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Review - Steady -Wakeup sunshine _By LaSueede

Nice back track reggea rhtm in the layer and it start of prett ok and the singing is in tune in the verse but in the bridge the singing get out of tune. I tcan get a little monotone. You have not so many change during this 5 + minuts. The lyric is ok and spread some message but it is blur. I miss some nice Guitar layers and maybe some real native drums and more variation and the singing is to much out of the tune. The recording is of ok quality. Regards LaSueede

Sencillez con brillo...

Con un ritmo adictivo comienza Wakeup Sunshine y desde ese comienzo no te deja de sorprender y atraparte en tus odios. Los arreglos brillan pos su naturalidad y a la vez sencilla elegancia. Destaco esa presencia del bajo tras haber transcurrido unos instantes de canción. La voz consigue transmitir la esencia del tema y darle aún más a la canción esos tonos reggae. Y por instantes, aun siendo diferente, se acerca a la brillantez de lo sencillo pero brillante de Rodríguez.


Hi! it is a correct answer that shiffted from a sense of anxiety at the beginning to a gutsy rhythm. To put on a category is difficult is music that it seems better to take it as Art. Personally I like the type good work


Wakeup sunshine review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Tosh-Like Tune

I love the start! It captures you right away. Comes into it with a Peter Gabriel flavor and then picture one of his guest artists singing the melody. I really like the added percussion with the chorus. Steady, you have a good voice. It's unique and marketable. I like the song and I like the instrumentation and percussion. I would keep shaping it up though. It has great potential, but see if you can change up the melody some. The verses can be a little repetitive as the melody stays the same. But I do really like the choruses particularly. A little Peter Tosh influence. Overall a very nice listen! Only critique would be to find more variation in the melody. Good luck friend!! You have something going here.

Yes! A protest song of hope!

It is obvious this tune taps into the vibe of Bob Marley, but it is fresh enough to use today's tech in tasteful dollops along the way as it dances (That scampering beat is infectious!) along. It has a simple persistent, upbeat tune, that allows the listener to dance along, while the lyrics take the lemons of life to make a positive upbeat lemonade chorus of good vibes amidst the want of poverty, and the lack of current opportunity. The songwriter could have written a hateful dirge about how they have been downtrodden, but instead, they've asked us to join in a song of hope for tomorrow's sunshine and the promise of better things it tells forth. Bravo! May many, many more of your fellow humans join in in this good vibration!


Esta música es un tanto extraña, parece reggae, pero le falta la fuerza que da el bajo al reggae. Por lo demás, está bien, la melodía es un poco monótona, pero es buena la música y la interpretación dentro de la voz característica de su canción es buena. This music is somewhat strange, it seems reggae, but it lacks the strength that bass gives to reggae. For the rest, it's fine, the melody is a bit monotonous, but the music is good and the interpretation within the voice characteristic of your song is good.

70s Rock ,Reggae

This song takes me back on some memories of the old days. Good beat makes you happy to be alive to hear all of these different kind of music that makes the world go around. Keep up the good work. Love your song. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

Wake Up To This

This is amazing ! Please give this magical tune a listen as you won't be disappointed. It has a mixture of modern digital sounds and soulful, original reggae. The blend of synth and guitar is exactly what this world needs and with a vocal performance that gives the lyrics the earthy vibe I certainly love. " I count each bounce before it drops " This is one of the most original songs I've heard in 2018 and your gonna love it. I tip my hat sir ! Peter Newton

I almost passed this by..... I was looking through review requests STEADY caught my eye.

So I'm sitting here kinda in the dumps, just thinking about the state of affairs in God's Creation... and saw the words "Wake Up Sunshine." First off the Reggae beat grabbed my ear and as the song took shape ,, , , the lyrics are catchy with a poetically keen perspective. I feel better the more I listen... I'm sort of yearning now, to pull the Sunshine into my Life, so close it may burn... but wow.. I could use a handful of Sunshine... fun lyrics.. STEADY,,,, STEADY,,,,, Wake Up Sunshine,,, In the mornin let it shine through your window.. THANK YOU "Steady" this song woke me up a bit and helped me climb outta the slump I was in,,, I RECOMMEND THIS SONG FOR AN UPLIFTING FEELING XOXOXO (5 STARS.)

Great #MondayMotivation song ;)

This is exactly the kind of song I would set to be my alarm on a Monday morning lol. It's upbeat but never to excess. The lyrics are fun to listen to and original. I would like to see more melodic variation in the verses in particular. It also sounds to me like you tend to be flat on some notes -- so watch out for that. However, I love the little musical laugh that you added in ;) Perfect. At five minutes and thirteen seconds, this song is perhaps longer than it needs to be. I think some of the more repetitive bits could be cut down to make it shorter. Finally, I would recommend amping up the intensity of the instrumentals just a little. Right now they seem a little ...unenthusiastic(?) compared to the vocal line. Maybe try boosting the high and low frequencies more or turning up the volume of them in the mix?

Wakeup Sunshine

I really like where you are going with this. More like a soundscape, good tempo, a steady drum track, you stay on message, not complicated, simple rhythms, and just wanting for a better tomorrow. It feels like the song wants to develop into something bigger, It doesn't seem complete yet. I keep wanting to hear a bridge even if it is a instrumental bridge.Maybe a drum break, a stop to intensify drama and draw the listener's attention. Being that it is a two chord vamp maybe a key change and background vocals added, a choral effect, or a group chant, "Wakeup Sunshine". A good modulation is from the root to the 5 chord, then key change to the two chord making it a major and the new tonic. For ex: your song is a 1 to 5 chord vamp, G to D, from the D7 you can modulate to A major and the new progression is A to E. Later in the song I would add heavy reverb for effect on the main vocals, maybe just a few bars, you never want to stay there. It's a great sound ploy artists like Burning Spear implemented. It gives the song another dimension. There is a lot of potential here. Explore every avenue.Peace.

Unique song in versatile reggae style

One typical feature of reggae-songs are direct messages, and this one is a great example. The lyrics are short phrase chosen as encapsulating beliefs or ideals guiding the whole song. The whole track is accompained by an open tuned acoustic guitar which is playing the main role in this arrangemend. The beat is additionally supported by a shaker. Deep bassline and some unconventionel sounds from the keyboard make this composition complete. Vocals are exactly where they should be on a track of this quality. Lyrics really tell a story and stand out. The chorus is impressive and the words come from the heart. I like the monotony and easy mood of the music although of sparse instrumentation. Ambitious composition from a good songwriter. I´m sure you will also likewise add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Great work

Its a pleasure to listen your sound its a very lovely song wakeUp Sunshine i've been on this Site for a while now doing my part as well. I really love music with out a doubt am also a Song writer myself, keep up the good work an till we can do great work together as well .. Respext yours truly DiLyricalShattie

Needs more structure

Ok listen to this track gives me a positive vibe, the music from what I hear is on point, but what I'm having a tissue with is structure of the song. When you write it has to be easy to follow, to where the listener can find something to relate, making it simple is a way to do that, they need to be able to follow along, the next thing is some of the parts you are singing off key, which also makes for a not sounding so great song, work on your delivery pimp, hope that helped
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