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    Finland, Helsinki and Stockholm Sweden, The Siljia Lines Ports Helsinki and Stockholm
    On April 27 2018, we haul up the anchor and set sail on a full 40 hours of live music between Stockholm & Helsinki Finland!
    You’ll find all the information you need in English for our Silja Rock cruise right here!
    Silja Rock?
    So, what is Silja Rock? Basically, Silja Rock is like a rock festival but on a ship! As with any festival it has several stages featuring headlining acts and supports. The music is pretty much non-stop, a 40 hour trip to Finland and back with at least 20 hours of it covered by some of the best rock acts you can find. The other 15+ or so hours are covered by DJ acts in 3 venues around the ship. So, yes pretty much non-stop music!

    Our journey begins officially when the boat leaves the dock at 4.45pm from Stockholm, Sweden. The Captain of the ship allows us to board the ship a few hours early for a sneaky start (He’s a bit of a Rock fan himself so we’ve heard) so we can get in the mood for the rock cruise of the year. BBQ grills are fired up and the beer starts to flow whilst we are warmed up on the sun deck with some live rock to set the tone for the trip to come from one of our bands.

    Silja Rock is a unique phenomenon on the Swedish music scene. In less than three months time we will once again launch our ship of rock!
    We want you to be part of this unique experience, one you will never forget and one you’ll want to repeat time and time again!

    What makes us the best Rock boat on the waves? The selection of music, that’s what! We carefully mix and match our acts so that all of our more than 2500 guests on board will receive at least more than just a few acts that they can really absorb. Metal, Gothic Rock, Folk Rock, Glam Rock, Arena Rock, Rock Bacon and a little disco.

    This gives us a broad, happy, friendly, loving audience that goes beyond everything else on the Swedish live music scene. This is the “Secret sauce” that makes Silja Rock what it is today.
    Plus! Add a variety of restaurants, bars, shopping and relaxation areas and what do you get?: Silja Rock, the number one rock boat on the waves!
    Check out our image gallery from our previous trips and see what you have been missing out on.

    We are updating the 2018 lineup, check it out!

    Varies on cabins
    All Ages
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