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Tracy's Blues

I understand why the song has a long period of bass playing at the beginning, but I think it is way too long before the actually singing comes in. Once the singing starts it is a very good song! Could the bass playing be changed to the middle? I just think the long intro will cause people to not give the song a chance.

Dreamy Blues

There's something intriguing about the intro to O.B.L.I.V.I.O.N's song, Tracy's Blues. It gives very little hint as to what style of music will follow, but instead creates a soft, whispering carpet of sounds that made me curious and want to hear what comes next. The ambient sounds eventually gave way to a beautiful blues ballad, which gently reminisced about times gone by, all the while, supported by harmonics, gentle guitars and a dreamy percussion. A very rich and soulful live tribute to Tracy.


How to start? Great intro and outro beautifully executed harmonics! very accomplished bass playing coming from a not too shabby bass player, all in all your tune is exactly as you describe well supported by very tight drums keys and guitar with just the right individual treatment on the vocals.... love it ..regards Paul


Yeah its a very relaxing peice (imo) and Im glad to say it made me relax a lot. I would recommend smoking weed before listening to this song; but not because its a great song but just because I love smoking weed.

It made me smile

Glad to hear such a nice piece; made me relaxed while feeling a lot. The voice is very well placed and the guitar melodies really enjoyable. I will love to hear more of the Third International.


This was a great track to listen to while sitting here at work. I don't have much background with this band, so I didn't know what to expect... but I was intrigued by the description, and gave it a go. The vocals were on point and passionate... and the band sounded tight. The overall vibe of the piece was great. Nice and potent, it felt good, and that is exactly what one looks for in a track, right? Good job!

Club Le Jardin

One of the great memories of my six year residence in Miami was meeting (and drinking with) the great Jaco Pastorius at the Club Le Jardin. He was the most technically gifted musician I had ever known and no bassist was stronger where it counted. He would have loved this tune. Wonderful lush bass chords to open and close the piece and a dynamic homage to Jaco in the middle. Very well done.

Tracy's Blues

For a live recording, the quality is top notch. Love the intro and the bass, for a blues track, it's a pleasant surprise. The song reminds me somewhat of Pink Floyd, Dave Gilmour, when the guitar kicks in, kind of like Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Still it's more unique than that. As I listen to the lyrics, it's very evocative, 'No-one knew the end was near..' I relate to this having just lost my sister earlier this year, without warning. Beautiful guys, Love your name as well, God bless always Christine

Blues worth a listen!

Starts off with a good extended intro of a kind of experimental jazz. Then breaks into a nice guitar driven near traditional rock 'n blues. Nice slow and deliberate. Excellent guitar work. Well composed and artfully accomplished. Blues worth a listen! -R.


great version and great bass player! like a lot this version! I'm going to listen the other songs, *regular ones* but i'm enjoying this one a lot! keep working!! ill be looking for your new releases. cheers!


A nice classic ,good feeling . I will share with my friends . I don’t know how describe the song but I think the best way is to listen and enjoy Number one music. Give me a lot of pleasure to discover new musician around the world thank you again.Anton

Unique sounds with avant garde brilliance!

Ahhh, a chill and sensual tune that lingers in the best of ways... Smooth recording, easy to listen to, refreshing after all the over-saturated sounds being thrown at us these days. A true gem for sure!


The vibe is immediately apparent. The mix is clean while having the roughness of what a track of this period needs. I would say that having this on a late night rock radio station, alongside Hotel California, would not be odd. I'll say 4 stars because there is a little harshness in the cut on the mids, but the music shines straight through as being exceptional. Very nice, guys!

Tracy's Blues Live

Tracy's Blues is a really well layered song with a relaxing mellow vibe. The guitar work is excellent, and had a David Gilmour feel about it. The vocals sound excellent. Very cool song, sounds good live.

Nice and clean

Interesting way to start a song. Rarely do you hear a bass guitar playing harmonics. It sounds good here but I'll bet it's much better live. When the full band kicks in its a much fuller and delightful sound. Whoever ran the board did a great job catching the band's performance. I also should add that the band does an excellent job with this slow very melodic blues tune. As an afterthought I would have preferred hearing a lead guitar in the middle of the song and would have left off or shortened the intro
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