Hans Vleugel - Smiling Horse / Mind Weaver / Struggle all my life

Interesting track

Hans, you have a very interesting sound going here - I love the punch on the guitar and the overall mix is very good. You have - captured the southwestern "Desert" sound like you have done this before - I also love the saxophone! Good work - J.J. Anton

struggle all my life

Love the instruments and the mix and the tune! Vocals need a slight tune, couple of timing issues with the lead vocal as well but cool Vibe. With all those upfront instruments and voice you might want to push the Sax back with some reverb, guitar are sitting perfect great writing good luck and press on! Best Jim

Struggle All My Life.

An excellent instrumental and some deep lyrics. Lyrics are quite deep expressing the human condition of life's up and downs. Calls to mind the style of the 80's band Bread. I found the brass section the best part of this piece. Vocals are quite tidy. A solid work this piece.

Struggle all my life

Well... I did listen to some other songs from you, to get an idea, why you writing songs like this. It's a bit difficult to get the wright words for this song. For me it's sounds like a nice, naive song and also in your lyrics. This could be you strength and you should use it. In this case i have the idea that you try to make serious music, but maybe i'am wrong about this. The vocals are a bit out of tune, give it some attention to work on that. The recording sounds really good.

Review of struggle

Could you pick a harder word to sing yes but struggle is a word full of hard sounds to sing unfortunately the singer's accent amplifies al the harsher tones to the word. Being the focus of the song multiplies the effect. The singer actually has an above average tone and does a great job on the verses, but every time he sings struggle it sounds like a struggle. I would rewrite the world's at that part to fix.


This song is very unique and creative and you speaking the truth I really pay attention and listen to the lyrics keep on making great music and stay creative and who you are stick with your craft have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

Lyrics are important

I wonder if you would have more success using your native language, if English isn't, of course. These lyrics just don't do it for me. They're repetitive and not very original sounding. The key, for me, is to try to say the same thing that's been said a million times, but making it sound fresh. Don't tell us you want to live, show us by stating what that living might consist of. It's just too generalized, and therefore, IMHO, doesn't work. Good production! Nice horns.

This song is interesting ....

Because it has a very beautiful and interesting acting performance in the voice ... and of course it has a wonderful verse but also music ... a song that you do not get to enjoy and so it ends ... it has an amazing synthesis. Music ... a lot of good production and orchestration, with simple and nice sounds, by all the musicians ... all nice except for the abrupt end ... maybe he wanted a few musical measures as at the beginning ... And somehow so in the end .... but do not exaggerate the piece is a joy like that It is !!!!

Overall well-done

The recording quality is quite good. I enjoy the instrumentation, including the saxophone and the guitar work. The vocals are clean. The lyrics to the song, itself, don't really grab me personally, but there's nothing wrong with them--it's just a matter of opinion. I like that at least this is an adventurous attempt to not put out something boring and trendy. Some people might think this to be dated, but I prefer to think it's timeless.

review of 'Struggle all my Life'

A mixture of styles and influences here. Musically it sounds something like a cross between a spaghetti western and something from Madness. Not sure about the vocals here, maybe should be re-recorded as there are some flat points and a few bum notes. The voice is low in the mix from halfway on until the end too. Nicely played though generally with some really interesting ideas and good chord changes. Loved the sax!

Review of Struggle All My Life

I'm enjoying listening, to Struggle All My Life! It's a very good song & I wish you, along with your band, the very best! Thank you for sharing your song with me. It's a very good song & I'm enjoying listing to it! Doc Snakesfield

Hans Vleugel - Smiling Horse

Hans Vleugel hails from Netherlands but is clearly heavinly influenced by 1960's / 70's British music. Echoes of the Beatles, Jethro Tull, the Small Faces and even the guitar sound of his compatriots Focus on the opening of the track. I particularly enjoyed the opening of the track. At 2.29 it is a very compact well structured track and I really enjoyed it. The track features both a saxophone and electric guitar for flourishes. My only quibble is that I would have liked to have heard the track in it's original Dutch. Good effort.


Has good production value and instrumentation. Sax is a nice touch. Lyrics play on age-old theme: struggle. Slight accent in the voice is endearing. Interesting that a nederlander is doing Americana...

The Struggle is Real

Hans has a very unique and expressive voice that fits this tune. A nice rhythm accompanies the melody and the beat gets you tapping the toes. I hope everyone can check out all of Hans Vleugel's material.
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