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stand up(for Stingray)

classic rock song, arrangement an performing is ok; also the refrain keeps my mind,the most important thing to sell music; if the music and refrain doesn't keep the listener he doesn't say " i buy"; not properly my genre but i feel with this song, powerful and melodic together, well done and good luck


Very classic rock, I loved it..

Start Up

Great rockin' sounds. Good simple guitar riff. And the singer can also sing in higher octave! The chorus works also fine. After a instrumental guitar riff part comes the best part: wah-wah guitar solo: fucking great playing with fucking great sound!!! The band continues to the end with full blow!!!


The instrumental could be better, but the vocals sound so rock, original and cool except for on the chorus. The tone of your vocals are catchy.


Interesting. Please check out my music at


nice driving rhythm...reminds me of Krokus...people will eat this up...nice work. sounds like a drum machine...dude you should take over for Rob Halford!!!

Stingray 'Stand Up'

Great song! I really like the guitar riff and the cut your head off sound. Not sure about drum sound, but that's just being picky. The performance is great and sounds gritty with energy!! The song sections and arrangement are also good and I enjoyed the tuneful guitar solo! The vocalist screams his head off, brilliant!! I can hear lots of influences from the older days, cool!!! Good job!
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