Very lovely song.. I was so happy hearing this song.. I wish we do a collaboration one day. Nice Mix of Dance, Funky House and Pop... I will really love to keep on hearing more of this.. Do you have any new tracks?

Funky tune

Great dance beat, with plenty of unique sounds and twists and turns to keep the song interesting for the listener. Just when you think where is this going bang your back where you started. Good mix and arrangement. If the song lack anything it's difficult to find. Perhaps add in the background vocals at the end to try and bring the song to an even higher emotional level joining the synth.

Sounds unique

This song would be great on a intro of a Starsky & Hutch kinda movie! Electronic elements, house & disco combined, nice! This song has elements wich reminds me of the 80's, it's nice to hear the panning effects and the little things added in this song. I also hear western elements, much variation in this track!! Keep going! I must admit, these days unique things are harder to find, since most are copying others. I make music myself so i try to listen to as much songs as possible and try to keep my feedback in the most neutral way. There are no mistakes in music since all souls are unique.

Rad dance track!

Poland's Stachursky has produced a very fun and clever dance track with Funky Rider. This is well-structured music in house style. The 'bridge' section is a nice surprise with sampled chimes and snare drums.

are you a funky rider?

If you're into electro funk with a European feel and some deep grooves reminiscent of the 80's with a fresh take and a bit of a country western bridge, then this is great for a bit of fun at your next party out or in. Check it out ya'll. Are you a funky rider? Get funky and ride it in the night and all night until the break of day or hey<<< just keep going and stay funky!!!!! yeah ;-)


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep it pushing and funky be blessed and enjoy your week.

Funky Rider

Love this beat and it gets ya movin! Such an original song that doesn't need many lyrics. I really liked how, at one point, the vocals start off low and ascend into a higher pitch. I'm gonna have this song stuck in my head for awhile! I'M A FUNKY RIDER!!!
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