Rogue Review

Hi Guys Well what a great song you guys rock. Are you signed by any record companies. We loved the song was it recorded live or in a studio. Anyway ita great to hook up with you guys take care. Regards Rogue Records ' Rock Music

Diving in

Hello!!! I like your full voice and I think it would be cool to have the song in mostly that. Your talking voice doesn’t seem like you have a full breath maybe? Cool sounding song I understand how you create drama going between both voices but one could be improved because your full voice has so much style and breath. The beginning rhythm reminds me of a few different artists and I just loved it. Great job, keep it up! Much love

Hints of Pearl Jam!

Stage 11 so reminds me of early Pearl Jam and the vocals on this track so mirror the great Eddie Vedder! From the beginning melodic riff I was drawn into this tune. Definitely a hit for Stage 11 - great job guys!!!

Nice Rock Tune

A epic sounding rock soundtrack, this song "Open Water" starts soft + etherial using good music dynamics and as the song progresses into a solid rock groove it brings shades of Creed and Pearl Jam. Good Musicianship and playing on this recording, keep up the good work STAGE 11. I could also hear this track as a soundtrack for a Movie or a scene relating to the Lyrics.

Ethereal sounding

Really like the intro, lots of shimmery guitar and glissando. Very reminiscent sounding of pearl jam, like the timbre of the vocals. The only thing that I was struck with that may have been out of kilter were the drums. Not sure that rimshots on the verse were well placed, however the marching band rhythm in the chorus and second verse were more effective. Sound production very good. Would definitely buy this

nice song

Just have been listening to this song from Stafge 11 as i am always curious in other bands . I like it. Especially the vocals remind me of Eddie Vedder and take that as a compliment guys. Song is great too, well written, good strudture of the song. Well done guys !!

I Liked it

Interesting song you have here, Stage 11. I like the arrangement and I can tell you put a 'lot' of work into it. It has very nice dynamics and flows along very nicely. I can almost hear it as a movie open or ending credit rolling track as it has 'that' kind of feeling. I was waiting for heavier guitar riffs at the bridge, but you put them at the end where they sounded better. It wouldn't hurt it any at the bridge if you want to kick it there some. Good song overall...Good Luck on your Music adventure here at N1Music.....Gizzmow, Bonham, Texas ~


I Really like Your tune... it tells The Story I just wish that The Vocal will be a little better ( some notes are off the tune ).. but I'm hearing that You put Your Heart in to..i got a Good "vibes"..I hope that You will send This Song to AM / Radios and Music Publishers ..let see what They will is great to dance so I'm sure People will like it at The Concerts..Hey let me know I'm in LA also.. I wish You good luck... Good Job...

I like It!!

Hi!! I like this Song! The voice is so Deep e and good, it's a mix between Eddie Vedder and Scoot Stapp. The acoustic part it's Simple and very good, clear and very Cool. I like the chorus with the Electric Guitar and a drums more heavy. The bass is Simple and make a very good in the back. The Song is Radio-friendly and I Hope to listen more of you in the future. So please continue in this Way!! Good luck!! Stay Rock!

Cavalier Review --------------------------------------------------------

We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

Haunting Power Ballad

The singer has a good voice, reminds me of Eddie Vedder. I like the transitions from mellow verses to more rocking choruses. Very good drums using a military style beat in parts of the verses. I like the Ocean theme lyrics & references to the stars. Very good production as well!!

Ocean bound and driven

An ethereal intro allowing the listener to acclimate before fully submerging into the water. Vocal melody seamlessly intertwines with the light percussion and guitars culminating in a crescendo introducing full instrumentation of the pre-chorus. Well written lyrics provide poetic verses and a memorable chorus refrain. Expertly performed alongside quality recording and mixing.

old school

I like the melody and the acoustic guitar very nice. When the song kicks in with percussion very cool and I like the story , I like everything about this song . Great mix on all levels very cool.

another great song

Hi you guys, like this one too, your Amazing twisting palm muted guitar and incredible rythmic lines are absolutly...yeah! (wanna buy your drummer ;) ) I would only have changed a couple of things. I would insert a quarter's beated on the rim after the first theme and a little bit less high frequencies in the master eq (maybe is just my taste infact is something I Always have to level this frequencies in the master of my songs...but hope you like the impression) ;)


This is one of the best songs I’ve heard on N1M. The guitar and vocal harmonies are on point. The lead vocals are fantastic. The guitar chords and structure are amazing. I will certainly be saving this song to my favorites and diving into more of their tunes. Good job, guys....very good job.
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