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Song Broken

The artist has a very very professional sound. His music is A1. The acoustic guitars strings and drums are very natural. When you listen to ‘Broken’ you get every characteristic of a hit song. It has breaks, deep lyrical content, you can visualize the artists high and low Broken moments and the band seems to record Iive; which is always a plus!


Wow. Just, wow. This song starts out of the gate with some great dynamics. Vocals are so solid, the lyrics are excellent. The interplay between the instruments behind the vocals is spectacular. The guitar lines are out front without being overpowering. The bass is great - excellent musicianship. This recording features musicians who are obviously all experts on their instruments. This song should be on the radio.

Nice Rock Track!

Wow that‘s real fine and interesting indie rock track! Very catchy and nicely arranged with good and interesting voices (lead and backing). „Dry“ and precise drums andand guitars. All in a very professional recording - maybe the guitars are a little bit too quiet and get somewhat lost in the mix. But all in all very nice work! Reminds me of the Foo Fighters in a certain way! I like it! Keep up the great work and keep on rockin! Greetings from Switzerland!

Solid tune in Indie Rock Style

I do not listen to Indie Style Rock much but I felt this was a really well put together tune. It has all the elements that I personally enjoy in a song. I also thought the production was solid. Singer does not over sing and it fits the music. I also thought the song had some decent twists and turns from a bridge to a pre-chorus, etc. Nice work.

Sounds fresh

The song sounds fresh, everything matches together. A nice song to listen to on the background. Very authentic, wish more songs were like this. Good singing! Well done! Greetings from the Netherlands!

A great rock song.

It is a typically American rock that overwhelms us by listening to this track, it comes to tiptoe with a beautiful dirty clean and drumming stubborn but discreet, which hold a warm, scratchy but velvety voice, with a tribal battery and a deep, warm, deep and puncy bassline opens doors to a lush rock with overdrive and acoustic guitars to accompany the voices in the chorus that surround us in a sound panorama that projects us mentally into California landscapes, between desert and prairie.It is the song to put when you drive towards a goal, charge, carefree and the desire that traveling with the song company so never end.

Lyricly complex

More than all the other songs of yours, the lyrics are the star. The music is fun and dynamic. There's just alot of subtlety and poetry in what you say here. Most lines leading to the question "what does he mean?" which is fun. I particularly enjoy interpretive work. Nice job guys.


Hi!!!!!! Nice music! Love your sound. Keep on going.. nice drums on broken. I like the change of tempo on this song.. good balance of rock, pop and emo. Offline bastards will continue to check out your music in the future, hope you liked being reviewed, it's what you asked for :)))))

Excellent singer

Being a rock drummer, I tend to stay away from Indie..however, I liked this quite a bit! Singer has a real interesting voice and enunciation, perfect for this style. I think the guitars are a bit weak in this mix, I think it needs a little bite to the guitars to balance out the heavy drums and vocals that come in for the chorus. The arrangement for me is a bit odd, but thats just being a 4/4 rocker, so it did take me a moment to find the groove in this song. As for production, this sounds polished and far better than other Indie songs! Backup vocals are good. Singer makes this song for me. For Indie rock, this is damn catchy...I hear a bit of U2 and a bit of Creed. Good stuff!!


I really like the song and I like all kinds of music that has true meaning like this song keep on going keep on making great music and never stop creating if you have any other songs I would like to hear I hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

Stage 11 isn't broken. Very good song

The tracks are well produced and the vocals are clear and concise. This is a very good example of a modern indie rock song. All of the players are competant and work well together. I really like the message. Good job. Keep up the great work!

Broken, wasted, done with all the plastic

I love your lyrics, the whole vibe of the track and the performance. This one is what REALLY sets you apart as an original. Modern Rock at it's best! I will be checking you all out more here but hope to catch you live soon!


This song moves along at a good tempo with a good lead vocal which I personally feel would benefit from a little more harmony parts, although the harmonies on the song are good. Maybe another higher part would be beneficial. I think this band has a lot of potential and the more songs they write, the better they are going to get. There is just something to be said for a good rock band from LA. In fact, there have been quite a few good ones from there and this one could be an up and comer. Check them out and see what you think about Stage 11.

Too many stops for me

The lead voice reminds me a bit on Darius Rucker (which is basically positive), and in the music I hear a bit of the early U2 but also Kings of Leon, just to name a few. Good music, concentrating on the song and the sound and not on outstanding instrumental solo performances. Honest and hand made, deep lyrics and a proper production. Only thing that I'd like to mention is that the flow of the song is interrupted by too many stops and breaks.


Welcome to the Los Angeles Rock scene. The music is quick and makes me want to listen again. The vocals sound crisp, maybe a little too crisp - in the editing of the song or the mastering, maybe the levels are such that it comes off this way on purpose. Either way, it's a good song and sounds like something I'd listen to with the top down on the car going along Santa Monica Blvd on a nice Saturday afternoon.
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