This is a good Song, could better in some parts bit it's Cool! The voice remind me Peter Gabriel when use the low parts, I think that the best Thing in this Song is the guitar! Absolutely Amazing! Great touch and feel! The solo and the melodies are perfect, maybe I think that with anche incredibile sound like this you Should write anche instrumental Song to give at the Guitar the Right "freedom" of the sound. The drums and the bass make a good job in the background. Good Song, very Simple but good. Hope for you a great future!!!


This song has a nice beat. The sound is good. The lyrics are pretty good. Although I like the sound it probably won’t make it on the radio or sales. My music is very similar in sound and quality and I already know that about mine. I wish you the best and definitely keep on trying. I like the song. Take care and happy New Years. Keep on rocking. I’m giving you high marks because I like the music and sound quality.

Smooth grooving rock song...

Smooth grooving vibes from the start. Very cool song writing, I like the tension it develops through the track. Very good performance, sound and production. This is what I expect from a good rock song and here are all expectations full filled. The sound of each instrument is naturally produced and got enough power, that's a pure and authentic production. As always STAGE 11 are one of my favorites!


I checked these guys out a couple days ago. A killer band, this song is more of the same. Solid bottom end, great interplay between instruments, intriguing guitar lines that accentuate the vocal melody rather than compete with it, great production, the mix is great. Lyrics are good, the message is always important in the words. Powerful tune by a band of solid musicians. The percussion is great, song is just superb.


This band is well worth taking a listen to! Fantastic song writing just flows and takes you thru a musical adventure.Very well recorded and mixed! Vocals are so cool and the lyrics are great! Great job guys!!

Just OK...

Sounds like they cannot find their sound. Not impressed with the sound. Sounds like they are trying to cover Creed but without the chops. Unfortunately, I cannot endorse their sound. Too many issues from the drum sound and the vocal quality.

An excellent piece of guitar pop-rock !

What draws you in almost immediately are the acoustic guitar strumming perfectly synchronized with the (very well recorded) drum moves (especially the cymbals - great work!). Dramatic, American rock style lead vocals fit the bill well and the arrangement is neat and intelligent. Occasional breaks from the repeating pattern provide interest and keeping the song interesting, not too repetitious. Well done !!

Nice mix. Good Changes

This was a good song to listen to. It had a lot of cool changes, the mix was pretty good. Although the bass track was a bit high during the verses. Then balanced out when the drums changed. Vocals are above the music, and clear, which is good. For some reason, the song stopped playing at about halfway. But the site a lot of issues, so it didn't shock me. However, it is something I will return to, to listen to, in its entirety.

Good music

The music was good the singer is just okay.. But you all seem to groove good together and that's important. I look to do music with great musicians. Good luck to you all in the world of music. Hope Joy Life and Music.. Weymouth Simba... Get a chance check out my Song Akendor

Great drum sound.

Another great song with a strong melodic Guitar that really works well. I won't review a song that doesn't grab me in the first few seconds, and this one does, very well. The guitar mentioned has a haunting quality but what also offsets it nicely is the stark, lonely drum sound reminiscent of John Bonham's on Zeppelin's "All Of My Love". Believe me, whenever a drummer gets a complement with Bohnam's name close by, it's real. Keep at it guys, you got something good going.

Pretty cool

I really like this song. The overall timbre of the tune is quite light, yet the the lyrical content is undeniably dark which leads to an overall Melancholy feel to the tune that is interesting and catchy. Driven well by the rhythm section the song has great guitar moods that accompany the vocal line really well. I've played this song a few times now and pushed the volume a little more each time. On the first listen i was waiting for a soaring guitar solo if i'm honest, but this didn't deter me from giving this 5 stars.....great musicians, great band!


I really like the song it's a really good and very creative song well composed and well put together thank you for sharing your craft with the world and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music keep on making great music and never stop creating have a great day and may God bless you in all your endeavors

Simply great writing

Yet again I'm amazed by your ability to surprise me musically. I have no criticism. Every part of the song is different yet flows together perfectly. Variety, skill, creativity. Nailed it

Stage 11- Back Stage Pass...

It's always a pleasure to discover an individual or group of musicians that are skilled, professional and pleasing to my ears. The subject matter is appropriate for the sound of this song and the lyrics speak to me ... after all who has not experienced Insomnia...? I am adding this band to my favorites they are worthy.... seriously I would love to meet these guys or at least watch them play. The vocals are spot on the acoustic guitar is really clean and full sounding (good engineering from my point of view) Electric Guitars and leads all skilled all members or individuals contribute solid performances.

Stage 11 - Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the best tracks to appear on NumberOneMusic for quite a while. I have reviewed Stage 11's music before and they remind me somewhat of the best of The Decemberists. The vocalist has a wonderfully unique laid back quality to his emotive delivery but you always feel he has more power to deliver when required. This track is masterfully constructed featuring double tracked electric guitar work, fantastic cymbal work from the drummer and a tighter than tight rhythm section. They also remind me of an obscure English rock band from the eighties whose name escapes me but that I enjoyed very much. The track has a tremendous rhythmic quality from the off and as mentioned previously the guitar work is fantastic. Check Stage 11 out and you will not be disappointed.
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