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cellar of madness

I like the atmosphere of the intro, sounds like a Ozzy's tune. Everything sounds good, I work a little bit more on the mix of the vocal that is a little in the back. Gutar sounds heavy and powerfull!! Well done! Keep it up

Just looking.

Good work and good mix. But I would like do hear someting of your own sound. Good luck!

good for rock

Good tone and melody in the singing Liked the instrumentation especially the drums

Cellar of madness

Hi Stingray, Production : Good mix and mastering : Just snare would be better. Music : Metallica is in place with a touch of Malmsteen. Great guitarists. good music. I'll say just to put more of you in your composition cause, we feel really and too Metallica, and Metallica already exist. Find that's they did not found. Structure : Very Good with solo, bridge etc, we don't boring. Voice : Hetfield's gimmick. Good singing on verse. Be carefull when you go in high is sometimes false. Overall : Good work, good track. Good luck and keep on rockin'.


I loooved the guitar, bass, and drums. It was hard for me to understand the singer. But I loved it!!!!!!! Keep improving

truly melodic a good work, I really like this song, has truly melodic riffs and a singer with great tone, is a awesome song. us who knew Swedish rock thrash death metal bands this is be in a good level :) Alfredo /
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