. I was starting to wonder when or if there was anything else coming. I know when playing live, that's not a big problem, because your audience has something to look at while the music is being performed. Just listening, without seeing the performance, the intro should be a lot shorter or eliminated in my opinion.

Neo Aor

I think this song has " urban isolation ". There is abstract melodies and abstract introductions. If it is possibles, I would like to listen more higher bpm. And I would like to listen to studio recording takes.
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