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Party time tune

An amazing party song that makes you want to dance and throw your hands in the air like you just don't care let go of all your troubles let go of all your your problems and just boogie down and have a good time

The GroovaLottos Here is My Review

Hello fellows first of all good job on this track sometime what you do that is different is what make a song great to listen to I think what you fellows have done is new and different you can go several way's with your music such as line dancing like the Cha Cha Slide something of this nature all I can say is keep doing what you are doing there is a market for this type of music so good luck and best wishes from New Experience Rec/Rick Ross UMG/J.Milligan President/CEO.

Otis Day and the Knights!

Anyone old enough to remember the scene from "Animal House" that inspired the title of this song, knows how much fun those times were. This tune falls right in line. Great beat, light funny lyrics and a ton of memories. We tend to take ourselves too seriously sometimes as musicians, so it's great to hear a tight tune with a whimsical subject. You will dig this.

Do You MInd

Standard blues line with a very nice groove that is well seasoned with witty and melodic lyrical content. Everyone who participated in this project has shown they belong as indicated by the combined musical and vocal prowess. Good blend, melody, and that stand-out Organ drives the entire effort home. Keep going guys ... your groove is well presented and the delivery is top shelf.

Catchy and wonderfully constructed!

Great song! Very catchy, fluid in lyric and melody. Only two suggestions I have, is to break up the bars/Chorus a bit with a solo. Maybe with the organ, and/or the guitar. The vocals are characteristic of the genre, but would be great if the unison parts on the chorus had a bit of harmonies solidified in there. All and all, this is a great tune that’s sure to catch fire and get people up on their feet. I was being super picky on suggestions, but compared to other bands’ songs on this site, in this genre, I would give you an A+ rating.

Dance Song with Blues tinge

I would call this song a shake your booty dance song with a Blues tinge. I could see it being fun to dance too. It plays the same progression over and over again with different lyrics until almost to the end.

Original y brillante.

Buena energía desde el comienzo hasta el final. Te entran ganas de balancear todo tu cuerpo al ritmo de una gran canción. Cada arreglo es un manjar que apetece mucho degustar. Descartar los arreglos de teclado, brillantes y con sabores a los 70. Las voces, tanto las principales como los coros, es lo más original de la canción, son en si misma un instrumento más y llevan el pulso de la canción a lugares maravillosos para el disfrute.

love this

This is a really nice sound, it reminded me of the 60s groove. The music got me in the mood straight away. We definately need more sounds like this. I am looking forward to hearing more music like this. Keep up the great work.

I don't mind!

My foot started to move immediately when this song started! Really groovy with this genuine "ol' time" feeling, moving back in time before even I was born... The band is tight, no unnecessary notes anywhere, sweet sound on the organ and the perfect blue notes on the vocals! The only thing that could have lifted this even more is the mix. The voices are mixed a little low and the instruments could be more distinct. Maybe some mastering would do it? The background voice (with a lot of reverb) would have been perfect if it was "closer" up, like "in my face". Love the track, good work and keep them coming!! =)


Fun positive song. Good energy. Try doing a remix extended version to keep people dancing at all the parties. More drum breaks and rhythmic sections with different sounds to bring the track to a high dance note.

Groove Music

This song gives you a feel of a James Brown moment where you can stomp your feet and move to the beat happily and feel good. I thoroughly enjoyed this song and I know you will too. Hats off to The GroovaLottos!!


Da Bass brings it on , and the mix sounds like the old happy organ, vocals are right on time and tells it like it is, oh listen to that bass work on this catchy up beat tune, good harmony through out. I would have liked a sax added to the instrumentsbut that does not take away from what you have, a tune that makes you wanna move in the groove , well done guys I can see why you stayed in the charts for so long, nice tune. I recommend, if you like da blues sound, its waiting for ya.


Love it cool old soul love the organ and the band and voices this is good but I got rhythm and I’m trying to get and keep my mind in the right place.but I’m a musician that played all the dances for schools so they learned to boogie but my rthymn

Time to Funk

Nice vibe. New Orleans, Chicago style Blues with multiple voices. Extremely loose and fun music that makes you want to dance. I am very pleasantly surprised. No pretense, no frills, music that touches my musical soul. Keep up the great music. You all are the real deal and it shows.


As a child of the 50's - 60's this is my bag dominant Hammond with piano soul bass and drum partnership, reminiscent of the sixties dance and soul big bands a sax and trumpet would have completed it. Nice stops and stabs just imagine the gospel,choir,congregations combination dancing swaying and clapping with the preacher. Very groovy perhaps not the right lyrics for a church I'm sure it was not meant for that ! but everything else is gospel played this kind of tune in the sixties on sax fine rendition regards Paul
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