Good ole honest Country Music

Wow, talk about true country music, Keeping Kind definitely fits in that category. As a traditional artist myself, it does my heart good to hear others putting out good traditional county music. This one has a western swing feel to it and I love it. Great job by all involved in putting out this great country music.

Catchy tune

Great tune .very catchy beat ! Be interesting to listen to any other tunes you have . This should chart to certain genres . Almost a honky think style sound with the piano playing . Fiddle is crazy

Un abrazo al alma...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Los primeros acordes ya nos animan el alma. Los arreglos de cada uno de los instrumentos están muy bien cuidados y producidos. Especial mención al piano sutil y efectivo, a las guitarras y como no a ese violín que susurra delicadeza. Las bases rítmicas muy elegantes y con cierto sabor clásico y a la vez moderno. La voz de su intérprete consigue transmitir con mucha naturalidad la esencia de la canción.


This is very nice I Like Melody and Lyric but vocal not so much..You must found a better is ok like that to perform life but in order to pitch It to Music Publishers and Radio Stations has to be a better Singer ( some parts are off The Tune which is no go in today Music World ) I like arrangement also.. to Me ..You bring back an Old Fashion Saloon Era.. and That Piano Bar.. I wish You good luck with submissions..Good job I listen It 2 Times..

Keepin Kind Review

Good day my friend. I like the musical intro to the song. I find that your voice may need to be increased in the mixing of the song. At times, I could not understand the words that you were singing. Regarding the rhythm of your words, there are a couple of times where the rhythm seems to falter because of the choice of words. (i.e. . . . keep on searchin for 1234, 1234, the keepin kind) In that instance, there need to be two more syllables plugged in somewhere in that phrase, or draw out a couple of the words chosen to fill the timing. Hope my explanation makes sense. On another occasion, you have added to many words. (i.e. . . . I know i'll find myself the keepin kind) The partial phrase, "Find myself" seems to be drawn out a bit too long, which adds too many beats in that phrase. This happens a second time as well. This anomaly occurs once again after the instrumental break at the phrase, "Let me tell you my friend . . . " On this one, the vocals were really off-beat from the music. There are a number of other instances of this timing issues that occur as well. I don't know if you planned it out this way, but there are a number of places through-out this song where one or more of the instruments are played off key. I do believe that if these issues are addressed correctly, this would be a great song that would be picked up readily. May you experience a great future as you iron these little things that make such a difference. I hope I did not sound unfeelingly harsh in my review. Blessings on your future, Trev :)


A really strange but nice sound. The lyrics are nice and the beat gets my feet tapping. Your vocals needs a bit of work though. It sounds like your’re struggling to sing, usually an issue with confidence. Try to relax your vocals, always do your exercises before recording and performing! Also I find that doing yoga helps. Having said that, you have an amazing voice. It just needs a bit of work. Keep up the good work ????????

Keeping Kind

Hi, just got a chance to listen to your song. The lyrics are great, and I absolutely love the instruments, especially the fiddle. Your telling a great story. Nothing better than being able to listen to a song, and hear the words that are being sung. Really enjoyed your tune. I wish you all the very best life has to offer, and including a Very Merry Christmas. Cheers
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