Four months on oxygen left me with a paint brush and no voice. Those days are about over and I'll be back. I'm sorry I was gone so long.
I'd like to thank the wonderful people who have made me feel so good about being a part of this site.
I won't say that I never sing off key, but I'll know it. If you're off key, I can't recommend you and would love to call you on it, but I won't. When people have perfect pitch, off key notes cause physical pain. Some of the music is too heavy on the bass, but that's a personal preference. I shred my own CDS to death.

Before I get into my bio, I'd like to talk about the making of my CD. A friend had invited me to California to record in the studio where she had gone. They were producers for some huge TV background music and more than a little professional. I'd been away from the business, except locally for awhile and was a bit nervous about going the LA scene. After getting a coach and working my butt off, two days before going to record I came down with strep throat. I've never been a quitter, but wondered how I'd pull this off.
It took about a week of working with the musicians and arrangements before my voice was coming round. Karen Hammack has played and arranged for the best of the best, and she did an amazing job for me. Richard Bredice, my producer, was just the personality I needed; laid back and supportive. Jack Prather, my bass player and arranger of "It Had to be You." was the amazing (link.) and Paul Kreibach. made those drums sing. It was the joy of my life to just take off and jam with them. I'd been in studios, but not like this; my dream had come true. I had three week to get 9 songs recorded and head home. I'm proud to say, I did it, or we did it. The thing most people don't know is my fight with fibromyalgia and my mother had recently died. It was the best and hardest time in my life.
I have a large website to promote the arts
I've had more than 7,125,761 visits
I'm on Deviant art as a writer and artists
I'm also a member of American Zoetrope, MySpace, Facebook-musician's page JazzySue
When it came to singing and acting; my parents didn't have a chance. Unfortunately, they only supported my instrumental ventures until much later. It wasn't until my mother heard me sing at the Welsh church in Phila., that she changed her mind. She was sorry. My father came to every show and when the price of a ticket got a bit much, he stood in the back. Not being one to sing the songs of my generation, it’s fun to wander back to the early days of jazz and gospel. My brother would only say, "The girl will never need a mic". He liked to hear me if you asked him. Singing in the local clubs around Phila. while teaching and raising a family fulfilled my need to entertain.
People call me Jazz or Jazzy. When little, we went to a Broadway musical, the hook remained. I'm a proverbial member of the chorus, too short to be a Rockette, easy enough to jump and jive. I'm not looking for stage work at the moment, my Capezios hurt.
Engrossed in music since getting my first flute at age eight, it’s in my blood. I’ve been solo chair in several bands and orchestras and been in the orchestra for several theatrical musicals. Always starting in the last row, and ending up in front as the soloist. Apparently my voice carries. Now, more into promoting than performing, but don't get too close to me with a mic, I'll grab it.
My hardest gigs were my aunt's and mother's funerals. If one can make it through that, they’re ready for anything.

Published writer and poet who has dedicated her life to the well being of children;

Retired Special Education teacher who can't seem to retire.

Strong, independent woman who taught elementary education and then Special Education.

My work was at the secondary level with Emotionally Disturbed Teens.

Graduate degrees in psychology and one in special education.

My private life is busy with family and friends. Proud parent and grandparent.

My travels have been extensive taking me through Europe,

the United States including Hawaii, Australia and Fiji.

The theater in London is wonderful, Spain and the Costa del Sol were amazing.

My favorite, Italy and Southern California.

Every chance I get I'll go to New York City for the feeling of excitement you get nowhere else in the world. The theater district is my favorite place to roam; never a dull moment.

When forced to retire due to fibromyalgia, it was impossible. Soon

writing whenever possible. I’ve been published; have a Myspace

musician’s site, Facebook Site called Jazzy Suzy, YouTube channel,

Sound click Site, Deviant Art, and this site. Currently a member of American Zoetrope.

I’ve also edited two books and can be googled; finding a long list of credits to my name.

Helped in editing LUMEN by Gloria Slater which you can find on Amazon.
My background photos are by RaisedFists of Deviant Art and Sweden.

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