Very nice song

It's really pleasant hear and discover, at end, a very gracious moment. Bring me back to the childhood where the present moment was appreciated in a pure way and we were going to sleep deeply connected with whole nature. Simple and beautiful song.


I loved the intro, reminding me of all the best soundtrack/experimental music. You have to love and appreciate where this comes from...excellent production, all is well in every respect. It was short and sweet, but, i get it. This should be everywhere! I expect to hear this in a movie soundtrack. Best of luck in your excellent future! CHEERS!!

A Heavenly Feeling.

This is a beautiful song. Beautiful timbres, with a kind of heavenly feeling. It took me by surprise the duration, did not expect it to be so short. But it certainly serves its purpose. I imagine it must be part of some context. I liked it, and I'm curious about the style of the band, and the rest of their work. Maybe that's the purpose of this song. Be a kind of preview and make you curious.

Sleep Now...Harmonious Lullabye

Heavenly sounds resound in the choral introduction of this composition.then suddenly and unexpectedly the listener is treated to the sounds of a Daddy & child saying, "Bye Bye to the piano!" A treat in it's simplicity. I hope there is a re-mix with more instrumentation and choral added, especially the piano referred to yet to be heard from at present. I enjoyed it nonetheless, for the lovely harmonious blend of voices.

Review for Antique Harmoniums

Very nice tune, combining classical and contemporary sounds with angelical vocals and strings and infant speech. Creates a unique ambient atmosphere with haunting and eerie sounding voices.

A touch of choral harmony and childhood memory.

I enjoyed listening to this beautiful interlude piece of music featuring choral harmonies blended with gentle synth pads, bells and some goodnight dialogue between father and child which sets the mood for evening sleep. Reminds me of childhood. Listen to it a couple of times to fully appreciate what the artist has painted.

Excellent piece of music regardless of how you accept it!

In the Midwest where I'm from, this would be termed "Space Music". The harmonies and textural transitions are superb and in my opinion, this is a perfect example of that form of music. Rules are meant to be broken and experimentation is the path to new style and musical form. "Sleep Now My Sweet Baby Bird" is a wonderful track for those who might be a bit adventurous with imagination. I applaud the effort put into the conception of such a piece of work.

The antique

Love the melody. Im in a land where no humans ever passed just their souls. I see them, they see me. A realm where you have to find your peace in your own mind and express it in ways where no one will understand but you.

Good Job

I love this sound I wish I could use this sound for some of my movies keep making the great sound that will inspire people the melody of the rhyme is great seems like you bout to walk in a dark place

Sleep Now My Sweet Bird

Great for one man space shooter videos games. This tracks brings the feeling of your surroundings, to the ear and mind. The Antique Harmoniums a sound to look forward in film.

A Review of ‘Sleep Now My Sweet Baby Bird’—‘The Antique Harmoniums’.

The use of sound technology to create such a fusion of Classical peaceful peace and computerized [edited] theatrical spoken lines is remarkable—especially when it goes chorale. There is also a good melodic-harmonic progression in this passage. However, a shadowy vocal-like tone becomes apparent from 00:05 onwards. This sounds like a wavy frequency as a result of some technical factors. It can be fixed by some sound filtering techniques so then it would sound very close to a real choir.


esoteric ambitious and soul soaring melodies that captures the essence of the soul.breathtaking universal connection that breaks in another dimension. its a neo escapade into a continuous journey of climaxing

Saludos brutales

Saludod buen día colegas músicos estoy escuchando su música elocuente y veraz con tintes progresivos muy viajaba no es de mis gustos pero muy buen trabajo aunque sea solo un poco de su estilo suenan muy bien saludos brutales y sigan así suerte ???? y denle contodo en el.camino.nos encontraremos colegas saludos brutales.mucha suerte fui muy poquita la música que pude escuchar ???? suerte y espero más música

Very angelic!

I love this song! It is very soothing and angelic and I adore the part where the child is saying "Bye bye piano" Very sweet. I could use a little more variation in the song, but other then that, it is a very soothing song and would listen to it again.


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music and keep in touch with me be blessed and enjoy your week.
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