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The beautiful solo that it is sensual which appears from opening quietness of the music... and the harmony with a vocal line and the baseline keeps something, the state of being well-balanced. I have felt for the beauty of a chorus who was there.

An Overture to a Magical Journey

This orchestral piece starts out true to it's name, as a serene instrumental with high sustained violins. The classical guitar entering over a pizzicato bass section lends beautiful support to the emerging theme in the strings. As the melody is handed off to the woodwinds, and a light chime is struck rhythmically, one has the sense of emerging into an open glade in an enchanted mystical forest! The harp is introduced and the vocals begin, signaling the end of the beautifully crafted and evolved intro. The beautiful voices of an English Cathedral choir add to the sense of wonder and spaciousness! A transitional chord progression smoothly transitions us to the middle development sections, with the treble voices fluttering in obstinate like magical beings as the mid-range voices take the melody. The counterpoints woven into the orchestral tapestry build to a glorious crescendo and the harmonies and themes are mellow and exquisitely uplifting. The overall production is of very high quality and the voices are world class. As the music fades, one is left satisfied at having come to the end of a beautiful, and perhaps magical journey! :-)

Thoughtful and with feeling

Fort Worth's The Antique Harmoniums have produced a well thought-out and calming Overture to the Calling. The long, yet not-too-long, introduction features a soundscape of (what sounds like) synthesized strings, double-reeds, and keyboard percussion. The nicely done vocals are a neat surprise.

Overture to The Calling...

The lyrics to introduction of this musical composition came to me like a wave...."Can you hear me My True Love? I AM Here.....Yes! I AM Here! Are you ready to follow Me now? I AM calling you on. I AM calling you upward! I AM here! I AM always listening,dancing, singing and resting with you in your way, yes in your way I will keep you until you find and choose My Way." The rest was heavenly and heaven-sent, calling me heavenward. Beautiful choral vocal with an inspired instrumental. I especially enjoyed the bells or Xylophone and the harp. In it's entirety, perfectly composed for plucking the heart strings of the listener to surrender to their Divine Calling. Requiem of The Promise of Eternal Life.


I carefully listened to this song, I have to say that has given me a deep tranquility and an indescribable peace. Not forgetting the sense of mystery that exonerates an ancient harmony like this. When they enter the voices, the feeling is angelic choirs that make traveling the fantasy into the mystery of beauty accompanied by plucked instruments gently and long harmonies that are slowed by strokes of bells that lead to a final slow surprisingly outstanding. compliments

A wonderful and refreshing composition

This overture (preview) is very refreshing. It sets up a gentle subtle background that gives the listener the sensation of awaking after a deep sleep to kiss of the golden rays of the rising sun. The opening strings are warm and inviting and the bell, oboe and harp are expertly used. One can feel the sun light moving slowly across one’s face. I really love the oboe solo – so delicate yet so penetrating. The harp is crystal clear and like droplets of light sparkle bringing even more life and love to the composition. The vocals at the end introduce an element of wonder. This is a wonderful and refreshing composition that I would love to hear performed by a full orchestra.

Want to hear more!

I really love the beginning stages of this piece. I realize that it may be completed now, but I will definitely take time to look for the entire work. It has a very Americana vibe, which is one of my favorite periods in concert music.

Lovely Overture

great opening...the melodies began to increase and form armonies in a really interesting way. Soft sound very relaxing and calm, the first note in attached and in permanent use in all the song really clever. The chorus are really good worked and beautiful...congratulations, amazing work

Smooth and well done

Not my most sought genre yet it was tasteful and didn't have a very cheep feel to it. I'd say the Christmas notes rang well I could've used more cow bell. But just personal preference. I give it a 4-5 genre 3-5 over all


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

Celestial Voices

Antique Harmonics in this Overture refreshes this genre in a particular way. The Overture opened an opera or similar and was a kind of advance and summary of the themes to be developed throughout the work. Although I have not heard The Calling completely, this overture seems to have a life of its own given the peculiarity of introducing the choir into its own overture, not usual in the classical genre where, for example, in Tannhauser, Wagner's opera, the main theme of Choir of the Pilgrims is introduced in the Overture by the orchestra. Added to this peculiarity the music is to "calling" to the original innocence, its diaphanous melodies, well treated and orchestrated, return us to the simple life of the nature, outside of all citizen contact. The chorus reminds us of Sunday masses, the vocal treatment is exquisite and reminds us that this primordial instrument, together with the harps and the bells raise our hearts to the celestial heights, listening to the call of our original nature clearing the Tons of bits and virtual images that contaminate it. Beautiful and edifying work, I have not tired of listening to it again and again. Congratulations!!!!

Great choir!

Fantastic music with a great and original sound! Peace and relax cover all the track. A great choir colorizes and remarks the atmosphere. Excellent the writing, unfortunately the oboe is too fake...

The Heaven

I have felt as if I were dreaming among the clouds of Heaven, a quiet song well Harmonized and beautiful voices, nice to get relax. A peaceful song which I recommend you to hear when you are searching for your soul a moment of calm.


A wonderful atmosphere of light and delight. Gives harmony and lightens up the heart. A slow walk through the woods, clear sky and a bright morning sun. The angels are dancing through the grass bringing joy and empowerment...

Cup a tea

Yes I'm doing a review for you today him I'm not going to get the blank ones I want but is definitely not my cuppa tea I hope you find what you're looking for on your adventure in this music world and it brings you peace have a great day
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