Every piece of music you guys create is just a work of art and this one is no exception. Deceivingly simple as it sounds with the perfectly blended instrumentation, it’s anything but. The complexity required to achieve this track is off the hook. Can you tell I’m a fan? The feeling this generates is one of calmness and peace making it a pleasant experience from start to finish. I don’t typically like a fade out but because it starts with one, it makes sense to finish with one. Very marketable commercially and well recorded/produced. Thanks for the listen, Mitch Siegal

Harmonious Melody

No sharp notes in this lovely instrumental. This instrumental with vocals sounds to me like what would be played at The Ascension of Christ to heaven. Begotten of love, this brings to the forefront of the mind the presence of His Glory. I loved the gentle progression of the musicians bringing the listener through to the next level of serene comprehension of His Presence. It is remarkable and noteworthy and I hope it gets much play on the site and recognition for a classical work of art.

Soothing music

The Antique Harmoniums bring musical peace and tranquility with Lullaby. A relaxing acoustic guitar track sets the mood and then is joined by soothing vocals and electronic percussion sounds. The tune is flawlessly executed.

Gentle and soothing.

A peaceful ambient or new age style track featuring guitar, smooth wordless vocals synth and hand drums. The gentle repeating melody is relaxing and ideal for background listening. Overall a very nice, simple composition that just fits together well. Enjoy the interlude.


Nice melody great harmony mixing the music I can definitely see this as a great song this is a great job of mixing the music instruments together keep being awesome will love to hear more of great vibes like this across the world very epic sounding music that can relax your mind

Harmoniums of tranquility

Contemplative emotive loops; would like to hear a full arrangement played in real time... good stuff. I lean a bit more in the genre of new age music these days (aka world music) and would love the opportunity to guest as a soloist with the likes of Antique Harmoniums -- keep it up!

Lovely And Soothing Textures

A beautiful acoustic guitar stars off this lovely journey of textures, sounds and emotions. Ethereal voices calm the senses as the repetitious yet soothing music builds. Subtle harmonic changes come just in time before the music becomes tedious. Nicely assembled as far as well chosen aural colors from the pallet of the composer and artist. I would welcome more music from this talented artist.

Its easing in a wierd way

At firt as I was listening.I expected even flow of every instrumental. I liked it tho.I feel like I was in a mission to explore and my love couldnt go with me. " Like a kiss and a long good bye with our arms against eachother lightley til it touches eachothers hand, as we depart from eachother saying saying our goodbyes. I saw the movie script projecting in my mind and it lasted forever. Very awesome feeling I felt. If it was true, thats how I felt. Thank you for sharing.

Very Nice!

Being a composer myself, I enjoy a timeless feel with music. Lullaby from the sample I have heard has even a Celtic feel. If you like Enya, you will enjoy this piece.Lullaby has a lot of potential for going far. I love Classical music, I enjoy a nice mix of Modern and Classical music. It sometimes shakes it up. I believe that this piece has a lot to offer. I recommend 'The Antique Harmoniums'.

Harmonious Lullaby

This is a wonderful melody that we imagine would be a perfect backdrop to a short story about a Fool's spring journey in search of the perfect day. The journey begins just after daybreak and continues as a carefree jaunt down a country road, past farms, then meadows, and then a field that ends alongside a creek, where you can rest your feet in the cool running water. Life is sweet and this moment is that perfect day.

Timeless at it's BEST!!

I wanna scream to the top of my lungs of how much I really enjoyed this tune! I also am a huge fan of stripped down tracks like this and its's glad to see that the production is not too overdone.Overall I feel like this track has amazing potential one small change I would make is to make the background vocals during the climax get louder than they are then fading them towards the end.

It’s sounds good

I really don’t listen to that kind of music much but it’s different keep working hard and I see u found well but it takes time so be patient and u will have your time but god bless you on your music

Awesome Music

I like the intro the music sounds really good smooth Sounds very unique and creative and well put together keep on making great music and never stop creating I would like to hear more of your good music stay in touch I hope this been helpful for you enjoy your upcoming week and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

The Antique Harmoniums

The Antique Harmoniums. The correct set of instruments provides the ancient atmosphere, the atmosphere of some kind of celebration. This a sunshine morning, this a summer. The correct melodic loop. I like it.

Nice sound

A little repititious but fairly soothing sound.Don't think I would buy for a lullaby. If the sound was a little more change of pace maybe would buy. Needed a lower tempo or simething like a flute included.
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