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Princeton Lament Steve Gibb

It was certainly nice to find a gem of a recording here on number one music today, Steve Gibbs guitar playing is excellent, with wonderful intonation and flowing melody. I find it to be a song that conjures up an image of sitting on a battered old ocean front dock or porch of a weather beaten house by a bay, watching all the shore birds and gulls flying around and diving for fish near the surface. Nice finger work throughout the song and I love how the music flows. Nice work Steve. and I wish you great success with your musical endeavors in the coming years. Tom Wiggins an da boys in da band,


This is a gorgeous piece of acoustic guitar music. It is indeed classically Celtic, soaring and melodic; peaceful and flowing; radiant and soothing. It evokes a sense of the pastoral, where old Pagan traditions are observed.

beautiful guitar intro

beautiful guitar intro, I really like the tone and the chord pattern . Very relaxing song and your style sounds effortless the way you play it. I would love to hear lyrics to this sounds like it could be a song about the old west. Or what ever you think. Keep it up.

Hi Steve Gibb! Here is My Review

Hi Steve this is a very nice mellow tune well done you play very well and I enjoyed listening to it keep up the great work and thanks for giving the world something wonderful to listen to I can tell you play from the heart on a scale of 1-10 here is my 10 I hope I have said something that will be of some use to you and your career I look forward to hearing more songs from you in the future from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Universal Music Group.

Just lovely

such a lovely medieval sounding piece. Switches between minor and major so your mind and heart are just soaring and dipping all the time chasing the melody. Very accomplished and fine instrumenal


what a nice sound Steve!, your acoustic guitar evoques such melancholic sweetness that reach my heart and fill it with beautiful longing. Though it has nothing to do with my south american roots, this celtic music is like a caress to my soul, cheers

Nice Touch

Some people play guitar and strum and stroke it to death. I love your style pal cause you are honest about your craft. And have a great touch. Blessings and keep up the good work. Lynn P.S. Cool

Very pleasant and soothing

The music is soothing and sounds Celtic. It would be pleasing for going to sleep by, as it gives a feeling of peace. I have images of nature as I listen. In today's frenetic world, this music is a balm. The musicianship is professional and sounds well-trained. Thank you for these calming sounds.

a melancholy walk

A melancholy walk through the Scottish countryside every now and then a plesent thought comes to the surface then fades back to lament.Beautifully and flawlessly played on an acoustic guitar.

Princeton Lament

Really enjoyed listening to this tune..its simplicity and tempo are very admirable, I got my whistle out to it and played along with it. doesn't feel like a lament, but an exceptional piece of Celtic guitar, that tells me help is around the corner. This song I played over many times and consider it my blessing for the day. You apply very well the addage less is more. I would be interested to know what you recorded it on and through.
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