Theresa Leoniy / Various / How Blue

Sizzling Hot Country

Sweet Hot Country lifts me up and delights my soul. Theresa Leona’s strong clear Country-style vocal is perfect for a New Country song and this song sizzles. Crisp finger-picking acoustic guitar sets up a sweet two-step beat with a touch of mournful fiddle in the quick intro. Then the thing takes off as Theresa sings and the rhythm is established by the disciplined talent of the drummer. The lyrics in the chorus ask, “How blue can you make me? How long ‘til I heal? How can I go on loving you when you’re gone? How Blue can I feel?” This is a traditional sediment for this genre of music done in a classic upbeat fun presentation. The verse: “Oh, tell my why did you leave me? Do you have a heart left in your chest? I swear to you I’m dyin’ ‘cause my mind won't let my body rest.” Then back to the chorus as the writer continues to obsess over something tragic and traumatic and beyond their understanding. This is a universal theme of being loved and left. Jazzy swing-style fiddle trading off with slick and fancy pure-pro guitar lead is featured in the short instrumental. These players never step-on the Singer as they back her throughout the song. The nice fills inserted between vocal lines by the fiddle, excellent guitar work, rhythm, vocals are completely symbiotic, trading off, never competing and always supportive. The production is professional, well-arranged, nicely recorded and appropriate to the style and theme. “If I sink any lower I’ll go under. If I cry anymore I’ll go blind.” Wonderful lyrics. Simple and illustrative, tragic, yet light. This is the Country culture, to make light of heartache and dance a two-step as the music shines. HOW BLUE is pure hot swinging Country from beginning to the last emphasized beat: a musical version of an explanation mark. Perfect.

Beautiful work

If you love beautiful music you will indeed love Teresa's art I look forward to hearing more from her in the future , Teresa step up and take a bow you truly deserve it blessings Suzanna kay

No blues here

Great job and great effort. Beautiful singing tones and harmonies backed by a sweetly picked guitar and fiddle.the only problem I hear and it's minor is in the mix. The higher registers of the guitar and fiddle blend and get tangled up in a few places due to how close in tone they are. Maybe a slight eq adjustmenton each track could help them sit better in their own spaces

Nice country song

A nice country song, nice typical country voice. The melody is easy to sing with. Recording is clear! Keep up the good work and I wish you lots of success! A lot of greetings from the Netherlands.

How Blue

How Blue....are you? Such a lament of lovelorn sentiments. You remind me of Dolly Parton's talent in song writing and singing voice. Lovely back up vocalist or is that you as well. Fiddle is so wonderful in the bridge instrumental and the whole ensemble is wonderful for this ballad of heartsick grief. I enjoyed it very much! Superb composer & musical production. Let your fans know your please where you will appear next to sing. Will you be at the West Virginia String Festival?

HOW BLUE -- Traditional Country -- Smokin!

Theresa Leoniy has struck the perfect balance of vocals, music and songwriting in this uptempo song, How Blue. The intro is simple, to the point and uses some fine guitar pickin' accompanied with some smooth fiddle to set the mood. The song is about a woman whose man strays and then leaves her, yet she still yearns for him. Theresa's vocal style reminds me of Emmylou Harris and Patsy Cline, but is unique and recognizable as her own. How Blue starts right in with the chorus, which has a great hook. Then there is the instrumental bridge featuring solos from the fiddle, guitar, and pedal steel. The verse leads right Into the second chorus and the tag ties up the finish in a bow.


You have blended a mixture of bluegrass and classic country to create your own style. Thats one of the keys to notariaty. So, you have the right attitude. Work on some very minor pitch issues. I love the depth and resonance of your voice. The only thing I can say you could improve on is that and some minor breathing technics.. If you improve your breathing all the other things will fall into place. You may just be on your way dear,.......

How Blue- Texas Katy

You have a very nice voice. It goes with the song you're singing. A very fine Job. Look Me up when I return to Texas. Usually around the Temple,Tx area or College Station, Texas. Best wishes for you in your future career.


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Not Blue

I'm not blue now after listening to this song. I like the way you phrazed the words Theresa, Isn't this a old Bill Mack song the Leanne Rimes, redid and made a hit from it. I like the Texas style that comes out from you the way you are singing this great song. Melody and the instruments all fit together nicely nice job. I will be looking forward to hearing more from you Theresa, Songedge

Ready For Radio

This song has all the elements of a hit. Catchy hook, excellent instrumentation and improving violin. Harmonies are done very well. I would bring out more of the lower tones and drums to help with the foot tapping.

Theresa's Blues sound mighty fine

When I first heard Theresa Leoniy sing she blew me away! This woman has some pipes. The tonal quality of her voice is truly amazing. There's so much character in her voice. She can sing so sweet and sincere then turn the song around on a dime and project the most get down sassy that you've ever heard. She has a classic country music voice, but yet has a totally different side to her. This song "How Blue" is the perfect showcase for all of her charms, but lets her add a totally different dimension to her performance repertoire. Here she is really singing the blues with an upbeat smokin rockabilly band backing her up all the way through this epic performance. The producer had her singing harmonies at certain junctures in the song, but I personally that the harmonies actually distract the listener and divert attention from the primary vocal melody line. Like I said, that's MY personal opinion. The song still sounds awesome! I just think that here in this situation...less is more ;) Theresa & Company, great work on another smokin'country song that's just a li'l bit on the blue side of town.

Fantastic Sounds

Wow - hey there Theresa - you have a really awesome voice and this song is terrific - you should be a true Daughter Of The Alamo for sure with a voice like you have! Real country sounding and sung with real panache and feeling.

Lovely traditional country blues song amazing vocals

Lovely guitar and fiddle and incredible vocals. Theresa sounds like a cross between Patsy, Dolly and Miranda Lambert. Nice steel guitar, really heartfelt song about heartbreak. Love the fiddle solo. Nice traditional country arrangement. One of the best female vocals I have heard in a long time.
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