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Good Job!

Well, of course I know this song, from back in the day. This Artist did a good job of recreating the original sound of the song. Also, by being a woman singing this song...I believe it adds a little bit of deeper emotions. Keep ups the good work. If you enjoy what you do, keep going. Good job. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Theressa Leoniy

Like your song. Its a great song. You voice is good. Needs a slight improvement. Have yiu been voice trained. Keep writing loads of songs. Try making some albums, do you perform anywhere. Keep going. Have you tried America's got talent. You do really well. Well done. All the best with your music.


Well, well, well, what do we have HERE?!? I'm gonna tell it to you like it is. I've never been much for cover songs. I've always been of the mind that original music is what one should pursue. Otherwise you just end up being an imitation of the original and usually not a very flattering imitation at that. Well, after listening to Theresa Leoniy's version of this hard to follow classic I have to rethink my doctrine REAL HARD. I heard a cover of an Alison Krause song by a woman from New Zealand on this site that actually started me rethinking my policy. Well, Theresa's rendition of this Hank Williams classic has made a believer out of me. First off, Theresa has an INCREDIBLE VOICE!!! God gave this lady an amazing set of pipes...and she really knows how to use'em. The character in her voice is undeniable. At certain junctures in the song I actually imagined Her and Hank singing together duet style like Johnny & June doing "Jackson", but a more lonesome and solemn version. The classic 50's musical arrangement fits her voice like a pair of long black silk gloves. This is definitely a retro...period piece. Having a true vocalist like Theresa to work with is an experience few producers are worthy of and saying that I must tip my hat to whoever put this piece together. The production is solid and the engineering is well done. I'm not going to knit pick works well. Thank y'all for a truly wonderful listening experience. Please let me know when y'all are playing at the Spoke. Theresa, my nickname for you is now "That li'l Lady from Katy" ;)

Your Cheating Heart

A lovely classic song quite well done. The backing is excellent, the vocal however is slightly lacking. Theresa has a good quality voice full of feeling but she needs to tighten up her phrasing.

Cheating heart

Good rendition of Patsy Cline's hit, "Your Cheating Heart" Theresa Leoniy. Waited for the last part to see how she did it--there are so many versions. I did enjoy her vocal reflection throughout the song, especially at the end. I did leave wondering whether Ms. Leoniy was sing to a track or to if the harmonies and instrumentals were not recorded. I would have rated it higher, truthfully, if I had thought it were not a track. As a recording artist, I realize the expense it take s to produce a song. Regardless, I enjoyed Ms. Leoniy's rendition and will go to her page and listen to more later. I am a Patsy fan. But after hearing this song, I am a Theresa Leoniy fan too!


heerlijk heerlijk en onvergetelijke muziek. en een stem - het is een wonder en een sensatie! Heeft u mij vertellen in het kort, sensueel en creatief over het hele verhaal van mijn leven en vele andere levens. Iets ongelooflijks en onvergetelijke voor mij. Dit kleine sensatie in de stijl van het land is fascinerend en stuurt direct naar Texas! Je gevoelens en muziek als warme copulatie twee oren verliefd en hongerig hart. Ik luister en geniet van elke quantum van je liedje, en het is een wonder. Zo leuk om te luisteren en te genieten van de aangename en interessante muziek. Ik wacht op je album om naar te luisteren in de auto, het huis en de speler gewoon overal. Je bent een wonder kindje


Energizing voice, powerful and sexy at the same time to hear !!!!! I really liked his tone and his singing !!!!!! The quiet and safe interpretation !!!! I really liked your singing sweetheart !! Congratulations on your publication, tell me and success always !!!

Pulls Me In

The is one of the best classics in country music history. It has been released hundreds of times all over the world by various artists, which brings me to you Theresa, I like the way you sing it straight from your heart and it pulls me in. The way you sing it and phrase your words keeps me listening. This song relates to everyone who hurts in this world from a bad relationship. Songedge

Your Cheating Heart

Theresa your rendition of "Your Cheating Heart" is nicely done. You have a a great voice. I just noticed a few spots where there are pitch issues, which can easily be fixed. Especially if you haven't released the song yet. Good luck.

Solid country song

This has a solid country vibe. Well done on the arrangement. Interesting vocal delivery and a nice, strong voice. Not sure why, but this song reminds me of...Shakin' Stevens, be it the lyrics or the way of singing.

great woman

This Diva have a very good round country voice she sings this song the way it suppose too.She have that nice feel for the sadness to this artists classic song.You can hear on other songs that it a fine and solled band .

Your Cheating Heart

I think Theresa did a very good job in singing this popular song, good to see artists keeping the classic songs in play. Nice vocals and strong ending, Not too much I can fault with this song, keep up the good work.

Your Cheating Heart

This is a great tune, one of those classic songs. Your singing suit these kind of songs because you have the tone and cry in your voice that make the song worthy of the title. You mean what you sing. Good job!


Full marks Theresa - you have brought the soul of Country music to today's younger listeners and fans! Refreshing to hear this standard sung with such aplomb and feeling. Thank you honey - made my day listening to you. Kind regards, Johnny Ramone of Angel International Management (UK)

Renew Your Cheating Heart!

Before I pressed play I was like, "Do we really need a remake of this song and I bet it's horrible." Then I pressed play and was like, "Theresa - WOW!" Great vocal performance and THIS is a classic retelling of this timeless classic. Now I want to hear more from you. Thank you for a great job! ! !
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