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The days of bell bottomed pants, crazy shoes and wine skins

If there's anyone that thinks the smooth, jamming renderings of early jam bands like Santana, early Journey and others are gone; then you are totally wrong. The Hammond organ is thick and the beat is rock solid. SOGP Music faithfully recreates that 70's feel in Strange Attractors. It typifies the sound of the "classic rock" in such a smooth fashion that you just might experience a bit of time distortion. Strange Attractors has a groove that insists that you reminisce a bit on the days of bell bottomed pants, crazy shoes and wine skins. The only thing missing is an extended guitar solo. Great job.

Christo's Review

Very cool Song! I think, you work mostly with the same intruments - bass, drums, guitar and keyboards (jazz-organ), without big sound changes, without noise or sound experiments. Nevertheless the songs are very interesting and cool. That means you work great with the composition, arrangement and the interpretation!

Your Song "Strange Attractors"

I got to say this is very catchy. The way the drums starts the song and a great melody with the guitar almost telling you the words already without saying a word which makes a great story and it just seems like your just cruising along enjoying the scenery while listening to a fabuloso song full blast. Keep up the Great work. I could hear this on a frequent Rock Radio Rotation. Write On~~~

Strange Attractors

The track has a catchy drum beat! Then a nice rocky guitar jumps in, lifting up the track! Very nice rhythmic feel! Grungy funky organ tying it all together! SOGP Music! Does it again! Makes you wanna get up and dance!


okay well I like the truck very much it's all the instrumental obviously I think it's more of those on the Jazzy Blues type of genre but either way I like it I think it's a very good mix I really liked it when you presented the electric guitar in overall I think it's a really good instrumental and I would like to hear more

Strange Attractors

A nice basic r&b dance tune, tasteful organ, basic spot-on drumming, the guitar plays a tasty, easy to hum melody. I'm not usually a fan of instrumental songs but this song is the exception to that rule. While not really at all similar, it gives on that "Green Onion" vibe, in that it's a good tune to just get folks out there shaking their booty to the beat. And that's what the band wants to see - booty shakers on the dance floor. Good job.

My Review SOGP Music - Strange Attractors by: Boomer

I really enjoyed the Jam. A nice little musical voyage. The song kind of has an Eric Johnsony, Gumshoey feel to it. lol. "That's a GOOD THING" I really enjoyed the lead guitar work and the performance of all the instrumentation. Good mix as well. If there was anything I would say it would be... (No Offense Intended of course) towards the end, the guitar lick gets almost repetitive. also, a 'Break Down' or a little diversion from the main rhythm would have been a nice addition to the musical journey. Other than that, Make 50 more and put them out everywhere you can! Break a Leg! Cheers, Boomer

Strange Attractors.

I have an affinity for your eclectic mix of Rock Instrumental. Especially this song. The percussion is first rate! I am not a person who plays lots of instruments but I am a beginner drummer. It would be an excellent soundtrack for a new Detective Show. It has real impact and punch and the execution, production and composition all have hallmarks of greatness, very professional. Keep bringing out the tunes, music is healing and you are bringing that force to the vessels of many. It's in the water as they say!

Hello from Jerzy...

I like this tune... I think I'm hearing a Hammond Organ in the background...but what brings all down is fact that some part You are using way to very predictable I really thing there is a way to make it better....some will say " use more than 3 notes".and all will be ok...better quality recording it will help also...

Strange Attractors "Eclecticism"

I read the bio of SOGP, felt an uneasy familiarity with the parcourse and journey this particular compadre took throughout the musical journey he has made, but a generation behind my own and understood exactly how he must have felt in the environment that surrounded him. His musical tastes are have given him the possibility to replicate the styles and sound of a string of artists already present in the psyche of most bar bands and cover groups, yet SOGP has found its own voice and expression. I was reminded of Santana, Isley Brothers, and a host of other rocking soul bands but never could I identify completely with one or the other. And this brought a smile to my face. I will be listening to some others from SOGP, whether in the guise of Shades or Seekers.

Strange Attractors Review

This track is nice. It has a nice smooth jazzy funky beat sound and feel to it. Good selection of instruments and transitions. The track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist.

Musical sensitivity

This is a very curious subdivision. I write because I miss vocal here. Then an extensive solo and motif. Everything is great - you can hear musical sensitivity. Clear division into two topics. Maybe you will develop this song with vocal?

Nice arrangement

Beginning too repetitiveness on the drums and throughout, drummer could have given it a little variation every once in a while and something other than the standard beat at the beginning. The guitar work is very good, although the level could have been taken up a half a notch. The bass could have come up a quarter of a notch. A little more work on the mix and levels. Nice keyboard work. Cheers, Rick

Good to hear some Hammond

Very well composed, played and produced. I liked the use of organ, so rare these days. And that's a great sound selected with a nice growl. I liked the drum sound and playing a lot too. Great instrumental!

Nice Tracks

Nice tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Nice tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Nice tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Nice tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Nice tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Nice tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think.
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