Stingray / Various / Evil Minds

Evil Minds

Very Dark, gothic sounding, slow but progresses very well, solid drum track, more vocals wouldn't hurt but overall exceptional rock song.




Good arrangements. I liked. Keep the good work.


Excellent sound! .. Congratulations Let me introduce you to a/Ruina here in or Add us on Facebook: Cheers a /Ruina


nice voice!

Evil Minds

Hi Stingray, Production : Good Music : Intro is very good - Bridge is good, solo guitar is good. Structure : some verse, chorus, intro, bridge, solo guitar so it's very well. Vocal : Good, like 80's metal. Overall : Good song Good luck

Review of "Evil Minds" by Gabrielle Crow

I love the intro, power chords over arpeggios; makes for a nice contrast. I love the vocals also. He is actually singing instead of just yelling in key which is what so many other groups tend to do. Nice solo's also. Great song...Great band. Thumbs up!

Review of Evil Minds by Stingray

good made rock song with lots of energy! nice beginning, expressive and suitable for the song and the whole genre voice, nice harmonies, good hard guitars and the arrangement, good repetitions, good development of the song, very nice solo of a guitar from the middle of the song with a very expressive development in itself, nice postlude of a e-guitar, a chorus can be recalled pretty good, - congratulations!

globally this song is excellent

you have a fantastic work here, I do not want analyze just for parts because globally this song is excellent and has many qualities like you acoustic guitar and lead one more a singer old school :) cool song !
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