Hello, how are you. My name is Balla LongWay CEO, writer , Artist and performer at J side Entertainment/ Connections originally from Chapel Hill/ Durham NorthCarolina. I reviewed your music post out the list that was provided to me to choose for review. And your music was the most outstanding out of the bunch. Your music put me in the mind of a male version of the soothing sounds like Shade; hope you don't find that offensive. I'm just saying that your music has a very cool and natural flow to it, that makes people relax. You should continue to create this feel of music. It's a posive energy with a hint of mystic art craft that people will enjoy, over and over. The world needs more positive and creative music like this... I also enjoy making more positive music, just alittle rough around the edges but this is the more international level of music that I seek and like to listen to. I pray you will endure the best of luck in your music journey. Stay Up my brother BALLA LONG WAY



nice sound

you are amazing very very good voice go head you are amazing very very good voice go head you are amazing very very good voice go head you are amazing very very good voice go head you are amazing very very good voice go head

Love the subject

The intro is perfect. I love the melody and the way you caught the beat, you can feel the passion of the lyrics. The title fits perfectly. I'm wondering are you playing the guitar yourself, if so that would really put a huge spin on the song. I could see this song being performed live in front of thousands or even on a chill note at a huge bar. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Well written song but take down the reverb

This is a well written song in terms of lyrics and melody however even as a ballad you need better production especially in terms of mixing. I think the rhythm section especially the click or hi hat is great stablelizer however find a more modern sound for those clashing cymbals seem out of place. In order to stand out you need to bring either a different arrangement to the track or different instruments to give it a new current sound or both depending on what you intend to do with the track. Too much reverb on the vocals takes away from what is a beautiful strong clear melody and often masks the lyrics we can't hear. Still a very nice track


I think you have a good voice, that with practice can be great. There is a lot of effect on your vocals, and either it is too much, or just the wrong effect for your voice. I tried to ignore the effect to hear your original voice better, and it sounds good. Also I think the beat stopped this song from being a lot better. With the voice you have, you wanna put it on a beat that's fire cause otherwise the beat really brings the entire song down. That's minor though, the most important thing is that you have a good voice, and the potential to perfect and build it into something I could visualize being a hit, or in movies or something very main stream. I know a lot of people use auto tunes to sound like T-pain, but that's not the effect I am hearing. Plus your voice sounds good enough to go dry, but definitely less effect. The effect really doesn't give your voice a chance to be heard. Like I said, I had to listen hard to hear what you really sounded like. In the end, keep working on perfecting your music, you sound good, but I know you can sound a lot better, you have the gift. Keep it up my Friend.

Excellent Job

Outstanding Beginning and end i enjoy the concept of the whole thing it was Good Bro thank you I really enjoy it never give up keep it up Excellent Job P.S. Stay humble Stay Blessed Because You Are Blessed And Don't You Forget That In Jesus Name Amen

Crazy dope

Definetley a diffrent feel to the music nice job all and all. Only thing i would say is work a little on the vocals. Maybe some different reverb and effects. Maybe a few adlibs in the coures to. Just think it could sound a little more ear catching just my 2 cents. All and all not bad like I said before keep doing your thing. Much love

I Love It!!!

I Love It!!!! It is a very different R&B style. Sounds a little like Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy Album. He's got a couple tracks on that album that sounds like club med/ or in a barrista in Havana. But once again I Love it!!!! Definitely a chill song, and a laid back vibe that a lot of people could get into. Props to you my friend for stepping out the box and the cookie cutter for R&B Songs.

Zo zacht

Lovely & sweet Groove ! Nightclub feel .Yes sweet "Rain" sweet music it is ,sound like the night is young. Heel mooi gedaan ,de breekbaarheid van je stem past heel goed bij de sfeer van het nummer .

the fingerless pianist

nice groove great melody very commercial,try not to hide behinde the music my take on this one will be to take a bit of the efx of the voice hope this helps generally nice effort keep it up


We need we need to collab on something I'm feeling your music and I'm from up North as well but I live in Florida right now. I am on R&B singer but I also rap. So let me know if you're interested in doing a calabo. do you have any videos online or any website so I can go to the check you out? you can find me online under MsMarjorie under YouTube Instagram Twitter and Facebook.


Beautiful arrangement with a well crafted melody. Objectively, the lyrics could have been better understood if they were not wet...way to much reverb/echoe! This detracted from the effect you were seeking. This material could have been enhanced by the exhibition of your musical prowess by the insertion of a musical solo mid-song if to do nothing else but to take the load off the vocals and create a way point for the listener. Overall good song title but work will be required to achieve marketability on a professional basis. There is definitely something to work with here with just a bit of fine tuning. Kudos to all who brought this project to fruition.


Hey my opinion the Quality sounds a bit off. But made be because its an old skool feel. I do like the music tho. Just clean it up so it can be a bit clear. I'm sure but Best wishes love Yung Stylez


It's no surprising u got on top of the charts, talking about quality. This is pure Rhythm and blues , the original. Your song take me to the days, it has that sensation that our R n B stars gave such as Baby Face . This is worth buying, keep making more. The softness of your voice is hypnotic and couldn't stop listening , you used just the right amount of echo and it blends and well balanced. Keep it up
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